Playing World of Tanks with ONLY your eyes!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m using some awesome equipment from the charity Special Effect, who people with disabilities to enjoy , World of Tanks with just my eyes!

Special Effect Website:

2015 Charity Fundraiser:

I’m an official G2A partner, get the latest games at the best prices!

Find out more about me and our community on the official forums: ►


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Jeez Quicky, clean your room!

  2. The “flashing” of the Tobii is using IR light, as to detect your pupils
    effectively. Hence, there might be issues if you have glasses or lenses
    (reflections), but I suspect that Tobii has that covered.

  3. Am I the only one that noticed QuickyBaby isn’t using Windows 10?

  4. Imagine that in the future will we be able to play games using our mind…
    oh man

  5. Blinked to death.

  6. Sweet

  7. nerf!!!!!…. this system is too good for ppl who master it….. P.S: QB is
    a noob at this try looking at videos with ppl who have mastered this
    art…. if they come to WoT we screwed

  8. you can use this to play Osu!

  9. tobi uses infrared to catch eye movement. CCD camera is IR sensitive that’s
    why u get flashes

  10. Nice to see helping such people but, personally … Please do not encourage
    people to play with this… We have enough players with probably far worst
    issues than not being able to play with hands.. But please for love of God
    do not let people play like this ! I mean if you really want.. than dunno
    maybe call WG to try cooperate and maybe create special rooms or server for
    such players but no.. Do not let them play. We have full servers with other
    disorders no need for people with no hands… ( no hate towards them but
    seriously , just imagine with all those 4:15 games and add a few dozens
    players playing with this equipment.. It would just add a few more red
    possibly orange players since I can not imagine how someone could possibly
    manage be competitive against players using mouse and keyboard) Again no
    hate but it is just not competitive enough against fast games such as WoT
    or anything… This could be good for other games but not MMO shooters…
    Maybe in next 50 years.. But till then.. Give us a break from tomatoes…

  11. “I’m going to ram you in the center of the room…” Quickybaby 2016.

    Well said sir, well said

  12. SO i need help man, been browsing for hours now and cant find a solution to
    my problem.
    1. i mainly play on NA server, but activity dropped so much i made an
    account on EU. so i followed the steps and i had to DL and install and
    update the launcher again ( EU purposes?? ) well i did this…now i can
    only play EU and cant access my NA again…
    i did however rename the install to WoT_EU but now thats the only launcher
    on pc…which is weird as i carefully checked…

    2. is there a way to switch between the realms/servers via the launcher?
    did i do something wrong??

    Pls Pls Pls help a fellow tanker bro out!!

  13. i thought of a great idea…
    buy two PC… one a normal and the other with the equipment earlier…
    normal pc drives LT, while the other drives spg….

  14. this one’s great for spg such as spg….

    add some additional function to that equipment such as voice command and
    other, maybe a face gesture perhaps, and it would be like “look, no

  15. so instead of clickers we can have blinkers now 😀

    jk i think your doing a great job qb!

  16. I could imagine this and voice-command software to be incredible

  17. “Peppy i am gona ram you”- i once tryed to ram my wife too
    … didn’t ended well….

  18. So many inappropriate comments….. Must resist urge to say……

  19. QB, what you know about anti-hack wargaming system?
    I wonder if that equipment could be taken as cheats by mistake.

  20. That is amazing!!!! Technology FTW this is awesome that there is a way for
    those with disabilities can atleast be able to play not to mention have the
    ability to use a computer. Imagine the joy of even the smallest amount of
    independence this provides to people that depend on others for so much.
    Well done to the people that made this product and cheers to you QB for
    showcasing it.

  21. Nice to see, where our donations go. They do some amazing work. However I
    must admit that I am very happy that I can use my keyboard and mouse. It
    looks very difficult to play with your eyes only.

  22. This brings literal meaning to eye power

  23. Even if they forced artillery users to utilize that system, I’m sure ppl
    camping would still complain about artillery lol XD

  24. Voice command functionality sounds freaking amazing!

  25. I seem to have some kind of mental disorder. When I watch this it hurts my
    fingers and wrist. They actually tense up at the sight of this. Huh…

  26. was that an alienware 13 or 14?

  27. I can add one character to your name and make it creepy as fuck.

  28. Can u do More of these?

  29. Wonderful for handicap players…Unfortunately, we have many who still have
    total function of their arms

  30. Its nice that stuff like this is being developed. but this thing is useless
    at this point, needs more time.

  31. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    my eyes hurts just by watching. the technology is very tiring for my eyes
    but i’ve got to say this is a wonder for the disabled players so a big
    thumbs up for the program and technology it uses

  32. Who is pepitty?

  33. I looked at the title and squinted.

  34. Indranil Muikherjee

    Omg even qb’s are better than my fingers.I should stop playing WOT now.

