Playing the WORST Tier 7 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing WORST Tier 7 tanks in World of Tanks including the CMCD, Ikv 90B, T-43 and IS! OUCH!



  1. is this strictly PVP or its it like warships and you can play against a team of bots?

  2. 1st game wasnt about playing the worst tier 7 lt, it was about playing the worst tier 7 team.

  3. When I played thru the t43, albeit that was like, a decade ago, it was a complete tinder box. Like most games I burned up

  4. Personally I love the T71 CMCD. Not as good as the T71 DA of course, but still a great little tank. Pretty high skill cap though, so I can see why it’s placed as the worst ranking tank, newbies and lower skill players aren’t gonna have a good time.

  5. Thnx, gives me an idea what tank to use in tier 7. I am currently using tier 4 tanks grinding my way up.

  6. The only tank I actually agree is BAD is the t43, paper thin with useless guns. IS however, it’s hilarious how many bad players there are with that thing, even compared to tigers… Such a punchy gun, my personal favourite t7 heavy, always tended to work for me. Find it funny how badly you played the cmcd, actually loved that little thing, was the first light I really got to grips with, should be played more like the bulldog imo
    Passive baby is trashybaby

  7. Doesn’t that T71 have the fastest track traverse speed in the game? Something like 60 degrees a second.

  8. The IS turret armor is just garbage in my opinion, I should have been grinding T28 instead.

  9. The main problem with T-43 is that it has exactly the same gun as T-34-85, no improvement! Woeful pen for a tier VII.

  10. Your team barely had a pulse that first game

  11. im surprised the IS is here. the IS is my 2nd favorite tier 7 heavy after the t29. the gun accuracy can troll sometimes but the meaty alpha is what it’s all about while boasting good armor and decent mobility. im surprised i didnt see the black prince instead or the tigers.


  13. I don’t care what anyone says, the tiger p is the worst tier VII. It’s a tiger with none of the advantages of it. It’s one of the worst tanks I’ve ever driven after putting in 1000+ battles in the Tiger H.

  14. The Achilles actually has the same 17 pdr as the Sherman Firefly, the other Tier 6 British medium aside from the Cromwell. Hence it’s damage roll is really low.

  15. Surprised the IS is on the list

  16. The t43 is actually a pretty decent tier 7 medium tank

  17. t43 one of worst realy? i dont remember itbeing that bad when i used to play it… The power creep lol

  18. Something really odd I noticed about the first 2 games: both teams lemming trained the side you went to. Do you not use the anonymizer when you play on YouTube?

  19. Gian Franco Pangan

    i loved the t43 9 years ago. it was an amazing tank back then for me. people didn’t expect it to be powerful in good hands back then, but now it’s just trash against new tanks

  20. enrico sizzermani

    hope QB is still objective where it comes to his own play..seems to master al tanks. Statistics say diifferent

  21. i personally like to use the 100mm gun on the IS, specially when facing higher tier tanks… but as QB said, it needs a lot of gold rounds… the rest of the tanks, i prefer to skip them all…

  22. That su-130 jump scare was pretty good ngl

  23. You didn’t play arty…

  24. CMCD doesn’t hit very hard

    *cries in stock Centurion I*

  25. i dont understand Ikv 90B, i had so much fun playing it :/ <3

  26. Andrea Cappelletti

    The sp1c is considerably worse, no one play it propely me neither, whould like to see SOMEONE giving it a chance, because even if i dont play well i still like it for some weird reson.

  27. Pressed R1 to speed up ? I don’t know that function.

  28. Great Video QB.
    As from the first day I have the IS I’m lowtier. Mostly -2.
    Best moment: I’m surrounded by 3 Even90 (platoon) after 3min or so.
    So QB had a extremly lucky MM with the IS in my opinion. But I will try the 122mm next time.

  29. Next video suggestion: Worst stock experiences: Play tanks that have horrible modules when full stock

  30. IS is awesome but only with 100mm gun.

  31. Here’s a challenge: play 5 tier 10 games and make a profit. I can make more credits playing tier 5 than tier 10. WTH WG

  32. Entire damn team in the west and they can’t manage to kill one Hellcat spotted three times. Man, sometimes world just want you to lose 😛

  33. Horrible play the first game in T71, you played that like 48% winrate player.

  34. IS is worst because wargaming nerfed it in 2015. Idiot wargaming don’t like tech tree vehicles to be powerful. IS use to have quite accurate gun 122 d-2-5t i think.. I can literally snipe for cupolas last time .now its unbearable… Even the is2 in Chinese tech tree suffered..

  35. IS 2 is one of my favourite tier 7 tank. Playerd over 700 games with win rate of 51%. Depends upon the players too. I dont consider win rate as a stats but still great tank

  36. IS is not bad, tho

  37. at least there was not too much free2play, turbo and field mods stupidity in this video… thanks for that
    its all about the team that yolos first and the snowball effect that decides 15:0 games, not 3% better engine power…

  38. the IS is the only tank I 3 marked

  39. Sean in South Korea

    look how idiot the teammates of QB in the 1st game :D, the HTs go to sniping line and almost useless

  40. We all just gonna ignore the Tiger I double clapping QB for 296?

  41. For some reason I find T-43 a good tank, i had 61% win rate in 120 battles

  42. HE firing Tiger playing some 4d chess.

  43. o ni need help and you wait i am be hit ?? as hole why you leader heavy tank if play as sht head ?
    something what i hate is wait to death

  44. Kresus77 pereira

    heyy hi, i think that german medium VK tier 7 is worst than T-43!!!!!!

  45. thumbnail looks like channel statistics, dislike

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