Playing War Thunder AFK (War Thunder)

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Phellas in the vid!
In a more sensual way 🙂



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  2. “If you guys haven’t heard of the internet” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 yes i think we’ve all heard of the internet

  3. Waiter, waiter. I say, waiter there’s a phly in my soup. “Ahem, yes sir, how can you tell?” Well it’s obvious isn’t it? There he is, swimming around there with five thousand upvotes already.

  4. Phly you perv! Stop looking at skirts!

  5. Wait a minute he is on american servers and he uses incognito

  6. Phly video request with a 4 man squad, carpet bombing with the b29 so I imagine 3 of you guys fly the b29 and 1 guy on the ground, so the way you do this since they added that new squadron mark thing is that the guy on the ground marks enemies the the 3 guys on the air unleash their bomb load #1

  7. wtf is this internet thing,anyone using it ?!?!?

  8. Moar snowrunner nau

  9. Juan Miguel Pascual

    Ah yes Girls Und Panzer in Tokyo Japan. Except when I got access to Japanese Wifi in Japan when I was having vacation there, there was no English subtitles.

  10. Should have offered protection years ago. I now have 3 kids..Thanks Express

  11. Alright im out because i dont have those save thing

  12. you got bully!!!!

  13. Hey phly I would like to see you use the premium Thach’s F3F with its 100 ld bombs in ground battles at 7.0 or higher. I’ve done it it so you should be able to as well and even though it was a challenge that was the most fun I have had in high tier.

  14. mandame tu cuenta para mandarte una feria

  15. I dont know if i aprove this low tier seal clubbin

  16. Megatronic48_Gaming YT

    I see you brought the god of Midway SBD-3

  17. Phly watch parasyte it’s a great anime

  18. 0:57 has anyone noticed girls und panzer on the screen ?

  19. grinding forgood

    Could you play Seafury’s new rocket? I find it hard to aim.

  20. AussieAussie Aussie

    lol… “pilot was dead a little bit” lmao

  21. Isnt that the Mumbo Jumbo AFK song?

  22. You use an apple computer. I am disappointed.

  23. Thank you Phloppy, I had never heard of the internet! I will try it out.

  24. 1:16 NUT

  25. Phly: yeyeyeyeyeeyeyeyeyeyyeye

  26. Gets a minus from me. Phly does Phly, others do co-op. And much better. Nice edit though.

  27. Wait Phly runs war thunder on a Mac?! I didn’t know they can do that

  28. Phly actually played low tier vehicles

  29. Holy shit Phly, when you said you were on watch Mojo at 2:33 am, I was watching this video and you said that at EXACTLY 2:33 am for me! Are you a wizard?

  30. Yes we got the reaction video let’s gooo

  31. just whenyouthought

    About THE most boring game I think I’ve played. Every time I try it I play a few then switch it off. It’s always just more of the same, different vehicles do the same thing, in the same positions on the same maps. That’s without those that one shot your KV 1 with a 50 cal from 1k away.

  32. Phly you should play the t34 57 attempt #2

  33. I’m glad I’m not the only one with desync issues. Its getting old

  34. hey phly, can you play the chinese baby t-55, the type-62?

  35. This video is basically Weekend at Bernie’s: War Thunder Edition.

  36. Thanks for playing the sbd next time i wanna see bombs its so fun

  37. Can you make a new video using the spitfire again

  38. VPN Slogan Opportunity: Phly Safe Online

  39. Man I am a viewer from the first time.
    I will unsubscribe cause your videos suck.
    All those advertising and fake fun …man shame on u!

  40. Phly with VPN on: Surfing Anime in Netflix

    Me: Ah… I see you’re a man of Culture as well…

    Great video… Keep up the good work…stay safe… have a good day…

  41. Wait Phly’s netflix has only anime on it? Is he?. A weeb?

  42. Ayo!

  43. The Internet is a great place to find Rule 34 interpretations of our Lord and Savior La Phlee.

  44. Honestly, I didn’t think the dauntless could get any more fun; then I started bomb bouncing in war thunder naval.

  45. Blending in with the trees at 2000 meters high in the sky 🤔

  46. Hey Phly could you make a Whirlwind video?

  47. night war gaming

    phly you have only done one serious video on the legendary typhoon it has the ability to .5 second burst most planes at its rank with mixed battle capabilities too.

  48. 16:19 АБСОЛЮТЛИ!
    Tovarisch Kuricin
    Zbaziba za sluzhbu

  49. It is not an youtube video without Odd crashing his plane

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