  35. Hey Quicky, If you ever get a chance to interview somebody who plays WOT
    with their eyes, I would love to see you share that.

  36. I feel sorry for anyone who uses this and plays wot trying to be

  37. i think is hard only eye

  38. if any body is looking for controller support to play world of tanks i have
    a video with add key commands .

  39. Those blinkers have one great weakness… Guess who is wheeping ? :)

  40. birth of QuickyBlinks or QuickyEyes?

  41. What if someone dont have head?

  42. This would be bad for people playing drunk

  43. Its good to have some fun but to be competitive you need to aim with your
    eyes and give commands with your voice. Basically replace keyboard with
    voice and mouse with eyes.

  44. Martin Thor Scheppel

    People who are going to use this device should be in their own servers
    because it will only be fair! M&K is incomparable gameplay when it meets
    this device. Just saying that it would not be fair to the people who use

  45. aiming should be on screen, not on buttons.

  46. “peppidy I’m going to ram you in the centre..” great vid xD

  47. Play arty AKA most skill based class in the game Kappa Totally not RNG
    based kek

  48. As a Quadriplegic I use a track ball and voice commands. There’s a 1sec
    delay though in voice command to actions

  49. Eyes are cool but full facial expressions could make is a lot better. so
    you don’t have to turn back and forth through all those buttons

  50. Fantastic system that has many uses beyond tanking….Thanks for sharing it
    with us.

  51. Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

    The idea is somewhat interesting, but it is not likely to be anything more
    than a gimmick. It would be far too disorienting if you play a fast paced
    game requiring alot of APM and it is not precise enough. Mouse and keyboard
    also allow you to keep looking at the entire screen when playing, which
    gives more situational awareness than when your eyes are forced to some
    corner of the screen to input commands.

  52. my trackpad is jealous :|

  53. Quickybaby that flashing light of the “tobi” is Infrared light humans cant
    see it but cameras do see it. :D

  54. Sooo this software is amazing, early days clearly, but still I’m so happy
    that people with disabilities can now have the chance to play games we all
    enjoy. But let’s keep those people off World of Tanks eh? The salty
    playerbase of such a free to play game is rarely a good testing ground for
    such a rudimentary experiment.

  55. alot respect to ppl who made that… thats good at many things not just

  56. Worst game you could have shown this, try it on wt or Arma 3 some kind of
    fps, on wt you can just fly with ur eyes and actualy it works realy good,
    works in total darknes too, it is rly good for just around 80+eu.

  57. Dat thumbnail though

  58. Yeaaahh… Quickeyes! (Probaly if they get more exp…)

  59. it can’t do Micro-control… Maybe can use low tie battle,but hight battle
    still need Mouse+keybroad, and it have big big problem:” U only have two
    eyes!! “

  60. Will you ever get into WoT Blitz? I saw some months back that you had the
    game opened on your phone.

  61. Voice Attack is cheaper and easier if you can use the mouse, its only $8.
    I’m disabled and its a good option for those with hand disabilities.

  62. asianboywonder2312

    Now that’s one way to eyeball it.

  63. The Gaming Brothers HD


  64. The player who use these are probably better then your average WOT player

  65. Seratha Evistille

    ‘I’m going to ram you in the centre of the room, Are you ready? She’s like,
    ‘Yes yes yes!” Oh gosh, I did not expect to hear this. XD

  66. qb i need to know if the INTEL I3 SFF CONFIGURATOR is a good pc to play on

  67. That’s really cool the stuff that you got to test and that you help such
    organizations. Keep it up! ?

  68. So this is why so many people can’t play this game, i’m sorry, i didn’t
    realize you all where playing with your eyes lol jk

  69. Its nice because when most normal people play they dont blink much. And
    thats why they get aye problems so what i mean is that this way of playing
    is better for you than the mouse and keybord :).

  70. so now i can play arty with no hands WOOOOOOT

  71. So would it be wrong to call someone using this device a “tomato”?

  72. TucsokProductions

    QuickyEyes :D

  73. Am i the only to notice he said “attached to the monitor using a magnet”

  74. Rather neat system. With the voice commands, I think it would work well.

    I have some difficulty with my hands, especially the right hand. I am not
    able to get my hands working well enough to do things like use the in-game
    auto-chat system or change ammunition without a good deal of planning. I
    use voice attack, a popular system for games to supplement my problems.
    Works well. I get to yell at the loader, haha. Also I just say a chat
    command and it pops up. I have not worked out how to tell my crew to put
    out a fire yet though. I have to work more on that.

