Playing the WRONG King Tiger… but it was AWESOME! – Tiger II 10.5cm Kw.K

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Source: OddBawZ

The Tiger II 10.5cm Kw.K is a WW2 German Heavy Tank with a 105mm cannon! This King Tiger has a better engine and a larger gun for dealing with enemy heavy tanks and boy, does it pack a punch!

but it was AWESOME! I had originally intended play The Tiger II H SLA but because I'm a little rusty, I didn't realise I brought out the wrong one until the second ! 🙂

Being a bigger caliber cannon, the Tiger II 105 has a slower reload. It doesn't have much more penetration than the 88mm but when it does penetrate there isn't a single tank in the game that will survive.

Gaijin did some re-balancing of Cold War era vehicles, so I thought I'd try out some Heavy Tank to see if it's more fun.

It is! 🙂




  1. Lets go man

  2. Great to see you back Oddz

  3. sure this thing doesn’t make to much sense but the object 279 is sitting in the game and because the soviets claimed it can live a nuke so it’s immune to bombs

  4. Glad your back Oddbawz hope you’re okay

  5. Wait the 105 cannon is the historical one

  6. I hope everything is okay in your personal like Oddz take as much time off as you need and focus on yourself and family first. We missed you!

  7. Why is everyone shooting T95 in the tracks where there is double armour, a bit under the roof is an relatively thin plate

  8. PzKpfw VI Ausf E Tiger I

    27:52 The 10.5cm Tiger II looks so awesome without the side skirts .😮😍

  9. The 105 Tiger II is the best Tiger II, reload be damned.

  10. You made yourself into my daily routine..cant cook dinner anymore without a video of yours playing in the background.. i dont even need to see..i just listen and im there in battle aswell😄 can i ask what music where in the Intro? Best regards 🫡

  11. Yeah I was the Coelian on Breslau, that m56 was glitched inside a building so we couldnt cap and all the time went to try and find him😅
    Great stuff as always OddBawz!

  12. “IL-2 suffers damage of fuselage” ayup, something like that

  13. Vid 14 of asking u to play the M3 GMC

  14. If you want to play a Tiger 2 with a 105 but better play the T-29. Enough said.


    I love the 105 so much lol. Other day, I took it out for the first time in forever as the new BR update has given us the long forgotten armor meta, and boy was it fun! I was sniping enemies from across the map and got a double ace.

  16. Glad you’re back OddBawz. We’ve missed you


    Can’t believe you failed to mention it’s optical rangefinder though

  18. The Jumbo 76 should be like 5.7 Max. It should only face KT’s in a max uptier.

  19. NIce shot on the plane!!!!🤣😂

  20. Welcome Back! Really happy to see your return! No one puts a video together like you. Thanks for coming back.

  21. The way to get into the church on one of these maps does a single capturepoint it’s real f****** annoying to deal with people who going to that church cuz it’s impossible to get them out without bombing the Church

  22. A guy actually made a video and put it up online of how you can get into the church are on the map

  23. Hey Bawz, from now on every time a Scorpion enters the frame, can you play the “Here I am!” from the Scorpions song. Please.

  24. This tank should have better pen imo, the long 88 has less pen but better ROF so i think that at least 280mm standard pen would give it an edge

  25. 1:34
    When the 105 becomes an AA

  26. Mr OddBawZ, have you served in any military branch? No need to answer, just curious. Not many people can comprehend the simple diffrence between cover and concelment, or vice versa. I’m not saying only military guys or gals know the diffrence. I mean i’ve never served, not even done basic training or similar. I support and respect the military here in Sweden, same goes for some military in other countries, but i myself is against ever joining up. Just not my cup of tea, so to speak. Anyways, i know you don’t wan’t to bring real life stuff on to the channel. Just i know alot of veterans, people that has served etc, and usally only them that point out the whole “cover & concelment” diffrence. That is why i ask. Btw, love your content no matter what the answer would be, or even if you answer at all. No worries about any of that. Keep it coming, i enjoy it alot. 👍

  27. For the T95 side on like that you can shoot upper hull, above the track addition. Super easy to pen there for the Tiger 2

  28. That plane kill was just nasty. Mad respect Odd, mad respect. What an incredible shot

  29. So happy to see ya back bawz

  30. Odd you couldve penetrated the hull side of the T95, but you went for the track instead you shouldve aimed higher and further back

  31. That IL-2 snipe was EPIC

  32. Hey odd you should play the obj 906 since it got moved to 8.0 just try it out i brung it to 9.7 and still got some kills

  33. The gun is nice an all, that little extra pen increases your chance of penning the things like IS-3 etc, but the downside is RoF, the long 88 is superior as you can fire two times with it per 1 shot of the 105, love the 105 but it definitely has its downsides. Best part of Tiger2 105 definitely is the engine upgrade, hands down the most defining difference.

  34. I wish this tank was still available along with the panther II

  35. War_thunderplayer334

    Phly daily 2.0

  36. this game has gone to shit

  37. Funny how they removed the historically inaccurate vehicles, but proceed to give german vehicles historically inaccurate nerfs.

  38. Last tank I unlocked before I stopped playing waaay back

  39. To summarize this tank, you trade reload speed for explosive mass, also one more crew member

  40. Odd, the maverick of War Thunder Creators.

  41. The one tank in War Thunder i want but can’t get. :/
    I played back when the Tiger II 10,5cm, Panther II and Flakpanzer 341 were in the game. I just didn’t play enough and didn’t grind them. Was at rank 2 germany at the time. Now i’m at 6 and i regret not doing it sooner.
    I hope someday they give those vehicles out for an event, even if it’s a 1 day only event. I’d love to get my hands on the Tiger II 10,5 and Panther II.

  42. Rudol Von Stroheim

    I am still crying that i cant get it

  43. Greatly appreciate leaving private things out. (:
    Great video, again, as alkways.

  44. Man, its incredible to watch you play, I get so frustrated, I try to learn, try to be smart, but to no avail, just get popped before I can make it to a spot, or try to play back, and someone 1 shots me from across the map. Just no bueno at this game, its more fun to watch you kick ass.

  45. How did you got it

  46. No sound when the Scotts killing…

  47. just a reminder 59g of tnt is a standard hand grenade

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