Playing This Feels Like Cheating… | World of Tanks Manticore

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to play with a tier 10 light which at got so much trash from me… But now, many months later I can not put it away. Many times it honestly feels like cheating playing this one.

Let’s see what we can do! 🙂


  1. A little ACE Tanker gameplay for you as well, as the final battle… So make sure to watching it till the end. 🙂
    What is one tank for you which you hated at first, but can not put away now?
    Have a good one champs, stay safe!

  2. Good tank but still need more ammunition

  3. players like that leo 1 should be banned

  4. optics should be were rammer is.

  5. Dez with a lack of crew members and so much stress on my udes 15/16 would that make an intuition reload longer?

    Well to put simply when a crewmember is high stress and has the perk intuition does it make the ammo switch slower?

    • Udes 15/16 both the CDR and GNR are also loaders, so both need Intuition to get full speed. With Manticore only the DVR is also Loader.

    • @Tam Barlas THANK YOU. I’ve literally been trying to get an answer on this forever.

    • Udes is my favourite tank in the entire game. I have 4 and a half skills and I had to give up intuition. It’s so annoying especially the commander which needs 6 skills to be competitive, in addition to that the tank has fuel tank and engine at the front so firefighting too could be very useful too. It’s the most pressured crew in the entire game.

    • @Jules I love the tank so much but the intuition is something I need with a high caliber medium gun. It helps with all situations. The commander has so much pressure though it’s crazy.

  6. I remember what was said when this tank was launched.

  7. YeeaaaaH, my favorite light, jum jum video topic

  8. “I don’t want to fight with IS4, I actually don’t “
    Next clips shoots IS4 😁

  9. I wonder u never used HE on light armored tanks. Why bother to carry them at all?

  10. Who’s ever to hear this.Godbless you and your family.

  11. Now we need Senlac gameplay sooner then 🙂

  12. Tank had all ugly paper charactrristics and was dam ugly aswell, not much love for manticore

  13. i see the crash i see the teammate dont help and i have already enoug again from wot 😀

  14. The driver is the loader.

    Somehow that makes more sense than a lot of things in this game

  15. 293 damage is literally a min role. You can’t get any lower damage from that lol

  16. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The Driver has a loader skill I mean like how would you load the shells in the gun breach while driving ?

    • @Jay Steegmayer technically it’s more about the base dpm being very bad at some 1.671 base but if it had like 2.2k dpm base it would of caught up to the other lights since the driver as loader wouldnt have hurt much.

    • @Mỹ Trần With 2.2k base it would be broken OP and by far the best light in the game.😅

    • @Jules it’s only 20 shells for some potential damage of I guess 2 maus and some other tank but eh its only some 100 to some 14 more dpm than other 105mm lights besides the sheridan’s 105mm which has 2.5k dpm and the T-100LT which has some 2.3k.

    • @Jules although other light tanks like the sheridan, wz 132-1 and and rhm pzw could use a buff to their stats too.

    • @Mỹ Trần Unlike the manticore these 3 are quite bad. They suck at scouting and they get murdered by mediums if they try to fight. If the manticore had better dpm it would absolutely need more shells anyways.

  17. tbo you can set full scout load on udes 15/16 to become a tad slower manticore with armour and dpm, you get 51 stationary 41 moving conceal and 511 view range, pretty much manticore level, but your gun hits 440 a shot every 8 seconds

    • But manticore gets 54% on the move with the correct set up which is not even comparable to 41%. Having a pure scouting setup seems like a huge waste on an Udes. I have a setup with HP and a setup with vents for open maps.

    • @Comments And Likes ya, but for the same playstyle you get a much better gun and situational armour, also chances to get into game with no other light

    • Hmmm imma try this one my udes

    • @Jules 41% beats majority of tanks already, and all you are really losing is 1s of reload time. TBO udes is really not a close range tank, you get fuel fire so easily its not even funny

    • I did that with the tier 9 Udes 16 when I was grinding the line. Amazing tank and amazing performances.

  18. Saled eestlane

  19. How do you have over 1k camo with only 2 concealment crew members and only using the +6% concealment?

    • Commo rating is split % wise amount crew members. So a 4 crew tank common increase by 25% per crew member. 2 crew tank is 50% per crew member.