  75. The future is now!

  76. Voice commands sound gr8 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)KURWA KURWA BLIJAD SUCKA IDI NA KHUY!
    yes gr8 idea 😀 DAVAY DAVAY

  77. Awesome program for the handicap.

  78. New channel name: QuickyEyes :D

  79. Very cool thanks for sharing

  80. this is fucking stupid

  81. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

    Fake QB was playing with his toes..

  82. 12:10… Is that a crisp?

  83. This is amazing

  84. Ooops.. Sorry for the TK.. I blinked

  85. I guess qb has very piercing eyes

  86. I guess qb has very piercing eyes

  87. It must use infrared. The CCD chip of a digital camera picks it up. Pro tip
    to check remote controls if you think the battery might be be dead, point
    the remote at a digital camera and push a button on the remote. You’ll see
    the IR transmitter light up on the camera’s screen/viewfinder :)

  88. How is noone mentioning anything about the end? Everyone closed vid before

  89. Couldnt they add like a track IR type face tracking system to this? That
    was they just have to look up, right, left, down to move turrent etc?

  90. This explains 85% of WoT players, they all must be playing with this kit
    and just there eyes, or maybe just one eye.

  91. Doesn’t QB have to change his name to QuickEyes since he’s using only his

  92. nice system but it does still need tweeking i am with you in believing this
    system has great potential thank you for showing it.

  93. I think this system looks fairly cumbersome but I can see how it might be
    applied in the future for people with limited mobility. I think however, It
    could be vastly improved with a few minor changes. Such as using the
    Tobii’s built in tracking for camera movement instead of those buttons and
    having the WASD, Aim, Fire and 123456 all overlayed on top of the existing
    game UI. Perhaps, even have the assisted UI track the game’s reticle.

  94. This is really cool. I am sure it would be more effective with practice and
    setting it up, also looks like the software could develop over time and
    improve as well.

  95. “These are your teammates”

  96. So, wargaming: Here you have a suggestion how to nerf the arty. Just force
    every player to use such a device…

  97. … Arty yet again so hard to play that it can be done with your eyes,
    balanced bro.

  98. that flashing is infrared light, which our eye cant see but cameras can.

  99. QB why don t you Show the Alienware on the Notebook You censored

  100. It’s IR Lights as cameras can see IR

  101. Jobdecoolegozer hazendonk

    i see unity on your home page, do you make your own games? and are you
    planning on vids?

  102. Very soon, clickers won’t be clickers anymore o.o

  103. So will you rename now to QuickEyes ;)? I have been thinking…how many
    persons we eagerly have branded as noobs in the game were actually people,
    trying to be competitive with such software…

  104. Mark van Zelderen

    I think it’s lovely that you try to help people with disabilities to play
    videogames. I might have something that you should try out that might
    really help! You should try to let the device read where your eyes are at
    the screen (regular world of tanks screen) and once you nod, it will move
    your cursor towards were you were looking at. Might be a better and faster
    system with looking around the screen than pressing cursormoving-buttons
    all day ;D. It might not be super accurate but neither does is system. It
    also provides faster controls which fits this game really well. I wish you
    all good luck and I really respect and admire what you are doing!!

  105. I know one person who would be happy to have that set.

  106. jessica gentilucci

    Isn’t having a magnet so close to the screen going to damage your screen?

  107. Tom Wrathall-Elder

    this is brilliant. Bet it would make some people very happy to be able to
    play games. Great Job!

  108. 3:30 I belive you dont need hands for that.

  109. name shud be changed to quikyeyes

  110. SuperstarMcAwesomeville

    Should it not be possible to aim by looking at the target? Then say “Fire”?

  111. 3:27 wow quickybaby doesnt beat around the bush does he ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  112. who wouldn’t ram peppy?

  113. lack of use of fingers !!!!!

  114. he looks so blazed xD

  115. Artillery doesn’t even need hands anymore, my god…

  116. Just awesome

  117. Jan-Willem Jansen

    QB its 2016 and because everybody has plans to make their life better #be a
    nicer guy etc you should do another good guy vid?

  118. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Better change name to Quick Eyes :P

  119. the reason it is blinking on the camera and not when you look at it with
    you eyes is because the lights are infrared and humans can’t see infrared
    but it shows up on cameras. Try pointing the camera at the infrared LED on
    you TV remote, it blinks!

