PLAYING TO WIN in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I’m playing in World of Tanks and the gloves are off – I’m playing WIN!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” So become a part of the problem that makes Ranked Matches not worth investing into?

    Not that I can blame QB for that. There’s no flexibility to beat the meta at all. It’s a lose-lose situation.

  2. I like how he talks about the ebrs view range being some kind of weakness when most maps are too small and cluttered for regular LTs to leverage their better view ranges.

    • WDYM… Normal lights have such a great view range they can spot tanks through bushes. EBR can’t. That is huge difference, trust me

  3. Because as stupid as those ebrs are they need high pen HE too. Rediculous

  4. Is anyone going to talk about how he looks like Lenny McLean in the thumbnail

  5. Wheeled tanks ruin this game and make regular light tank play a pain. They just rush in and spot light tanks in their bushes all while using their stupid speed to evade all incoming shells.

    • Yeah, it’s much easier to call them “OP” and “game ruiners” instead of adapting to new meta and learning how to counter them.

  6. Quicky I think you’ve been impailed

  7. Qb, Please consider making a newbie guide. Salamatszx.

  8. 3:03 One of the 10 specialties of the EBR… this light tank line destroyed the german light tanks role in the game :/

    • Lol, German lights have never had a place. Only good light in the entire German light tank tree was the RU-251. The German LTs and the ebr have nothing in common

  9. Thank you QB for reinforcing why I will never play anything but standard battles

  10. Thanks QB for not being salty in your normal videos. I work with a lot of young folks and I suggest they try WOT, Your pal Mr Jingles has gotten as bad about that as a lot of You Tubers I cannot recommend and in fact unsubscribed to his account today as I am tired of it. Please keep up the good work so I can keep suggesting this game to young folks. As an old retired tanker I loved it in the real world and try to influence my cadets to try it out.

  11. qb i love ur face in the thumbnail

  12. These Wheeled light tanks ruined 8-10 tier matchmaking. Its just dumb that they cant be stopped. They just drive and shoot full HE and BOOOOM your dead before you even know it 🙂

    • They have horrible viewranges, every medium and light will outspot them, also TD’s with binocs. You shouldn’t be dead before you know it because you are going to know that the EBR is coming before the EBR knows where you are.

    • @Stubbari Well that is true, i was over exaggerating, but the main point at tier 9 and 10 is that if u play medium or heavy. They will outspot you. They have decent enough camo and viewrange. And the HE destroys if u play a “lightly” armored medium. And i hate the fact that they can just do a 90degree turn so quickly.

  13. Do more showing people things. Like tech tree showcases. Stop acting like you’re a good player.
    It’s why your comment section is full of people whining about EBRs and gold rounds and clearly bad.

    Also, you’re whining about OP tanks when you’re in a ranked battle where the only meta tanks are a 430, ebr, and progetto. No wonder you do so well in the 279e. Why don’t you come play on NA where every match has multiple “fake chieftains” per team(As you put it, since you’re salty you’ll never earn one), and multiple 279es, with a ton of progettos and other meta tanks.

  14. How to balance wheelies – Remove that aim assist, increase aim time a tiny bit, increase dispersion a tiny bit – done. Tank will still do it’s job really well but won’t so cancerous for everyone else.

  15. So nice of you to show people how OP the 279 is, and to really prove your point you play it almost exclusively. You are my champion. What bothers me though is why did you wait for the better players to grind through ranked on the first week and instead dunk the 45-50 % players in their tech tree tanks with your op 279 on the second week? Did you not want your viewers see you get rekt by actually good players?

  16. Thought the max spotting distance in this game was 445m

  17. I think most people cry about wheeled vehicles just because they don’t have tracks. That’s it.

  18. Premium rounds in ranked battle? When is it otherwise best used? Seems a no brainer and an expectation.

  19. How to win WOT? Uninstall

  20. anyone else noticed hole in QuickyBaby’s shirt

  21. playing ranked for the first time and i am a 47% win rate player. So far i am having a blast. I am not playing to get to 1st division just to get enough bonds and so far have managed to reach rank 6 in 3rd division. Playing exclusively with kranvagn and bat chat and being free to play means no gold round for me….

