Playing the Worst Tank In My Garage As Bottom Tier – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Yes, more of these types of video. More bottom tier gameplay would be awesome! Thanks!

  2. Americanlife7022

    Good job! The Pershing is a very well rounded Turd lol. I tried it on FL and actually had a great game, I was shocked.

  3. Pershing is good. Just use brain

  4. Bouncing off an Shitbarn! WTF!

  5. Sometimes bad ping isn’t enough so you get the RNG balancing… only because arty couldn’t shoot you!

  6. Péter Szegvári

    I hated the Pershing grind.
    Had a 4 skill girl crew in it and was just a’ pileofyouknowwhat. T44 was so refreshing for a T8.

  7. I would recommend reducing the amount of “so” used.

  8. I didn’t know it was possible to bounce gold off the side of an arty, but I guess super unicums can pull of things in this game that I’d never dream of.

  9. Lel, worst tier 8 tank……..the TVP VTU….now that tank SUCKS! Pershing is awesome in comparison.

  10. 煎蛋小面包

    Pershing is not a bad tank…It’s just the MM fck it up

  11. It's not what you think

    Do this again in the Oho you cunt


  13. I did well in the Pershing. But that was in 2013 – 2014 before the newer power creep tanks was introduced into the game. Back in the day when premium tanks were slightly worse than the tech tree tanks.

  14. pershing bad? wot in tarnation

    the fact that t44 is broken doesn’t mean everything else is bad

  15. Pershing bad?? *Triggered*

  16. BagelsGamingOnline

    Is the Pershing actually bad? I really want to get one… Mostly cause I think Pershing is sexier that most tanks, but thanks for ruining it for me ?.

    • The pershing is still a good tank, it was a great medium, not op but competitive. I’ve got the tier ten pershing but still keep and play the tier 8

    • BagelsGamingOnline

      bobinmaine1 Thanks, I already know. Just poking at leming cause he is a unicum who said it was a “bad tank” ?.

    • It’s decent, at least.
      IIRC Skill4ltu calls it his favourite tier 8 (or one of his fav).

  17. omg finally you made pershing thank you lemmingrush finally i can make my way to patton (I have 80k exp on pershing)

  18. NEIN NEIN NEIN views

  19. Crazy RNG watching that started to piss me off

  20. Why is your aim time so bad on that pershing?

    • Because Pershing has quite mediocre gun handling in general? Its tier 8 with “good turret and gun depression”. Well, it used to be. Not anymore, but noone from balancing department gave a fuck since then.

    • AmarothEng his aim time looks worse than usual. Then again mine has a nearly 3 skill crew.

  21. rngesus lol

  22. I finally subbed…

  23. How the hell do you say Pershing is a bad tank? I 3 marked it and I loved it and I wasn’t even spamming gold like you!
    Maybe you have to only play those stupid Russian tanks to get good games and say that you are a GOOD player!

    • Lol man. For example in heavy tanks, one of the best scores Lemming has is in T110E5. Just sayin ;).
      Pershing is not a bad tank, but its super mediocre now. It was fine when premium tanks were in general on par or worse than regular tanks. Then Defenders happened.

  24. pershing is one of the best medium in the game!!! i just love this tank…

  25. Tbh the persing isnt a bad tank i find the tiger p a bad tank lol

  26. How? (On the non pens subject) well I’ll tell you how, it’s American and not some piece of Cossack crap. That’s all they care about.

  27. I don’t like Pershing as well, It often has bad rng.May be because its not russian blyat

  28. Good plays and the logic of predicting other tanks movements. I’m watching a whole new level of game and sometimes get those light bulb moments of realization. Thanks, keep playing crappy games 🙂

  29. DrasticPurpleHippo

    those skill rounds tho

  30. Terrible is7 and strv. I was frustrated with that is7 and his questionable plays throughout the match.

  31. Don’t despair dude! The game isn’t designed to be fair! It’s designed to make worthless tapeworms who contribute nothing of value to society a metric shit tonne of money!

  32. The Pershing isn’t a bad tank dude. It’s just been powercreeped.

  33. Aw man. That RNG. So many bounces xD

  34. Yeah, this game has become a real bugfest! Shells going nowhere, and failing to pen paper tanks… Retard WG.

  35. Haha, good to see play like the rest of us mortals experience 🙂 Thanks Lemming!

  36. RNG controls our aim 100%… our rating are based on our RNG, not our Skills.

  37. The strv shoul’ve predict that the amx will come from behind..

  38. could care less

    Thats a weird looking kv2

    nice Description mah dud

  39. I thought Pershing was considered relatively good.

  40. Pershing is actually quite good 😉

  41. still better than the t-34-3 heh

  42. Pershing is a bad tank??? :O

  43. RNG did not like you at all that game gg though

  44. For those curious about that shot at 8:02, the shot deviated to the right. Considering it said the armor was not penetrated, I think what happened is that the shot hit his tracks and only his tracks. The path of the shell did not meet the hull.

    TL;DR: RNG strikes again.

    My only advice for improving that moment to prevent RNG’s garbage from happening? Go for the turret instead. There’s no spaced armor, it’s only 10mm thick, and it’s an even larger target than the hull.

    In any case, that really sucks. Sorry that RNG fucked you, LR.

    • the chassis is like 40-50 mm…the turret is 10 mm all sides, so yeah, you can even shot HE there. But correct me if i’m wrong on the numbers

  45. STA-1 be like: ?????

  46. I fully agree that the Pershing sucks

  47. This was one of the most useful video from Lemming. Counting that the others are good too.

  48. Andrei-Alexandru Marinescu

    RNG is rigged 🙂

  49. lemmings got religious? a lot of god thanks have been thrown around 😀

  50. You said like last year that the Pershing was not bad and it was pretty good on one of your streams

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