  120. Now arty players dont need any hands! It used to be one, all their problems
    are solved now!

  121. 12:18 dat laugh

  122. I must ask what laptop do you have?

  123. Quickeyes LOL :)

  124. Your going to ram her in the middle of the room? >//<

  125. Combining this with TrackIR would be much easier to use. The mouse
    movements could be tracked with head rotation, etc and the eyes would do
    keyboard commads. Using voice commands for chat would be nice too.

  126. The blinking stuff is infrared. Some cameras have a filter that blocks IR,
    apparently yours doesn’t. That also means if you have a TV remote or
    something similar, you may be able to see a light when you point it at the
    camera’s lens.

  127. Really cool :)

  128. The Reason it dose that, A cramera Dose 25 Frames a Second where Person
    eye. Auto Aim Will Make this sysatem Great. Thank showing this system

  129. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who found the thumbnail scary xD

  130. Can you be just as competitive whit a normal tank in any possible way?

  131. monkeystandoffsucks

    Arty needs another nerf

  132. what is that headset? does anyone know?

  133. Meatballs for life

    Quickybaby now has a killer stare

  134. Charles Lawrence III

    Voice commands would definitely make the system far more responsive

  135. This is really cool, but some online games (looking at you wo warcraft)
    that can detect the use of programs that sit between the user and replicate
    key presses , world of war craft even warned players that use such
    keyboards like the g15 and the even their own branded MMO mouse could be
    deemed as using third party programs and could issue bans . wonder what
    wargaming stance on this would be? would an anti cheat system unfairly ban
    someone when it sees inputs coming from a program and treat it like a
    hack/macro program ..
    would love to see what different developers say about it…

  136. Simple WoT Blitz Replays

    ( sorry for my bad russia)

  137. Maybe this is why my teams are always filled with tomatoes :^

  138. That is awesome!!!!!

  139. it’s great that gaming is finally helping create things like this!

  140. Is it just my device that makes every one of QB’s video’s audio
    horrifically offset?

  141. This system seems a lot of fun 🙂
    I watched Peppy streaming today and it was a lot of fun. Please calm her,
    that what she did was pure excellence, and please tell her that she is not
    a bad player (she seemed very upset because of some mean viewers 🙁 ). She
    will definetely become a Supermegaunicorn someday. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary :)

  142. Alexander Krikorian

    So now arty doesn’t even have to use 1 hand anymore lol, they can have a
    full fork and knife dinner whilst clicking away :P

  143. Arty so easy and broken you can play with your eyes.

  144. “Peppedy I’m going to ram you in the center of the foom.” ????????

  145. ya know, this can work for people who have disabilities like epilepsy,
    granted it’s not a good idea, but if someone is disabled but wants to play
    a video game that involves movement of the hands, they could use this
    technology to play

  146. Hmm. Interesting way to play a game XD. And I thought playing with no sound
    was tricky lol

  147. the flashing lights are probably infra red lamps, becaus the waves are
    changes by the camera you can see it

  148. 1:38 It’s probably infrared light; human eyes don’t pick it up, but cameras
    do. Also infrared is frequently used in technology like sensors and TV
    remotes and such.

    And the blinking is due to Alternating Current; it’s too quick for our eyes
    to catch, but with right camera type or conditions you can catch it.

  149. lol instead of quickfingers, QuickEyes

  150. Scribe “Jack” Hammar

    The targeting isn’t much different from the console version

  151. coming up on my 24th year confined to a wheelchair and video games are the
    only thing that has kept me sane through it

  152. I can just imagine that all arty players have been using this for years! xD

  153. Does the screen recording thing that you use QB cost anything?

  154. what if u have to blink…

  155. crueldarknight123

    Quickeyes sounds like a pedophiles nickname.

  156. need to use the eye movement for mouse only and vocal commands for movment
    and firing – maybe a foot peddle lol or some other switch u could faceroll

  157. next video: how to kill Maus

  158. João Francisco Marques

    It is slow, but we need to understand that it is in progress and to be
    honest for those who can´t play with their hands, please invest on this
    sistem, please quickybaby, you can do this!

  159. QB is causing damage with his arty using his eyes…
    I can’t hit shit with my arty even tho I’m using my hand…

  160. Carlos Valenzuela

    this explains how my teammates play xd (no chistmast present for me D: )

  161. I guess we can also say QuickyEyes now;)

  162. did they need the TOG? I remember me doing around 200dmg with one shot now
    I’m doing 188 with one shot did they nerf it?

  163. WG should make an only deseabled players league or tournment a bit like
    paralympic games.

  164. hi Qb. i really like how you’ve changed up the content in the last weeks ,
    it makes it way more fun to watch you (altough it was fun already) play
    world of tanks! keep it up .

  165. snake eyes mother fuckas!

