Please Don’t Watch This – Much Potato Gameplay (War Thunder Autoloader)

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Please Don’t Watch This – Much Potato Gameplay ()


  1. David Richards (thehole9yards)

    lol the hole 9 yards is my war thunder name

  2. 8:31 Some average T34 and T54 players

  3. B-17 & Sherman

  4. Hey Phly! Can you please do the RakjPz 2 HOT and the Do.335-B2 ?

  5. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is coming to PC Phly!

  6. iiTw1stedPs4Gm3r -

    Hello comrades,
    Can you please help?
    What’s better in Realistic Battles,
    Bf 109, Fw 190, Ta 152???

  7. hahahahahahahahahha… love that game play (1st one)

  8. Jeez, could you lower your voice when the music plays???

  9. Phly ffs please! We cant hear shit thx to that music

  10. I thought phly was trying to promote the person who made the song. So he
    put the song before his voice

  11. What’s the difference between a feminist and a suicide vest?A suicide vest
    actually does something when it’s triggered

  12. A6M5 Zero and Ki-49 llb Donryu/Late RISING SUN DOUBLE PLANE COMBO (attempt
    #26 I will not quit phly)

  13. Calliope rockets? attempt 7ish

  14. JJ “Niris Chuy” CP

    nice music choice but i could not hear shit brah

  15. Music is WAY to long and loud…. can barely hear up until 2:30

  16. Yo Phly , actually the part where you fucked up with the intro sounds
    better than other vids ;)

  17. Senpi phyl plz notice me

  18. Take out the Russian bias combo with the IT-1 and the Tu-4 сука Attempt #4
    Please Phly

  19. phly take out the Wellington with 4000lb bomb and the Cromwell 1

  20. video doesn’t start til 2:52 : )

  21. Good editing skills Phly!

  22. That intro tho

  23. take out the Leo A1A1 and Arado with 20mm show that beer is more bias then
    vodka! attempt 11

  24. Phly … i had a razor on my wrist ready to go …. had you picked a longer
    intro music, you woulda had my ghost following you around .
    *”No one is listening”* WTF do you think these 60K people are doing here ?
    Luv your videos bro .

  25. phly take mighty RUSSIAN tank the T34-85 and IL2 FOR MOTHER RUSSIA (attempt

  26. remember when people thought Japanese tanks would be useless and all be
    able to be killed by .50 cals?
    I remember, I also remember laughing at them. Good to see that my faith was
    not misplaced.

  27. CyberDeath Gaming (CyberDeath80)

    I know longer like you….. 😛 every time I tank the Chi Ri out I get
    fucked up lol your a dick or you walked in lucky stuff hahaha

  28. Chill off the music earlier dude, it’s really loud and hard to hear you :(

  29. #derpiestgameoftheyear

  30. Funniest game ever hahahaha omfg



    HO RO TANK- Engage dem capitalists only at point blank range and don’t stop

  34. Hey, that's pretty good

    When the intro is too good

  35. This video makes me want to be a japanies tank player

  36. i can’t hear what phly is saying the music is to loud

  37. WhiteWolf NightMoon

    I think your music is a little to loud I can barely hear you.

  38. play the BT 5 at 5.0 br ++

  39. I am amazed how often you fuck up the intro…

  40. Ty hajzle

  41. HAHAHA!! I laughed my ass of Phly 🙂 “Great” Intro!!

  42. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    Intro music is kinda loud? I really enjoy the intro talking tho.. Happy
    Lunar New Year to anyone who cares? Wish you all the best

  43. Turn off instructor in bomb view mode. It helps a lot.

  44. Why is the music going for so long?

  45. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    don’t watch this=watch this

  46. Get into match making hell with the T32 and B29 or F-84B-26.

  47. Attempt #1 Use the ST-A1

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