Playing Tier 8 Scouts on EU

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. With LTTB I got 9 kill game on Stalingrad 😀
    Not too strong light tank, sucks because it’s so tall…
    Keep it up Lemming!

    • The armour on it makes up for it IMO.

    • Joshua Doll if the best part about a light tank is it’s armor maybe it’s not a very good tank :p

    • Yes good point. I should clarify. I wasn’t trying to say it was good just that the armour helps make up for the relatively large size of it. Personally, I am not very good light tank player and I can’t make them competitive, I was just going off my experience facing them.

    • Russian tank in Stalingrad are blessed with the power of Stalin’s Hammer that’s why you got 9 kills.

  2. It’s so nice looking at you playing and talking about strategies. Often you say things that are pretty obvious but idk when i play i just don’t think that logical, I’m learning very much from u thx.

  3. did… did you just say… support tanks are good to flank? Almost… almost should flank? Oh my god! Im telling on you to the popular youtuber!!11!1


  4. Lemming Rush do you use kill ping? I have been experiencing super high ping. Game is unplayable now for me 🙁

  5. Haha shit talking is a norm on EU ?

  6. I actually appreciated how real life the 2nd match was. It wasn’t a roflstomp (for the home team), it was a light tank doing “all that a light” can really do when you roll with the tomato farm. Very good Video! It made me feel like some of the times when I drive lights and just can’t stop the inevitable….

  7. “Finding they people at the beginning and shoot them”
    So!!!! No assist DMG

  8. There is so much to be gained from strats that involve how to make the best out of a shit game, because, well…

  9. So, Lemming, what are the differences between the EU & NA server? (Gameplay & player wise)
    Great tactics!

    • Aitnaw NA seems a lot more aggressive to me

    • na has much worse players. I’ve started on NA then moved to SA (AUSTRALIA). And honestly, it felt like there were less great and more terribad players on NA. Statistics back that up, too (Avg wn8 is the lowest on NA))

  10. This is very helpful.


  12. You got 197k XP, cant you get out of this tank?

  13. The arty rant at 5:00 actually made me laugh

  14. Do you see a difference between EU and NA? Players?

  15. I’m not sure what’s going on with the game these days but almost every game I play ends up as a roflstomp either by us or the enemy team

  16. Great video

  17. 5:39 why not just ram the T71 DA? You weigh like 30% more than him and have almost 4 times the frontal armor. I always enjoyed using my weight to bully other lights in MT-25 and LTTB.

  18. Isnt it better to research your next vehicle the moment you got enough xp so that you can start exping your crew faster? Unless you are about to buy free xp with gold instead ofc.

  19. *noob light driver why didnt u go spot on windstorm*
    -Tomorrow’s topic on the Forums by the average pubbie

  20. Thx lemmingrush!

  21. Guillaume Lemaigre

    I think Ilya Red has pretty good videos on light tanks, given that he only plays light tanks.

  22. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    I don’t think it’s worth pushing field on Highway. Just the way that flank is built and I can see many, many flaws.
    Most of the time, the fight is won in the city. Only thing you really need to counter a lemmingtrain down the field is lots of well-hidden tanks around the base and a competent spotter.

  23. What illegal mods do you use to be top tier with tier VIII light tonk???

  24. hey lemming could you please help me, how do you have eu and na server because when i tried downloading eu it deleted my NA server WoT. im so confused , if anyone could help it would be much appreciated

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