Playing the WORST Tier 9 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I'm playing the WORST 9 Tanks in World of Tanks including the M-VI-Y, Bat Chat 25t , Object 704 and T49!



  1. Thanks

  2. Good to see qb again

  3. earlyyy love you qb!

  4. Does anyone really play T9? Surely you play T10 for the big guns and T8 for the creds

  5. Kinda sad to see how QB’s sub count has been stagnating at 699k for the longest time ever. Hope you can get it together QB.

  6. surpise the yoh series is doing poorly despite its cranked in blitz

  7. Can’t you upload your videos on YouTube with better visual quality? I understand that streaming is taxing for the computer but is it not possible to have sharper games here?

  8. I had a feeling American tanks would be right at the top

  9. Obj 430 II used to be so good. How they massacred my boy 🙁

  10. lets appreciate how much effort you put into getting noticed so people click your content, a male clickbaiter aswell

  11. First, it was the curse of the ladybug
    Now, it’s the curse of the bad shot on the batchat

  12. Is it selection bias… You go into the matches highly aware of the tanks limitations. This might explain why you do so well.

  13. The problem by Judging tanks by Win % as often really good tanks have poor win % either due to poor preforming players using the vehicle or Win % can be artificially influenced by Poor Stock Grinds plenty of tanks that I see with Sub 50% avg Win Rate are incredibly Strong , Though in some cases their are outliers for vehicles which haven’t really been touched for years so are out of date in the current Meta ect or just genuinely bad. Though with that being said their is more to WR when judging if a tank is genuinely bad

  14. T49 has its moments sometimes, but 4/5 battles you will probably rage quit because the shots either do barely any dmg, hit a track, not hit the armor or be absorbed. It is just frustrating, especially if u are like one of the last tanks and have to fight tanks like maus, the heat cannot pen anywhere and HE will do barely 100 dmg.

  15. 25t AP is such a shitter, It may actually be the worst tier IX, it sucks so hard, there is nothing good about it, i hated that thing so much.


  17. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    I personally love Conway and think its a good tank using the 120mm so i don’t get why its part of the bottom 20

  18. Слава Україні

    This was indeed released on a Friday on August

  19. BrainlessNukerPerson

    WoT pc: Let’s make the M-VI-YOH a tier 9 and give it a boring gun
    WoT blitz: Let’s switch the M-V and M-VI YOH’s and let’s give it two autoloading gun options, a 105mm 3 shot 300HP gun with more pen and DPM, or if you want some even more damage, a 120mm with 450HP damage 2 shells 1.17 intraclip with less pen less despersion less DPM, just pick the 120mm its more fun

  20. 40:00 heat is cheap with the derp

  21. Love the Objekt 704; recently scored a recod 7K+ bounce with it.

  22. ivandra atmawijaya

    “The more i spend my time in this game, the less i enjoyed it”

    That’s something you don’t wanna hear from any game content creator you enjoy.

  23. The 704 is rather old meta. It needs some buffs to remain competitive.

  24. ah yes, another video showing us why quicky baby is bullying kajzoo but doesnt have a bathroom cus he plays wot.

  25. You go quackybaby

  26. I have a question, no idea if you see this, but are you at the pool with a drink in hand right now?

  27. 1 min 20 secs into the game : I’VE GOT TO START LOADING HEAT. Isn’t that the name of the game ?

  28. The bane of tanks is long aiming time. While you are aiming you are missing opportunities

  29. yea.. Obj was great. now any 500-900 Shell velocity is just worst.

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