Playing the WORST Tier 6 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the WORST Tier 6 tanks in World of Tanks including the M4A3E8, KV-1S, and VK 28.01! OUCH!



  1. 20:45 ; No, Nashorn is pretty easy to play. The problem is, it heavily depends on the performance of the rest of the team.
    And that’s why its win rate sucks.

    • This pure support tanks shows the biggest problem of the game in perfection: Match Making (aka Miss Matching).

  2. I actually enjoyed playing the EZ8. It can be an absolute monster even if you are bottom tier.

  3. Do more of these

  4. Lorenzo Telleria

    Easy 8 is a great tank!

  5. Poor 128 pen Sherman cant even pen a Tiger 131, on same tier, if angled properly.

  6. I never bought the easy 8. I went with the jumbo and never looked back.

  7. Favorite way to play the Easy 8 is with the derp gun, peak ridges and playing golf.

  8. Jamie Kirkpatrick

    Really like this approach and vid type, I’d like more

  9. Next worst video, playing Arty of each nation.

  10. seems so’re the best !

  11. Its on the stock grind, i have the Fury and it rocks

  12. 19:21 POV: 4th of July and you’re british

  13. I have 54% in my Nashorn after 551 battles. So I wonder what all the other player does? I am an 48% play with a big handicap, born with shakinghands.

  14. Markus Deininger

    Every tank has its characteristics different. Most players just can’t adapt to it or don’t want to. That’s why i quit playing in clans. The only play the popular tanks, but if I was playing with a different tank, they first shouted at me and then in the results most of them where behind me. Tanks shown today are just not easy to use. And E8 is most fun to play with derp gun, it has the armor. Please keep the Series up, very nice format!!!

  15. Easy 8 the original auto loader!

  16. When I started with the Sherman series you had the option of going further up with the easy 8 or the jumbo. I opted for the Jumbo and therefore never drove the easy 8. I used to drive the T40 a lot back then and loved it. I also really enjoyed driving the archer. What challenges do you have if you only ever drive the OP tanks on the respective tiers, such as the T67 or the Hetzer.

  17. I have 3 marked every tier 6 in the game, I don’t think there is a bad tier 6, there are just a few that need to be played a specific way. . Its probably the most balanced tier in the game if you ignore the M44.

  18. Hello QB what is the program to limit FPS within games? and what are the benefits of it for a average player on a average HW platform! Cheers and keep up the good work!

  19. Quickybaby saying the penetration is so bad in his easy8. Gets top gun.

    – laughs in Obj. 257 with zero pen in GOLD

  20. Nice matchups. In 4 battles, 2 times top tier, 1 mid and 1 time bottom tier. I wish we (ordinary players) could have the same treatment.

  21. The KV1s was fine until the HE nerf, that also tanked the win rates of the sherman jumbo, pzivh and M4 sherman.

  22. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    OMG nashorn have very best gun for tier for tier i got some crazy winnings with it

  23. Wow times have changed, I used to farm credits with the E8 back in the day… it was amazing back then and had no problems with penetration

  24. Surprised about the Nashorn being low down the rankings. I love it and have had some blindingly good games in it. And that’s with basic equipment etc playing for free.

  25. I want this teammates and enemys aswell. Seems Like i get teammates like donkeys and enemys super intelligent AI and RNG is the in top of Cherry.

  26. Great Video QB, would like to see this for the higher tiers also. The KV1 S is one of my all time favorite tanks, even now at tier6. GG 🙂

  27. Æspa Taking MYs to the Next Level

    Nashorn is one of my favorite vehicles in the game: great gun, high pen, fast rate of fire, and not too slow.

  28. Did not expect that the m4a3e8 was in here

  29. ****** bull shit player is QB

  30. More of the WORST !!

  31. Doc Insane Brain

    If you want a Sherman, just get the Jumbo

  32. Qb do you think that wg should ad japanese tank destroyers?

  33. This video would have been a lot better if you kept your tanks as you had them on your garage. A new player won’t have intuition on the KV1S for example…


  35. Play the worst rated tanks stock

  36. Hmm. I think I have a 55% WR in my E8. I do well in it. Why don’t you sell your old modules?

  37. Excellent series!

  38. For some reason E8 is my friends favourite T VI tank

  39. Just THANK YOU! (& blue thumb)

  40. David Ballantyne

    When I started playing the Easy 8 was one of the highights of the US line.

  41. How were you sweating when you were actually playing a seal clubber? No pressure, tier 6 I’d rather keep the tempo than hide. Win rate means nothing when those losers play most of their battles in 5 or 6 with op stealthy or high dpm tanks.
    And so. Scared of tier 7 you’d spam gold in low tier than show you’re worth a damn shooting standard. Disappointing QB so disappointed in you

  42. Pobut's Crackerbox

    More worst

  43. How do I shoot trees down? I can’t ever do it. Is it just HE rounds? Where do I aim?

  44. *Imagine putting two sets of equipment on a (bad) tier 6 tank. Look at this fat cat showing off.*

  45. now do the same video without gold ammo

  46. The E8 and KV-1S are the only vehicles from these that I’ve used, so can’t really comment on the others. As for the 2, the E8 honestly didn’t feel that bad when I went through it, even tho I didn’t know much about the game back then. Even stock it isn’t awful since you get the first 76mm, 105mm guns, radio and second engine from the previous tank. But the KV-1S I definitely understand being one of the worst tanks at tier 6. It feels like more of a sidegrade to the KV-1 rather than a whole tier higher. The top gun doesn’t really feel much different from the 85mm in the previous tank. It’s faster, but in turn has worse armor (and not even just tier for tier, but just straight up downgrade). And the worst thing about it is that you get pretty much nothing from the previous tank when it comes to modules (only the two radios). So you have to struggle with the 76mm gun that felt inadequate at tier 5 already. With a slight rebalance of its HP and the guns it could honestly be passed as a side option for the KV-1 at tier 5, instead of its successor.

  47. Yeah, i enjoy the bad win rate tanks, i would probably enjoy even the mediocre ones, those “live” plays with random vehicles regardless of the outcome of the battle.

  48. No Churchill GC?

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