Playing the WORST Tier 10 Tanks in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

Here are the WORST Tier 10 in World of Tanks in 2022 including the FV215b, T62-A, Rhm Pzwagen, Object 268 T92!



  1. everyone hating on the british heavies I loved em and the 215b

  2. LT-432 has better armor than the T 62A lol

  3. Bad players play tanks bad. The FV215b is amazing, yall be playing it wrong

  4. Deepolis ATF-LAFFEY

    If you’re going to 1v1 lights in a pzw, you should spam he. Great pen and alpha.

  5. I grind my arty missions with one hand while I eat pizza.

  6. Not only were you playing the worst tier 10 tanks you were also playing with the worst kinds of players

  7. The T-62 could get worse. You could be in console in era 2, where leopards will shred you to bits, the FVs bounce everything you shoot, and the premium version of the tank nukes your ammo rack with an ATGM

  8. In world of tanks blitz, the fv215b has 170mm of HESH pen without calibrated shells (which adds extra penetration to shells) Which is super disgusting

  9. Did anyone else notice that QB all of sudden has tons of 3 marks . I never use to see 3 marks on his tanks . Idk maybe im wrong . Not that he isnt good enough he is a super unicom after all .

  10. Buff the alpha of the 215b to 440 and leave it dpm at least then it have the sickest dpm ever and something to fear . Then buff its HE to 140 mm pen like the Chieftains gun .

  11. Perhaps you just learned why so many spgs don’t use the W key. It doesn’t do any good if you do.
    I do play the American Tier10 arty on occasion and I do enjoy it, even after the silly nerfs. Mostly I laugh because so many WoT players are so afraid of arty that has never been a significant problem for other vehicles if you knew how to play arty. You guys are a hoot!

  12. I bet if you didnt have one you would pay 12000 bonds for it bc you are as you have said a tank collector like me . I also got it before it was removed so didnt have to pay bonds for it . But that being said if you want a good tanks yea its not .

  13. Thanks for the advice! I’ve almost got enough bonds to get it. I can’t wait!

  14. 125 mm smooth bore cannon for t62a . YES PLEASE . 470 alpha with the great heat pen like 350 and then ok ap shells . Would be something new . Who cares if the 125 would be op you its video game they can balance it any way they want .

  15. It’s pretty sad because the T62A was my first top tier tank when I started playing WoT.

  16. QB spends years whining about arty ruining the game, arty gets nerfed. QB plays arty and wonders why it’s miserable to play.

  17. CVS or commanders vision system has ruined any tanks that use camo and its worse for tanks that use camo but dont have good camo like the rhm pz wagon . Im guessing the m 60 was running CVS bc some English youtuber told his viewers to use CVS on most medium tanks .

  18. the t62a is still pretty good.

  19. You sound gay i was rolling . LOL where did that come from .

  20. Lol, 40% in my 215b!!

  21. rustedniddleslinger

    Why is the T110E4’s gun soo derpy.. It’s f***** horrible

  22. WG could happily buff the bottom 13 tanks seen at 0:30 without breaking the game or balance.

  23. It’s funny, because in Blitz, the T-62A is just flat out better than the Obj. 140 in nearly every way

  24. it’s interesting that the T57 Heavy is at the bottom, I’m a player with 20k battles an 49.5% WR, but with my T57 after 400+ battles I have 53% WR 😀

  25. I still play the T92 more regularly this year than anytime since the nerf. My average games are level 2 mastery badges, I get huge WoT rankings from each battle. I actually quite enjoy it… Only ever use the stunning shells though, and maybe have 1 pen shell for the final hurrah

  26. Obj. 268 is bad? What?!

  27. Finally T-92 for meee , my favourite tank

  28. Still enjoy playing my T62-A, next to the Obj 140 / 121B and Obj 430u. The handling is fine, just armor wise it sucks indeed.

  29. In my experience obj268 has horror gun handling, yes, on paper it has nice, but in reality you fully aim and fail like half of time. (probable cause is bad ammo velocity)
    And about T92, you have great arc but you didn’t use it, while shooting that progetto that was moving, you could get easy hit with HE onto that Leo you hit after that, you could even maybe kill it with 2 shots. And players need to change stance about arty, you now support your team thru stun, not damage, find an ally that struggles with some fight and help him, or find a battle where you can shave dps (and other stuff) from enemy and give edge to your allies fighting them, some of that will be rewarded as stun assist.

  30. 23:30 The muppet in the chat doesn’t know he is talking to QB haha, the idiot xD

  31. qb you say the f215b is so terrible yet when the udes started spamming gold you just sat there and let him farm you then you reverse into the amx showing you back? wtf

  32. I shoot ap with the french arta. It works really well when you have a good angle. I will state that if the hit 7 tanks or deal 7 criticals in one game daily missions and campain missions did not exist i would never even play arta.

  33. You demonstrated why ppl cant play the 268 – they just dont aim fully. Its a beast of tank with full crew and aim mods.

  34. About the Rhm. Pzw.: it is a german light so it don’t want to hide! It want to fight and snipe! 😀

  35. Modified config might be really good for the fv215b. 268 is not bad at all imho. T92 requires a turbo.

  36. 62A and 268 are among the oldest tanks in WoT. To age them they chose not to update their capabilities and the reason I don’t play them anymore. Too bad because at one time they ruled the maps.

  37. “Reward Vehicle” includes “Participation Trophy”

  38. Quickybaby 113 705 type 4 amx 120 tier 9 obj 777 2 which is best platform I can adjust my play style

  39. I liked this content, seeing all these cherry picked great games has just got boring over the last 10 yrs. More like this pls

  40. 780 is pretty much the worst tank too?

  41. that leopard shot you means that you are constantly spotted, in that case making pressure through open terrain is not a good move

  42. I got the FV before the existence of the S Conq and I still play it today, I like both for the gun. Put a improved configuration module on the tank and no more fire problem. I got 53% WR so I guess it’s ok to get 10% more than the average :p

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