Playing the WORST Premiums in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the WORST premium tanks in of Tanks! Including the KanJpz, Primo Victoria, FCM 50 t, M41 90 Bulldog and 59-Patton!



  1. I wonder if we could do a video featuring the lightest tanks with a cutoff at tier 8 so you don’t wind up playing just tier 1 tanks?

  2. The worst tech tree tanks. We all now theyve been the most neglected

  3. M41 90mm is a support Lt not a vision Lt

  4. now that the Shptk TVP come out with it 270 pen this KanJpz look even more worst. Kan should have better gun handling and pen buff maybe like 260/305/110 with the same damage imo

  5. Primo Victoria – I enjoy it. 1400ms shell velocity is nice at tier 8

  6. hi QB 🙂 i dont know but for me the worst premium the WORST …that i cannot make it work in any situation—–is VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher , tank based on huge armor …..but with R2D2 like KV5 on top of turret……

  7. Omg that’s hilarious lol even qb gets lag spikes wow haha it’s so sad tho and annoying and kinda scary how the electronics is going cause world wide even here in America and for QB in the European having wifi and system crashes lags and issues I really hope the electronics don’t crash to soon

  8. Wot really needs to put more focus on rebalancing old premiums

  9. For some reason I perform really good in the 59-Patton, I’m a fully average player and in 32 battles I outperformed myself by far, having 72% winrate and almost 2k WN8 (my average is under 1500). True that I mostly use it like a cheeky spotter not a proper medium. I rarely go into a situation with it that my capole even counts in the battle.

  10. Who could have seen the worst T8 premium is a Germwn vehicle?!

  11. Kelvis Shandei Musik

    ,,And they say ,size don t matter.”

  12. Now play the next 5 worst tanks and slowly make your way through them every week.

  13. I dont stop to tell that the change who ruined the game its the change of shell distribution inside the aiming circle; That change completly destroy the game. Before shell have more probability to go in the center of your aiming circle now it have the same to go in the border and in the center. So whern you miss more and the opponnent are more confident and the team who rush together have chance to win.

  14. 16:00 World of Tanks 2022, ladies and gentlemen

  15. I really like the Centurion 5/1, it is one of my favourite tier 8 mediums

  16. Danilo Jašović

    Guys this man is a total noob for the game. Watched only first 3 battles, he is playing KanJpz like it is a medium tank, runs trough the enemy crossfire, not to say a thing about his lag spike, dude, when that happens just immediately press “s”, or whatever your backwards key is, and you’re ok, yet he obviously continued going forward… Such a noob, idk why yall watching him, but as long as you do, we’ll have noobs to farm.

  17. Lag spikes I see everyday :/

  18. Worst part of the premium Swedish tanks, is they need 5 crew, tech tree needs 3, so everyone who did the tech tree and bought the primo, we simply kept three as medium tank crew and made 2 into ht/td crew.

  19. Barnabás Varga

    P: Victoria worst premium?
    Lol you’re idiot
    And FCM 50t?
    You’re well paid mr. Jokeman

  20. António Fidalgo

    The worse thing is that WG knows those tanks are completely outclassed (the data is out there) but they still sell them without fixing them to unfortunate players. That is a scam.

  21. Kawashima Arisaka

    combined a FCM50T + a KV5 called a real T8 tank….

  22. I’m actually surprised on the MoE requirements for the 50b, given that it is a pure support tank, unforgiving to mistakes, rarely gives the players chance to craft a play…. with such a high skill cieling, I expected it’s 2nd MoE expectation value to be around 2800 – 3000 dpg but it still stands at ~3500 dpg.

    That number is something I don’t understand

  23. Rika101 Official

    almost all premium tanks in this list is because their damage per shot sucks, i mean who is that idiotic to sit in front of u for +- 15-20 secs and let u farm them? but dont fret this list except Primo have bastardly cheap shell cost so if u can somehow get big games in them, 100k profit games is easy in these premiums.

  24. freaky disorder

    It also makes me annoyed that WG are still selling these under par tanks, and people new to the game buy them, probably expecting a tank far superior to the tech tree equivalent, whereas some sad premiums are worse than the tech tree!

    • Well, being worse than the tech tree version was the original idea. And it was a good idea as it is protecting the game health.

  25. All the new generation tanks – or new countries that have entered the game over the past three years have put the majority of older generation tanks into the geriatric (senior citizens) ward. They just can’t compete. WG should think about period games; i.e. WW2 and before; cold war period; and modern. This might sort out the problem of power creep.

  26. tbh i miss the good old wot before we only had broken op tanks …

  27. only way to fix this meta of broken heavy armourd high dmp tanks is to add the old he back and give arty thier shells back

  28. Its kinda interesting how the good tanks in war thunder are some of the worst in WoT

  29. I grew up visiting this bridge every year when we went up to camp for the first day of trout, just north of Kane. Went to bobs trading post every Saturday night for ice cream. The good old days.

  30. First 2 games , unlucky.

  31. You are so bad, qb. 😀

  32. why you dont post frontline content ? normal mode is boring. i only play frontline

  33. I think pro players like QB should play those tanks only.

  34. Talking about older tier 8s having trouble keeping up and low alpha, I imagine the old tech tree tanks have it even worse. I remember playing the STA-1 and it being a real struggle even five or six years ago. I can’t imagine having to suffer through it now, facing off against 650 alpha damage autoloaders just at its own tier

  35. Centurion I/Victoria/Strv is the most underrated tank in game.

  36. Also there’s the rampanzer, maubrecher, amx CDC. And the kv5 with its 219 pen (and that’s with gold!)

  37. When is the next master class video?

  38. I still argue the m41 90 is still very good. I’ve recently 3 marked it, don’t set it up as a scout you want to just maximize it’s gun

  39. On Blitz we have the M41 90 but it’s Twister cup which was our equivalent, black too just with a different logo

  40. SteeleBlackhorse

    Why he insists by going by Wingate is beyond me, especially the way the teams are on the NA server, that Kjp the s a pretty decent TD

  41. Freddy vd Heide

    thats happend me each game… tier 6 i get tier8 games…in 7 i get tier 9 games and in 8 tier 10……WG don’t like me…..and MM is broken

  42. Ill be honest the kanonenjagdpanzer is one of my favorites right now

  43. Correct 2013 tanks are out nerfed now WOT forgot them for all the new money they make off new models for players why waste our time quickybady

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