  166. I bet you could use this and STILL get better stats than 42% and 600 WN8.
    How do tomatoes get that bad?

  167. Quickybaby continues to ram Peppity in the center of the room

    *YES* *YES* *YES*

  168. +QuickyBabyTV good job QB!!! I like the system to help disabled people also
    experience a little of what we take for granted every day…just to be able
    to TOUCH a keyboard and mouse….damn! also, we like the blooper at the
    end!!! need more….

  169. it’d be nice to add voice command, it would certainly feel more immersive
    as well, telling your gunner to fire and your driver to move

  170. so instead of clicked should we say blinked?

  171. Video cameras pick up more wave lengths of light, thus you can see the
    inferred light

  172. Gerrit van Loenen

    Great video dude…. Thnxs…. But I think even the disabled play with a
    headset…. So why not put a sensor on the top of the headset to control
    the movement of the tank or it’s gun by simply turning your head to the
    direction you want to move or shoot?? .. You can still use your eyes for
    the rest of the commands you want to give…

  173. Now people can literally one hit kill you in arty without even moving
    themselves… Like they needed to before, but anyway…

  174. “Peppedy Im going to ram you in the middle of the room”….

  175. That is cool

  176. How much is this equipment?

  177. If the system could actually differentiate between your left and right eye
    blinking, you could even set up left and right mouse buttons. And it would
    be cool if you could direct your cursor simply by looking somewhere on the
    screen, because to me it seems like the biggest problem for now is not
    being able to look at the game while aiming.

  178. This is pretty cool

  179. Illegal Giraffe Fighting 1

    QuickyBaby, the camera shows the 2 lights because these are infrared
    lights. these lights are out of our visible spectrum, however your camera
    can capture these lights. Higher quality cameras filter this out. The more
    you know

  180. LazyBaby;)


    they could do voice comands asswell

  182. This is so cool!

  183. When the wife wiggles her butt at you, the last thing to do is ignore it :)

  184. how your game like hd3d you are playing on xbox or compUter ??????? pleas
    tell me :)

  185. I’d love to see this system fully optimised, it looks like it could be a
    amazing :D

  186. For those who don’t know this, the blinking lights on laptop are giving out
    ultraviolet rays which humans can’t see but cameras can.

  187. Martynas Paulavičius

    QB this is feeling of red players -_-

  188. Would it be able to make it aim where you look on the screen i feel like
    that would make aiming alot easyier and maybe right blink for fire idk

  189. Ok, you have my attention, +QuickyBaby. Look me up in Google. You
    definitely have something I could use!

  190. J Quiznos (HeatGuy)

    This is some cool shit. I’m sure with enough practice, it’s smooth AF.

  191. +QuickyBabyTV try VoiceAttack voice commands, I use it in Elite Dangerous
    and it is lovely

    and for autoaim -> snapping autoaim mod, simple as that

  192. Perhaps if the user has the motor skills to be able to move their head, and
    wink with both eyes, there should be an option for these motor skills to be
    implemented into the software. For example; Mapping winking your left eye
    to traverse your hull (or turret depending on the preference of the user)
    left until you stop winking with your left eye, and vise versa. Or tracking
    the head movements of the user to traverse the hull or turret. Still
    though, very handy piece of tech. Makes sure less people are left out.

  193. Amazing system! I am stydying to be a practical nurse but im also really
    interested at these types of technologies! :)

  194. I guess it is blinking because the camera sees some infrared frequencies
    that are translated to some sort of color

  195. Awesome equipment

  196. I remember playing with old vet, I met in random and platoon up with, who
    had one arm, yes he played arty and he enjoyed it

  197. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    plays arty> clickfingers
    uses eyes> blinkeyes. your new name. grats.

  198. Alexandre Allmeida

    You might have to change your name to QuickyEyes, mate.

  199. u this game is to layered for this system their are way to many variables
    and to much persision to be a play at any more than 50% skill

  200. tiger 2 please

  201. The camera can pick up the infrared spectrum 🙂 That’s the flashing.

  202. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    Why are you playing on your laptop and not your primary pc?

  203. This is super cool but personally it is really awkward for me to blink on
    demand whilst playing videogames… if that makes any sense. so I was
    thinking it would be a lot easier on the gamer if there were a voice
    command implemented alongside the eye sensor so you can say “click” (or
    whatever) to select the option youre looking at

  204. How easy is it to play arty? Well, now you don’t even need to use your

  205. How is this helping when people have eye problems they still going to see
    the gameplay


    review the tiger 2

  207. Yaay ! Now we can play while we re eating at the same time ?

  208. GREAT!!! Can’twait! Clicking the mouse all day was getting tiresome! SPG

  209. Does it detect winks? Can you left/right click with left/right wink?

  210. Magnets and laptops? Have we so unanimously rejected the magnetic hard
    drive that we’re now perfectly happy to design stuff to stick to our PCs
    with magnets? Ouch. Other than that, great idea!

