Playing War Thunder but the enemy has their monitors off (T25)

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  1. 12:46 that fire looks clean af

  2. I just unlocked this ‘ol girl today! I’m really digging the music today too.

  3. I swear Phly, if you get the m36 an increased BR.

  4. Still 6.3, now it’s just a m26 without the armor, i don’t know why they put a stabilizer just to remove it after, at this point don’t add it at all

  5. brenden crawford

    -Phly playing ground RB, all is good enemies are blind.
    -Me, moves from cover & gets one tapped by cheeky vodka fueled Russian tanks from across the map

  6. phly ya need to play some type62 , actually a dirty tank fr

  7. Is it worth getting the Bradley?

  8. Attempt 425: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  9. @5:00 Why did you not at least decap????

  10. Day 1: Phly, somehow recreate the tiger scene from Saving Private Ryan

  11. Day 3: T90A has UNLIMITED APSS

  12. Day 343: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  13. Baby Pershing

  14. Wilson3000 is the best war Thunder player I have seen.

  15. Goody ahh T25

  16. So bots can have premium tanks?

  17. I like the music selection for the first battle.

  18. T25 without the stabilizer is a piece of junk at 6.3 especially when compares to other vehicles at 6.3

  19. The thumbnails keep getting more and more cursed.

  20. Epic gamer 1011

    Day 6

  21. You should definitely try a combo with the Chi-He (5th Regiment) and the B6N1. I have so much fun with this combo. The Chi He is amazing at 2.7 and the B6N1 is a really good bomber at 1.7 with an 800kg bomb. The Chi He can pen almost anything at 2.7 and the B6N1 can outrun most planes at that BR as well.

  22. ant love FOREVER

    How do you spot enemies I can’t figure it out on Xbox

  23. Phly played so many hours in WT that he makes up new tanks ” M18S100SU “. 13:35

  24. The first match is just.. How? Lol

  25. Squangle Dangle

    phly whats the lowest br mbt with a honkin secondary for taking down planes i wanna 20 mil sooo bad!

  26. back in the day this tank was quite something… and together with the fact Germany hadn’t have leopards at 2.7 or was a pleasure

  27. Calvin Schaanick

    What was the name of that song in game #1?

  28. Day 116 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground

  29. Day 279: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  30. Wow great spawncamping in a full downtier gameplay very entertaining

  31. best video is no music..

  32. 4:43 “I could be an absolute assh*le right now.”
    Also, there is some players who gets a fast tank and rushes enemy spawn asap, finds a good spot behind enemy spawn (so spawn radar won’t work) and kill everyone. It is so cringe mate. The move you did is nothing compared to them.

  33. 6:54 fuck day shit I”m out

  34. “There really is no point to play this…” Mostly be cause Germany suffers…and Russia just can’t pen it….not. I swear if the Russian/German tech trees get any more E-Z mode….frikkin done with the game. I you’re facing a combined Germ/Russ team and they DON’T rofl-stomp you it’s because they’re GIVING you the match through either outright stupidity or inexperience.

  35. Anybody!!! Is AMOS or any mortar systems in the game and wud you play those??

  36. woah.. people still play this game.. and it appears they still put up with the unbalance lol good on them

  37. I don’t mind this tank. Would I like it a lower br? Sure. Is it wrong to be higher br them the m36? No I don’t think so. Firstly tank destroyers of similar forepowrr are often lower br to make them more feared tank killers. As for the t25 (from memory) it is more agile then the m36 in combat, with better overall usability like turret response etc. At least that’s my experience using it again just a couple months ago and playing the m36 a fair bit recently in the American and Chinese trees.

  38. whats the backroundsong on 3:36 . this cowboy song ?

  39. Ethan Robinette

    Do m163 anti air and a-10a combo

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