Playing the Worst Tanks in War Thunder

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Hello everyone, here’s a bonus video to round off the year! Play of Nations for on PC or Mobile: 💥 Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available the next 30 days!

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1:33 War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. Yes, for your enjoyment we decided to once again load up War Thunder, and play some of the worst vehicles in the game. We’d like to say this was a pleasure to make, but we’d be lying. We’d also like to thank our sponsor, Conflict of Nations. Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! Play for FREE on PC or Mobile 💥

  2. Frenchtanks are as bad as Britishbomber.

  3. some random dude videos

    Me wondering why it is not just British tanks? Am i reading the title wrong

  4. We need more of squoris johnson

  5. The Jurassic Republic

    I went to tank fest last year it was a lot of fun but a M1 abrams gave me a headache with vibrations

  6. im new to this channel saunds british

  7. Your content has become so damn good. I don’t know why you don’t have 4x rhe views on most videos. I guess if you turned your comedic mind to a more mainstream subject, you would get more, but then something would be lost.

  8. MoltenYellowSkies

    only person ever to score a kill with the BM

  9. That first game with the rocket tank is legitimately the best game I have ever seen someone have in it. Loved the perfect rocket thread underneath the one tank that you likely would not have been able to kill otherwise. Good stuff!

  10. I love how all the hatches are shown open when you get shot. The shed, uh I mean Tankette, is like, Why even bother, we can’t stop a Mosquito from getting through.

    Also, the Pigeon I sent was sent back, due to not having it’s Vaccine Passport with it as it flew to England. Sorry Mate maybe next time. It’s really sad as it had a 100 pound note strapped to its leg just for you.

  11. 5:11 it’s like a french airport around here 😀😀

  12. The problem Starters

    Your characters age goes from 18 sometimes all the way to 70

  13. I love what do you just do with that BM

  14. Comments for the Algorithm God

  15. “… has started.” Duh! It lasts for two years nown 🙄

  16. Wow, you are a really good Bum player.

  17. 6:10 actually was an infantry support veichle idk why gajin called tank destroyer

  18. Ho the hell is a missile rack one of the worst tanks? EACH rocket may be weak, and ammo capacity low, but rate of fire is obviously excellent, and it’s somewhat speedy enough. Stop “tanking” everything in your tank game and use hit and run tactics, people!

  19. “Hold s to surrender” killed me
    “I’ve not found god I found a panzer 3”😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Not even kidding boris Johnson would do that

  21. All I’ve learned is French tanks are designed for the optimal reversing experience.

  22. “I don’t think this plane’s entirely French.” And yet, for some reason, they _still_ have more Dive Bombers than the UK. Good fun watching this 😛

  23. The T-60 mounted BM-8 was supposed to be a Mobile Artillery Rocket Launcher, not a Tank. It would normally only fire its rockets from the “rear”.

    The PO-2 only flew bombing missions at night, where it excelled at hitting Axis Camps and positions when they least expect it.


    whats the vehicle at 14:08?

  25. “Are you driving a delivery truck?”
    “Its delivering one thing and that’s pain… to the enemy”
    Loved that xD

  26. That tank is so shit it is good

  27. These videos are almost as spectacular as the Langcaster!

  28. God that British accent is just like fingers down a chalk board

  29. R.35 is actually their best low teir tank. Sadly though it’s 4wd but in the game is fwd, and actually open diff, so its 1wd and can’t get up things a 90s Toyota Corolla can..
    The H.39, when ONLY taking fire from a ~70° angle at most (front right angle) is actually a decent turtle/bouncer. You can tank almost anything ~300-400m and kill most things at that range with well placed shots. I once took on 3 Germans, bounced all of them and killed them all systematically in it. I even had noobs asking what nation I was playing because of it, enough said!

  30. 8:23 shot underneath it and it still died

  31. Franch: why my forward gear slower then my reverse… franch high command say it’s better to retreat all the way back 2 breast… what?

  32. American bomber…

  33. I actually enjoy the AMD 35 and the Lorrain as some as the best low tier tanks

  34. the desert is called dungeoness

  35. BM-8-24 is currently one of my favorite tanks in the game. though not too great at it’s own BR… Purposely taking it to a higher BR is grand. The AMR-35 ZT3 is also extremely fun, a bit like a taller L3/33 with a punchier gun. My favorite thing to do with it is bring it to 8.3 and kill OF-40s and Leos.

  36. not even the queen has an accent as heavy as yours

  37. 15:58 lmao, that’s my cousin who i just tricked into playing war thunder (dude with the M8)

  38. “im just gonna ignore what shot you and shoot at something else instead” ~ every warthunder player in history

  39. Gotta love the FCM 36 Squire! I call it “Le Pyramide”! And yes, I do already play Conflict of Nations: World War 3.

  40. This was quite fun, oh btw since you’ve covered Just about every aspect of ww2. I wanted to suggest that you guys try something related to submarines, maybe using silent hunter as a basis? Anyway just my suggestion for 2022 I enjoy most everything you guys do anyway

  41. French airport lmao

  42. That profile picture you are using is a picture of Polish general Stanisław Maczek, commander of the 1st Armoured Division. His troops performed really well during campaigns in Poland and France (1940 and 1944, especially during the Battle of Falaise).

  43. *France + retreat +/- slander = funny*

  44. You fool the BM-8-24 was meant too barrage the enemy there is no aiming, these are the words of the motherland

  45. 13:49 i haven’t found god but i do have found a panzer 3

  46. I love it when you guys do those skits for sponsors

  47. ”uh bounced off. i suppose its made of… metal” XD

  48. Really Useful Trackmaster Fan


  49. Our boys back! good video

  50. Omg I have a very good time watching your videos!

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