Playing the “Worst Tanks” in World of Tanks

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. Today I’m playing two of the “worst” tanks in the game according to global win ratio!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. How about buffing some of these tanks and then removing the preferential mm.
    Ok I see the idea of a Jagdtiger 88 without an 88mm gun may seems strange but would giving it the top gun off the Ferdinand make it OP
    Jagdtiger 12.8 sounds pretty good to me.

  2. I like your channel but you are layer. I do not trust that they were typical battles even a great player. Yos shown choose battles to show that only we are morons if not we will play like this. But really? Give me a break. .. Best MM no arty for TD in second battle you suck like this tank suck only cos your team wasn’t group of pathetic morons you win. About t10 at end he wasn’t too confident he went for damage if he will wait longer there will be one shoot and dead cos of number enemies chasing for damage, only cos you have good mate in light you still alive. But truth is QuickyBaby that playing 8th is pain in the ass almost all fucking games you are cannon fodder and if you grind not spending money you play twice a shity tank all fucking game. I appriciate your skill much better than main but common don’t make from us morons bigger then we are.

  3. To date I find the KV5 useless with its very under powered gun with some 167 pin . I was shocked to see it did not make the top ten list. With that said when I got the tank a few years back k I did have some stellar games one in with I did 7 kills, with that said I hate the tank anymore. Thanks for the great videos

  4. Top 10 fastest tanks

  5. Radu World of Tanks

    M3 lee

  6. I always thought of the Jgtiger 88 as a fat e25.

  7. Panther 8.8 has preferncial MM on console

  8. you have luck the mm is broken ,how many game i have to play to get top tier with jg 8,8?
    10 games

  9. can u play the E 100 plz

  10. jgtiger 8.8 was my most played tank. Now it is useless, seriously. Year ago bad game in it was anything below 2k dmg. Now I’m lucky when able to do this, I had lat game doing ZERO , because new super armoured premium tanks. So annoying and frustrating

  11. NorwegianGamer 934

    The first game was a 3-5-7 mm 😐

  12. Play the Churchill GC

  13. betterdead thanred

    i agree that many new players want to play german tanks here in europe, since they are the most ”famous”. who here have heard about a ”batchat 25T” or ”WZ-111-5A” before they started playing the game? people know about tanks like tigers, panthers, leopards, pattons ,centurions etc. since some are still in memory among some of us.
    but still, it doesnt change the fact that many german tank are UP, and that would scare away some of the european playerbase. having the beginners in the game play some of the most difficult tanks leads to these stats IMHO.

  14. QB keeps referencing a video he posted last year. How do you expect us to remember??

  15. The worst tank of the game is the TVP VTU Koncept.

  16. Happy new year

  17. Play churchill GC.

  18. Is it possible to deal 297 damage on M4A1 Revalorise with 390 alfa damage???

  19. Rowan Rabbittoaster

    Tbh with the German tanks I think it’s that loads of people start off with them and they are a lot harder to play and this doesn’t mean that they’re bad they just have challenging playstyles

  20. Git gud, play at real matchmaking against tier 8 and tier 9 tanks, not this setup bullshit.

  21. Really thought I was gonna see my ”pet” TD being played well. The Churchill GC 😉

  22. Fal Entertainment

    Now play these tanks stock bottom tier. Also, play the Churchill GC this way too. 😀
    Edit: Also NO premium spamming like you do in this video

  23. Gabriel Oskarsson

    I got the T25/2 I think it’s called it had 10% of win but I think I’m so bad in it

  24. Mister Torgue Flexington

    The jagtiger 88 was really good premium albeit extremely boring to play. However like all other older premium tanks,it’s been power creeped and made obsolete by the new premiums that are objectively better in every way.

  25. The panther bit was from the NYE stream. That stream was one of my favorites, I hope you do more in-person streams in the future!

  26. Churchill Game Carrier plsssss

  27. Churchill GC plz

  28. I don’t feel that the player base got better. Only more coward’s who give up flanks 30 seconds into the game which results in ultra hard camping or a match end after 2 minutes. QB can you please educate players that they CAN make a difference despite beeing in the bottom tier tanks?

  29. Jagdtiger8.8cm can use a 105mm on blitz

  30. He really should have played the churchill GC

  31. Yup my first line was germans too as I saw tiger and tiger 2 i thought oh I’ll be destroying everyone and I looked at E100 I saw it was big so I knew that it will be beast (it wasn’t)

  32. I have 650 wn8, got 9 kills, and enemy arty drowns himself…

  33. CHI RI tier7 japonais tank,goog god that tank is awfull

  34. Top 10 tanks for beginers pls!

  35. Honestly I think all German tanks expect the dw2 are actually decent honestly the dw2 pisses me off because it gets tier 5 games and it can’t even do anything without gold rounds because it’s trash

  36. Try lower tires now…what about Pz.I…I DARE YOU

  37. wtf…that IS3 was pointing his barrel right at you and never shot? You hit him like 4 times and he didnt fire once?


  38. WE like your channel. Hope WOT take notice of your comments, because they reflect the reality of the player experience.

  39. I think it be nice to make not average but weighted average, so take in calculation avg wr of player. So is above they avg or not, this way it be less dependent on personal performance.
    If I had access to data I can make few interesting analysis, as best tank for experience player and opposite, and others.

  40. Nice work Quicky…..we love watching your videos and learn a great deal from them.

  41. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    QB can you please, please do a “Before it was nerfed – Hellcat”? That tank went from close to OP to UP in just one patch (I think it was back in 9.3)

  42. Happy 2018! …I miss the room from the background… 😀

  43. Yoh compare the JgdT 88 to a Patriot or Defender??? These vehicles are damaging to the game because free to ply players have a disadvantage because they do not want to spend money, but there are guys pumping so much money in it so the free2play players have no chance to have fun because they cannot do anything against a 252U

  44. JT88 is still pretty bad but remember what it was like before the speed buff? Driving it was almost as bad as the T95. Without the armor and the gun of course.

  45. I don’t appreciate that most experienced players tend to look at win ratio and wn8 to tell if a player is good at the game or not

  46. Play The Churchill GC

  47. What is missing is his team screaming at him and TK’ing him while he was “camping” in the panzer 8.8. Also would love to see him play that as a “support” in a city map like Himmelsdorf.

  48. Pls make vid on Matilda tier 4 Brit tank.

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