Playing the WORST Tier 8 Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the WORST 8 tanks in of Tanks including the T69, O-HO, M41 Walker Bulldog and ! Wish me luck!



  1. I love the JPanther II. The only tank I killed 11 or 12 tanks in.

  2. hi Will, are you aware that Milionpugs is now selling some WoT goodies including E-25 and M6 mutant, but like all the time and no restrictions as far as I am aware… and its not even that expensive from what I’ve seen…

  3. I’m surprised the jagpanther 2 is doing so bad. For a non turreted td, I loved that thing. Decent armor, great gun and mobile enough to ram the unsuspecting if needed. Good game in yours, Quicky.

  4. I play T69 when boring and its ok

  5. loved the fight between the skorp G and the super P during the O-Ho match… skorp trying to report the super P for doing nothing… and… the super P whilst not doing a good call at the end of the battle, came first on xp and dmg lol.

  6. John Francis Terne

    That IS-6 is basically what’s wrong with most of the playerbase atm

  7. Its over QB! I have the corner!

    Lets pull out the old replay of autoloading bulldog

  8. I loved the jagdpanther 2. great TD, dont understand how so many people drag the statistic down with it.

  9. I love the panther 2

  10. NEVER fight the heavies in the T69. Big mistake. The result was your own doing.

    • Yeah, I was confused about the decision to take a medium tank with famously sub-par penetration into the city. Head-on against heavies, the result seemed predictable.

  11. Just absolutely amazing to think about, the Bulldog and the T69 were both very strong when they were first added into the game. Now they’re some of the weakest at tier 8.

  12. I only played the JPII on a friend’s account *ONCE* – came away with Radley Walters and most damage (this was before you got a badge for it). I did the same thing with his tier 7 russian arty (SU-14-1?) arty after 45 seconds disconnected. This had to be like… 8 years ago when arty was actually something to be feared.

  13. Watching all these best/worst videos i’m starting to think there is something wrong the eu players

  14. I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  15. TIL I was an overachiever in the Jagdpanther 2 … neat

  16. I don’t get how the Jagdpanther II has such a low win rate O_O. Its quite latterly my favorite TD in the game.

  17. I don’t really understand how can people play so bad in the t69. Its such a good tank, great for ridgelines and really good reload time. it really amazes me

  18. I like how the m41 walker bulldog loses to tanks called the mv7-301f2cf that only existed on paper i guess thats why i watch QB and dont play this broken economy game.

  19. JPanther II really surprised me, my most favourite T8 TD, it’s so nimble and people are always surprised to get smacked in the face

  20. That o-ho battle is intense! I wish I could play with players like this. I tried but playing in asian server, communication is abyssmal and rarely someone reads the chat.

  21. Really enjoyed the length of this video

  22. Since you know that the worst win ratio is because most are playing them stock, wouldnt it be an idea for you do to the same, that would show the pain better…. Just a suggestion.

  23. Enjoyed the O-Ho game as a victory looked unlikely and it was close to the finale.

  24. QuickyBaby: “Am I the last light tank standing on Malinovka?”

    RU251: “Am I a joke to you?”

  25. For someone who recognises that SPG’s have a role in WoT you do not include them in the best of/worst of roundups.

  26. JPII Used to be one of my favorite TDs back when I still played this game years ago. I had ~1500 battles with it and around 62% wr.

  27. Quicky completely missed the mark of excellence he got on the jgapanther

  28. M41 used to be my favorite light tank. Sold it right after the nerf. Wargaming ruins everything I love.

  29. Whole Japanese line was fun before he nerf, now its total garbage line.

  30. Bejoalan's Channel

    When I saw T69 as the first on the list, I was like, “YESSS!!!”. Cause I have one. And I feel super sucks playing it. LOL

  31. I was just watching the argument between the T26E4 and the Skorpion G, while the O-ho game was playing out lol

  32. Gtfo with your opinions trying to rationalize pixels.

  33. The end of the game with the M41, you should be more agressive.. Really not the best play..

  34. Omg I’m in your video …the bourasque that sayd to take the hill

  35. t54 mod1 is a terrible tank by todays meta

  36. 39:08 – no that would be rude to our Slovak brothers. T-34/100 is Czechoslovakian tank but developed by Slovaks. Rest of Cs tanks were made by Czechs.

  37. I am hoping wg bring back the m41 bulldog with the 10 rnd autoloader as a gift tank similar to the other ones we have had. I loved that thing and i remember clipping an is3 with that 🙁

  38. Every tank, outside of Tier 10 for the Pz. B2 740, has to be bottom tier occasionally. But there’s a big difference being a powerful tank at the bottom of the list rather than a weak one. All you have to do is have more impact then your opposite number. Good luck doing that in a T69 versus a Bourrasque!

  39. Oh shit i can garantee it’s my fault jagphanter II has bad ratio :/

  40. those are not bad tanks, the reason of low win rate is they are not popular, so more advanced people don’t play them, only inexperienced players who don’t know wot trend yet.

  41. I can’t believe that AMX65t isn’t the worst… That vehicle is just atrocious… I mean, it is bearable when you research it completely, but unlocking everything you need is just horrendous experience.

  42. Camo up the Jpanther II? That must be something better to take for that. But this serie is really great. I love it.

  43. Make T69 nice again!

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