  211. cameras do pick up ir

  212. I find that super cool for people without arms thx for this video QB :-)

  213. Totally cool …. 🙂
    why you see all the blinking it is infrared light it uses, it can all
    digital cameras see …
    You can try your remote control to light into the camera st you can see the
    infrared light.

  214. 30-40 years from now there wont be any keyboards or mouses ;p

  215. HAHHA “I don’t need mah fingers! I’ll PWN you noobs with mah eyes!!!

  216. I wonder if the eye tracking could be used to emulate mouse movement. Think
    trackIR by eye movement rather than head. I think electrodes on the brain
    have been used to move a curser as well. Man-machine interface is changing
    hugely in the near future, and things like this could push that

  217. instead of clicking huge bombs on people… you can blink on them

  218. Totally useless, but nice to watch.

  219. 6:00, dirty QB and his innuendos.

  220. xD and he played still better than my last team (i started a new tank line
    so it was tier 3-4-5 battle)

  221. Mr Trackpad?

  222. siberia steelseries is better

  223. SAO world is getting closer and closer :)

  224. QB can u try playing Fighting games on that ?. the 8 input u need

    and QB just need to blink to kill all :)

  225. 12:17 So, nobody is going to talk about that laugh?

  226. so tempting哈哈哈哈

  227. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    this is not cool,my first disslike u video

  228. My whole team always plays with only eyes.

  229. so let me get this right… QB looked at people and they died…

  230. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Well yeah, not realy that efficient^^. If u circle them they get Eye

  231. Steven Hawking gonna rip yo ass with that system!

  232. quicky with eyes=still better than some players with mouse and keyboard

  233. The flashes are the IR lights that cameras can pick up, our eyes can’t.

  234. “Look ma, no hands on the keyboard!”

  235. Better than nothing, but you’d have to be in a special league of your own.
    Not sure why you wouldn’t put the directional squares into a grid that
    overlapped a tank outline, making a larger square/rectangle so looking up
    means actually looking up on the model. Guess the predicted cursor is not
    so accurate that you can make the control squares small.

  236. “Peppy I’m going to ram you in the center of the room are you ready”

    oh god Xd

  237. best way to play with arty

  238. Zoutsteen from Holland

    A VR or tracking headset with 6D tracking might be easier used than eye
    blinks for this.
    The setup of an UI is so f-ing important that quite a few games make you
    feel crippled.

    A headset holder so you sit under it to place a VR or Tracking headset on
    your head might probably be smarter. (Considering who will be using this).

  239. Exploding Baconeer

    Still better skills than all russian players

  240. Just like a bot

  241. What kind of laptop is it?

  242. Christian Hostetler

    imagine going up against 15 of the poor souls on the other team with this
    system, 10k dpg easy!

  243. Funny thing I just recently had thoughts about playing world of tanks with
    a disability if I got in an accident. Thanks for supporting these guys.

  244. and the point of this was……….. Congrats QB!!!!You have affically lost
    about 1k subs or gained about 100k subs-_-

  245. I genuinely admire Special Effects for their work in helping the disabled
    to enjoy video games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to play but surely
    their efforts would be better spent elsewhere?

  246. Imagine to fire the gun of a Pz. I C.
    Dat blinking xD

  247. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    Ok, so now you have to spend 2.000 golds to change your nickname from
    Quickfingers to Quickpupils. XD

  248. Morale of that video : you don’t even need your hands to play arty

  249. This eye control setup could be good for disabled people. This is the only
    positive factor of this device.
    And the negatives? It is so slow and dumb for any kind of competitive
    games. Thats all.

    The WOT servers are already full of “play like a BOT” players and with this
    device it will be even worse.

  250. Hey QB i loved that! By the way which laptop are you using to play wot?

  251. Franplayz - Minecraft

    hahaha”I don’t need my quickfingers to Kill you noobs, I only use my eyes”

  252. Quickyeyes

  253. If only all artillery players were forced to play like this…

  254. wow

  255. what laptop is it ?? @quickybabytv

  256. Soooo… Some players may literally be retarded now?
    Damn, we gotta come up with a new nickname for bad players >:I

  257. why cant download world of tanks on playstation 4?

