PLAYING WITH MY WIFE! QuickyBaby Best Moments #7

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


  1. Hope you all enjoy a few games with Tanya! Have a great weekend everyone – lots of love!

  2. Christopher Johnson

    I love this clips 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. José F. Martín

    2:30 LOL

  4. you know, naming the video this way might make people think you’ve unvoluntarily uploaded the wrong, private one..

  5. you two need to play more together that was funny

  6. Best moment? I like em all!

  7. 02:38
    QB:”You’ve been here for five minutes”

  8. I had a feeling quicky would tap his temple/forehead with his finger after the right guess on the map on 7:34 and I WAS RIGHT TOO!

  9. I’d pay for a replay commented by a marmite-covered Quickybaby

  10. Only polish people can speak polish words, POLSKA NAJLEPSZA

  11. This was a very good one!

  12. Well you married up didn’t you.

  13. Glorious T92 shot was missing! But still awesome video!

  14. Any on-the-move shots on an EBR are great but an on-the-move ammo rack is something truly special

  15. i stoped playing wot about 2 years ago but i still watch some of your videos to remind me of the good old times of hate and cry 😀

  16. Five Four bravo and Little Bravo

    One of your Best Videoes. Play some more with your wife that was fun

  17. Peppidyyyy moments were best 😀

  18. 4:43 Hahahaha ok that was beyond great 😀 The reaction lol 😛 and also… that assumption about “Super Hellcat” (^^)

  19. Marmite on toast, topped with cottage cheese. Bliss. Don’t know a kiwi that does not enjoy marmite.

  20. Faw moment? When your wife pointed out that you are spooning TOG2🤣😂 MARRIAGE BURN🔥

  21. ДА, ТОВАРИЩ!

  22. lovely couple quickbaby . have a happy life for both of u . greeting from afg

  23. Karsten Kozak Sørensen

    Best moment was when your wife Tanya taunting you 😛 Quickie baby

  24. *Marmite, you either love it or hate it*

  25. Tanya is awesome

  26. Преслав Кирилов

    Only pewdiepie are worst than your wife

  27. Jonathan Downing

    Loved the play with your wife. Absolutely hilarious. Keep up the terrible content 😉

  28. *playing with my wife* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. Magsipoc Ricky Laurence

    Living the dream to play with his wife❤

  30. you lucky bastard <3

  31. That was a good laugh! Thank you both!

  32. Cromwell goes 404 not found.

  33. Brilliant!!

  34. You are both so cute, while playing together 😀 <3

  35. The title is different when you’re in bed

  36. Rikard Johansen

    game is so totally broken, so ridicules retarded to play…

  37. 3:31 what they see when you’re shorter than your wife while playing together

  38. Top #50 in trending gaming videos. Impressive Mr.Quackybaby.

  39. Paweł Chmielowiec

    “Hold on, Where is right ?”

  40. ammoracking the EBR while on the move is just pure euphoria

  41. Hakan DOKAZOĞLU

    I didn’t know you used it, I thought it was a real image.i am suprized 😀

  42. Hakan DOKAZOĞLU

    i like it man amazing video 😀

  43. The 268 ammo rack on the move was pretty dope

  44. Tbh, M12 is the most inaccurate arty Ive ever played. Even the russian big guns hit more than this sneaky lil t7 american.

  45. Best one yet. Keep them coming!

  46. Omg Im crying! 😂😂😂😂

  47. Mind blown didn’t know that was a green screen 😂, thought it was just a strangely light room.

  48. Tanya! She IS the best!

  49. I love watching games with Tanya. they are o much fun

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