  20. I find the lack of ammo disturbing.

  21. Manticore is a light tank so movement doesn’t effect the camo

  22. I prefer the tier 9

  23. had similar experience with lhmtv

  24. … First battle… Proxy spot circle dez.

  25. the shape is so unique that you can’t hide it by blacking it out in the thumbnail lol

  26. I’ve always heard nothing but bad about the manticore but it has the means to be an excellent spotter and can occasionally get in a few shots,when it’s in the right hands of course,and I already know that these results aren’t typical and it’s a tough tank to play but it can be excellent

  27. /😗/ love your content dude, also haven’t grind the british line yet 😅 all i have is an a46

  28. fantastisch

  29. Yup, that’s a word alright. It’s an English word too. 🙂

  30. Thanks Dez. Your Manti luv shines through. Great tank to build map awareness and until you do you die . . . lots. After that it’s lols all the way

  31. Problem with this tank for me is that its low ammo count (and slow reload too).

    Also, two crew really craps on this tank. This means you need more skills per crew to compensate with that. Doesn’t help that even with low crew count, you still get crew exp on the same rate as other tanks. Yuck.

  32. Great video. I’d like to try the manitcore but I don’t have a 10 skill crew.

  33. I like the manticore alot.. surprisingly good dmg dealer.. yes one of my first battles in it I lost my crew at the begginning of battle in 2 shots xD

    • When it comes to peaking, shooting, getting back into cover waiting to not be spotted anymore, the manticore is the best light tank for this gameplay.

  34. Gerhard Wunderler

    I think “oh no – Manticore again” when I see one in the enemy team!

  35. would this set up work with elc even 90?

  36. I think the defender blind shot on you might have been him shooting at someone far away and you just got super unlucky.

  37. why are you contributing to a russian based game while russia is mass murdering thousands of helpless civilians in Ukraine!?

  38. Holy shit that leopard in the intro happens way too often

    I was tipped on my side in a LHMTV asking a kanonen 105 to help me, he kept replying affirmative but never actually looked at me to realise I was on my side

  39. The shitcore is just an old school over buffed ELC AMX at tier X. The only thing I hate about it is that high tier light tanks get absolutely neutered pen drop off. A 140 with similar pen on its standard ammo only looses 10mm of penetration over 500m whereas the Manti looses 42mm!!! That bullshit has lost me matches before, at 250m you loose 21 pen. Probably one of my favorite tanks in the game, but that has always bothered me with thinking how many of my shots have just bounced because tier X light get shells made out of tinfoil.

  40. Been my favorite light ever since it came out.

  41. Nice how that trashcore turned into the flip wagon

  42. To be honest: it’s the same for me with Manti 😉 I have this tank for a few days and can’t explain, why I like it that much… It’s pretty weird… Got a 30% winrate so far, but have great games, my first one was an ace as well and am so often close to carry those rounds, but RNG isn’t for me often in that tank

  43. Tier 10, no interest, toxic cesspool, enjoy your soup

  44. Manticore has a really pleasant gaming experience, because most Scout players yodel just into enemys and die, with manticore you are aöways in the umderdog position and its playstyle is just less more aggressive that way it just feels much more easygoing to play. And somehow good, even though compared to the maximum use you can pull out of the tank manticore rly lacks compared to other lights

  45. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Manticore need mooooore vayagara 😂😂😂

  46. Rüdin Frédéric

    stop showing off manti… everybody already plays him and I want to get my 3 gunmark… its so annoying to see everybody play him 😩😂

  47. I was thinking the same Dez. But I love this tank aswell. What for you need dpm, if you have enough time to reload, shoot, make a dinner, and with the next shot still they know nothing where from you shoot at them xD And even when they know it, it is not that easy to hit flat cockroach shaped tiny little bastard.

  48. The Sanity Assassin

    The Manti still has a few problems but you make it look easy Dez

  49. Great show crew and give feed back on set up unlike others keep this going helps players with their own tanks as WOT keeps changing them, will always watch your gameplay

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