  258. stop playing man she wants the D

  259. idea is greath but i can imagine some ppl playin with just eyes , sadly
    couse they cannot play with hands , lucky for them still can enjoy the game
    …. hopefully WG could set that u play on that system couse off raports
    off bein bot …

  260. proof that you dont need skill to play arty or hands :/

  261. Need new name for artie clickers just won’t cut it anymore

  262. Could they invent a device for aiming, so it would see where you are
    looking and let the cursor be there. Would be better than using a mouse.
    Selecting could be done with a controller if one can do so. I know that the
    device he is using for people who cant rely on their hands to play the
    game. But still i would love something like this i think it would be faster
    than the 8400pi mouse i am using.

  263. I’d like to see Stephen Hawking play wot!

  264. Ha ha ha, the butt of Quickyeyes! :)

  265. try to play counter strike with eyes :D

  266. You would actually be able to be competitive if this software allowed you
    to hold one eye closed while controlling the mouse with the other. The
    farther from the center of the screen you’re looking, the faster the mouse
    moves in that direction.

  267. Cameras are able to catch infrared. You can try this by taking your
    smartphone and TV remote.

  268. “i don’t even need my quickfingers to pwn you noobs” -QB 2016

  269. 3:28 QuickyBaby, just because you CAN now, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. You’ll
    get banned on Twitch for doing that!

  270. 12:18 and that is how QB become clicker noob 😛 :)

  271. Toasty Roasty Man

    Hay QB, will you do a video about how to get your wife to play WOT? All
    mine does is compiain about the games shooting noises and says I play it
    too much. I usually play it when she’s taking a nap and the gun noises help
    cover up her intense and very loud zoo animal like snoring.

  272. And that’s how easy it is to play arty, so easy that you can use your eyes
    to ruin peoples day…………………..aaaaaaaaand any moment now arty
    players are gonna start cursing me

  273. Great work, keep it up!

  274. First time in wot im not going to be angry about an arty hit. If someone
    hit me with his eyes. I will make a deep bow for them 

  275. This gadget is all around YT recently, not really sure how I feel here

  276. min 06:06 wigle that butt, peppy!! <3

  277. rename you to quickeyes ?

  278. The flashing is because your camera can see in infrared as most cameras
    does whereas humans cannot.
    Next time you pass a CCTV camera in the evening / night point your phone
    camera at it for a little surprise :)

  279. I think the majority of players on my teams recently have been using this

  280. this program looks amazing, some good is done in this world!
    but maybe they can build his system into a more normal keyboard? i feel
    like it would save a lot of hassle as you can just look at the keys that
    already exist.
    but maybe that doesnt need to be done, as someone who would actually need
    this program might have a reasonably easy time learning the system in
    contrast of someone who is already used to a normal keyboard.

  281. Hey Will – does she wiggle her butt like that at you – in real-life –
    HEHEHE (Im soo jealous)

  282. Gary van der Merwe

    “Peppy, I’m ram you in the middle of the room” lol, that came out wrong….

  283. Oh God, when it said with your eyes only in the title, I didn’t know it
    meant it literally, I thought it meant turning off the hud……..

  284. Isn’t changing settings in game “not with eyes” make this obsolete for a
    disabled person?…. other than someone doing it for them.Very cool tech by
    the way.

  285. You shot Pep ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  286. This innovation is brilliant but the sad reality is that in most
    circumstances u will not be able to play competitively at all. Angling
    armour and tracking fast moving targets is virtually impossible with this

  287. Arty is so hard

  288. Blinked to death

  289. what if you have a blinking disease and blink involuntarily…? raves

  290. Matīss Brikmanis

    quickybaby you are the real MVP ;_;

  291. Please can I have my 15minutes back. I will send you the bill. Thank you

  292. As someone who lost a hand and had the use of my remaining hand severely
    impaired (ironically enough, in a tank related incident), I’d love to try
    this. I’ve tried playing WoT’s using a joystick, but found it waaay too
    limiting and only led to tonne’s of abuse from other players, to the point
    where I’ve given up playing. Good on you for helping with fundraising for
    charities working in this area. Keep up the good work!

  293. RealBaconProductions

    The flashing from the sensor is infrared lights that are picked up by the
    sensors of the camera

  294. Osvaldas Kuliesius

    QB, what computer you use in this video?

  295. he has a scumbag as a primary

  296. They don’t call me Deadeye for nothing.

  297. That looks so crazy!

  298. +QuickyBabyTV What laptop are you using?

  299. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    whoa qb calm down, didn’t give the charity money so they can play arty.

  300. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)


  301. Great demo. Thanks

  302. what alienware laptop is this, 15″?

