Playing World of Tanks Without Sixth Sense

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Wow, +150ms

  2. I have an EU account. Do you like platooning?

  3. EU server best server. Sixth sense is a must (idk what this comment is) I like your videos.

  4. Hey Lemming, if you want to play stringholds you could join BR-CE, it would be a honor and a pleasure playing with you. Stay awesome

  5. Yeah it sucks, also rip 150ms

  6. EU plays so different than US servers

  7. Gewel you are so mad bro

  8. I got my second mark on t54 without sixth sence, so why would we need it ;D

  9. Welcome to the bot’s server

  10. Eu server is a server full balkan players . No teamplay only cry no help ussles gold spam stat patters and forbiden mod users . Welkom lemming on the donky servers

    • Bert Tweserg HAHAHAHAH you should learn English mate. Balkan players are actually one of the best players in WoT. Balkan nations are in top 10 nations by number of unicums despite how little people they have. I guess youre a red bot?

    • yeaaaa…. NA WOT at its finested… did we influence your server… or did you all influence ours?

    • Adam Magnis who are you asking?

  11. How many ppl have started watching Lemming’s vids, gotten better and now random pubbies can’t stop calling you a reroll and cheater?

    • Tony Dellado Could u add me?? im probably going to forget lol, im SnyperGuy (na) , i dont got 9 atm, sold it to buy my batchat, but id love to play 8s im grinding crews / creds 🙂

    • Even greens and yellows get called rerolls. WN8 is a moronic scale that’s only important because people think it is.

    • un13 My old old clan Commander asked if I was a reroll because of 3k personal rating at 3k battles. I was an orange that platooned with deep dark reds daily. Now I’m trying to fix my win rate from that. It’ll take a few years.

    • Yea bc apparently when youre better than other ppl youre somethings not right, ppl on this game are super touchy.

    • Francisco Varas i hav 2300 recent, with 1300 wn8 and i got called a “stat padding reroll” in the last battle i played yesterday(i was in strv103 0 redshire map) wasnt sniping or camping, was very aggressive all game

  12. You’re only a re-roller if xvm is on…

  13. finally lemming’s gone EU =))) welcome…ish,
    also sent you a pm in-game, are you’re willing to mentor EU as well?

  14. Stupid question, but do chokepoints differ from Server to server?

  15. Can you make a video on how to make the switch to EU?

  16. Actually 4.3k wn8 … Get it right, scrub noob! Must be a failed reroll!

  17. Sixth sense helps, but you can play without it. I three marked my ELC (post nerf) on the EU server without it and still don’t have it. LR has more skill than I do so won’t have any problems.

  18. good video Lemming, thinking of switching to EU as well, are you going to move, or just screwing around.

  19. Why would you load gold ammo when enemy team out number your team 8 vs 2?

  20. just assume you are always spotted :V

  21. Aka how us plebs play

  22. Wow in one of the best NA clans and on EU you only have 50% win rate

  23. In this game you are part of the aristocracy. Thanfully youre an example to follow and can enlighten the lower classes ahah

  24. Australia just got a dedicated server but before that it took 0 to 2 seconds to find a match

  25. Unless u were playing t3 or lower

  26. Right when you said the games loaded fast, I rewind the video to see how many players are on…

  27. I play with 150 ping all the time.

  28. hey his account looks like mine now lol, worrying about credits and not having very many tanks

    • have played like that for a couple years
      always envy these rich, good players

    • im proud to say im getting better at the game but still poor lol, been playing for 2 years and still very, very poor

    • Tyler h yep, there was a time when i used to have only 3 tanks in my garage(with 5 skill crews)
      As soon as i researched next tier, i would sell current tier and move crew to stock tank thinking that now im in bigger tank i can make more credits! And i didnt know equipment and gold rounds existed

    • Arun Shukla yea, they need to fix the economy in this game, more people would play if it werent so hard for free to play players to play high tier tanks(which are the ones i find most fun) even with prems u dont make much money and you can lose a lot if you lose in a tier 10 without prem account

    • Tyler h its a strategy by WG so people will play lower tiers for credit grinding, or not lower tier will be deserted

  29. Do you find there is a difference between EU and NA servers?

  30. I would switch to EU but there is soo much I would lose. Would be nice if WG allowed us to migrate servers.

  31. Lol you guys need to try Asia server,there are tons of fun in there

  32. my WN8 went up like 500 points after i figured out that crew skills were not pointless….. and i should be saving these dudes with 99% VS just deleting them….

    i would have SO MUCH better crew skills if i could restart….just got my first tier 10 the other day after like….5 years of playing….i dont play a lot

    • kain hall congrats on tier10

    • Tomás Turbando Pinto

      TBH skill management is way too hard on players, specially new ones. Not because it’s too complicated but because it’s expensive AND time-consuming.

      The minimum level for a crewmember should be like 80% for free, then 90% for 20,000 Credits and 100% for like 50~100 Gold. Also retraining skills/perks shouldn’t destroy your whole crewmember when you don’t do it with Gold. If you have a crew with 6+ skills and you want to retrain them, it’ll basically erase hours if not days of work from that crew.

      That’s probably one of the reasons most new players don’t stay for too long, and even though I’m a decent player with tons of 4+ skill crews I’d like WG to change it to make new players more comfortable.

  33. Just watched your deleted video fully, it is indeed quite sad to see that wargaming does so little actions against these mods that give a clear advantage. Im curious to see if this livestreamer will actually get banned/ how long it will take.

  34. I always thought that noob 6th sense was that banging sound rounds make when they hit your tank…

  35. Loool omg.. the moment you realise lemming just signed as legionnaire for your EU clan with his type 64 only account and I just blanked it thinking “yeaaap that’s not lemming” lmao

  36. Hey Lemming, now that you are working towards getting the personal missions and the female crew members, could you do a video on what you suggest doing with these female crew members now that BIA and Sisterhood of Steel are compatible with one another?

  37. Julien Brouilhounat

    super interesting video. What is in your opinion, the difference of level between NA and EU server? a lot of problem on EU server come from lack of communication (too many different countries non English speakers players) but what are your feelings?


    Well I dunno about EU,I am from sea.and ya the community is ok,but still some retard that blame team and a lot boxes language.

  39. there is actually a difference between EU1 and EU2 in terms of playerbase… i found that EU1 is much more rewarding for me with players… so you get more average+ players which fullfill there role

    EU2 is mostly bad clans stronghold so more bad players overall and often top tier heavy tank players who camp base or yolo or push the retarded side…

    but its according to my research..

    if you are online on EU and want to platoon contact me ingame.

    Kind regards,

  40. Bad ping at 150 – I live in South Africa and play on NA – 300 is good ping rate for me :P. And apparently all my tier 6’s are bottom tier – bubble burst :D! Do like your vids though and you are definitely helping me to improve my game!! Thanks!!

  41. WhiteEagle_SRB WoT

    Omg i saw u in strongholds tier 6 and i was playing with u lol….. on EU server….

  42. Welcome to the EU Server LR.
    Main problem here is the languages. People either do not know English, mostly from eastern EU countries, or they do not care. Makes it hard to ask for actions from them.

  43. Any noticeable differences in EU and NA players so far, lemming?

  44. Love the way he has to say when hes sarcastic to the noob people that dont understand it haha

  45. 10:57 LT-3 mission complete!

  46. There is clearly a lack of low tier gameplay/analysis on YT for this gaming. Thank you for the video

  47. You think 150 ping is bad, I play on NA with 250-300 lmao

  48. Welcome to EU server, where the meta is stronk siemkarush tektic and the only purpose of your team is to die in under a minute.

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