  22. damn how come there’s NO Chieftain cuz I see at least 4 in total every time

  23. Doesn’t even matter if an EBR gets spotted, it’s hard to even hit that thing even if you do hit it hahaha wheels just absorb the shells like magiccccc

  24. I got to see this one on the stream a couple days ago and boy was quicky baby salty.

  25. It took me 14 minutes to find out that the middle of QuickyBaby’s shirt is see through 😛

  26. damn shots fired

  27. Ya I dislike ranked

  28. “IS-7 with binoculars” wait WHAT?!

  29. WG really is poisoning its own game xD.

  30. If something changes the meta THATS a good thing. Idk bout anyone else but games get extremely boring if they play out the same over and over again

  31. Paying to win if you use gold ammo or other “premium” stuff tbh.

    • Maybe in 2011 when those were only available with gold. The game has chanced since then and now they are only purchasable with credits. Not P2W at all.

  32. im mostly play the 279 e, and you know the reason
    all the players : its op

  33. P(l)aying to win…?

  34. Gold noob battles. Yay! Looks like I won’t be returning to the game. Happy not to return. But still enjoy still watching QB.

  35. Søren Roskjær Sørensen

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong;

    doesn’t the camo values “fluctuate” depending on which side you are showing the enemy (front, side, or back)? So the enemy IS7 is, in this situation, able to spot you because you are showing him your back (which has the lowest camo-value)?

    Is it different with scouts? Have I completely misunderstood how the camo works on tanks?

    • I think you have. There are 4 camo values:
      Stationary after firing
      Moving after firing.

      Then there are modifiers to these values like crew skills, camo nets and bushes.

  36. I wish they would make a deathmatch mode already. Frontline’s is as close to death match you can get right now. People get far too worked up in last team standing.

  37. 2:40 What Obj. 279e? lol

  38. More insights on how to play different classes in different situations in both random and ranked games, please. This was a great start on that approach!

  39. i still remember when all oir light tanks are destroyed but enemy light atill alive. were all heavy tank and we got flank by light tanks then we got reck

  40. 02:35 , obj 268 and not obj 279e

  41. How can we win a game,when a teams full of idiots and morons from poland,cz and hungaria???

  42. these shits just absord dmg very stupid ways.

  43. Oh so it’s OK to whiz around a map at 90kph in an over powered OP french light but how dare an arty splash damage you!!! ffs get real.

  44. There is a “L” to much in the title.

  45. I was watching your stream after having seen this video yesterday, and to be honest, I was rather disappointed by your attitude. Yes, the chieftains are op, but much more so is your obj. 279e. If you are complaining about the chieftains, then you should at least not play your 279e, which is by far worse than any chieftain. and except for some cases of abuse and cheating in clanwars-campaigns, no, the chieftain is not a pay2win tank as you stated in the stream… just take it easy, after all its just a game, also in ranked battles. 🙂

  46. This tank should have -10 m of view range, and then it wouldn’t be able to get to the maximum of 445m. That would still give the current light tanks SOME advantage over these.

  47. I was amongst the first 100 guys completing the ranked even though I didnt have chieftain or 279 so thats just a bad excuse why you didnt get to gold league last season

  48. Best thumbnail yet boomer 😉

  49. I disagree. The 105mm pen of the HE shells of this tank should go down. Even HE classes like SPG or like TD’s don’t have this amount of HE pen (except the Death Star) ..and they have big caliber guns. Why is this tank op and will stay op? Cuz it’s superb in every aspect. Fast reloading, fast aim-time, fast moving & turning speed, camming etc.. this tank is good in everything.. so yeah. It needs to be nerfed in some way. Thats also why there is ALWAYS at least 1 of these in battle. People these days prefer to play this tank over others.
    P.S. Sorry, but if people call the SPG’s “cancer” ,then this tank needs to be even bigger cancer.

  50. Best changes to ranked battles:
    Decrease spg amount to 1, or best 0. Or alternatively decrease exp they gain from stuns.
    2. Allow players to take max half gold of ammo loadout
    3. Dont make players play worthless 20 battles, that give you nothing (except ofc free 1m credits lul). Previous system was better tbh.

    Also this is just sad, that when you Q into battle you see more retards queuing to play SPGs, then HTs and MTs combined… WG fix…

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