  303. yeah… we need a nerf gear or Nero linker :P

  304. “I don’t need my Quickfingers for this, I’ll pawn you noobs with my eyes.”

    -Quickybaby 2016

  305. Now arty players don’t even need to lift a finger to troll us: )

  306. connor trevaskiss

    ure very accomplished in the things that you do quicky.
    i hope that when u raised all that money u used it right!! if you did
    congrats you have done a great thing for the world god bless you. if
    not…… i cant say

  307. Amazing what technology enabled us to do just with our eyes!
    Any yes those purple like lights are infrared lights that you cant see (TV
    remotes work the same) put camera sesor can pick it up 😉 i guess it tracks
    the light that bounces from your pupil :)

  308. “I’m pwning noobs with my eyes!”, lol

  309. im sure a headset that can scan your brain signals and convert them into
    game controls would be much better there is a wheel chair that uses this
    technology now. also i have used a program for flight sim that uses a web
    cam to track your head movements to move the pov around its a freeware but
    i cant remember its name.

  310. XXCaptain Unicorn

    quickfingers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  311. nice , finnly QB is playing like a bot …

  312. her but???

  313. pep im going to ram you in centre of the room…hahaha

  314. Great Job QB

  315. ThePeople'sPanzer

    It’s great that there’s a way to allow people to plAy games with severe
    disabilities, the concern I have is with it being WOT specifically. WOT has
    such a toxic community sometimes that you can just imaging the team rage at
    people using this system. You’re a very reasonable chap QuickyBaby, I met
    you at Tankfest 2015 and you were great, but recall your “trackpad panther”
    video? You were poking a bit if harmless fun at someone playing in a very
    clunky manner. I think many other WOT players however would just rage at
    them and send abuse, for the “sin” of poorly coordinated in game. I’m not
    innocent of this, I lose my temper when teammates especially at higher
    tiers are unable to move and aim at the same time. This system seems good
    if it were in a PVE mode, but Im also concerned that in a random battle
    disabled people using this may not even be able to do any damage at all,
    because they would be taken out so fast. I may be wrong, and with enough
    practice maybe people would be able to get some effectiveness and fun out
    of using it. Having the fun is what counts for the people that don’t get to
    play normally, it’s just WOT can be a very not-fun game if you die very
    often, very fast. I suppose Im being the pessamist, and like you said in
    low tiers or the new training PvE mode this could be very enjoyable, but I
    justs ee this system as being more fun in less competitive arenas than WOT.

  316. Equipment is cool but definitely not sophisticated enough. Playing like
    this probably would not be fun.

  317. so nice and cool

  318. QB first SPG “blinker” in the history of WoT.

  319. It would work great with artillery. :)

  320. The flashing is infra-red light and cannot be seen by the human eye. But
    can be picked up by any camera. You can see it yourself by looking at the
    front of any TV remote through your phone camera.

  321. loooooooooooool no 60 fps haha

  322. oh yeah 25th like

  323. this just looks like how bots play in wot lol

  324. U should close ur mouth when u r not talking :DDD

  325. +QuickyBabyTV
    The flashing lights are infrared. Try pointing a camera at the little bulb
    at the front of a TV remote.

  326. If you can program to say “Siemka PL” at start of every game then ppl wont
    even blame you for your playstyle. Kappa123
    But for real in this state this may not be suited for PvP games I think
    this would be pretty good for some turn based strategies or rpgs

  327. If arty could only be played with this system then it would actually be
    balanced and require skill :p

  328. Bot!!!! report!!! kappa

  329. 01:22 Should be infrared light, not visible for human eyes, but for cameras
    it is.

  330. WHAT THE….

  331. “Peppedy Im gonna ram you in the middle of the room”

  332. Whitenightjonk Turndown4what

    magnet close to pc = not good

  333. Oh i see my old Grandpa sittin there and clickin the shit out of me xDD

  334. Instant like XD

  335. kokoos “Tsunades” Deathmolish

    nope nope nope nope noooooooooppe this looks ridiculous. unless you’re on
    the doll or a full time content creator. . try and do all tour daily grinds
    this way! you’ll go crazy in a week and still won’t Ave made any progress

  336. It’s epic

  337. Renáta “CECIL” Konkol'ová

    90% of my team playing with this ?

  338. So Cool concept !!! :)

  339. You are in nicosia and I live there! Any chance of meeting fans?

  340. You are in nicosia and I live there! Any chance of meeting fans?

  341. youre the man Quicky Baby :)

  342. Still better than your average WoT player

  343. Damn, son!

  344. Good job Qb

  345. love it

  346. That sad realisation when QB without hands is a better player than ones on
    your team…

  347. First

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