Please help me. My Tank Wants To Die (War Thunder SU-57B Gameplay)

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Please help me. My Tank Wants To Die (War Thunder SU-57B Gameplay)


  1. Thank you!!! ?

  2. Phly needs to bring out the Ki-44-II-otsu.

  3. Phly: this tank is so bad, with such shitty armor and mobility and gun handling

    14 mins later


  4. Need more BoatDaily! Play the VS-10 Hydrofoil with whatever aircraft!

  5. This is like a asu 57 but fat

  6. “Double Decker Hamburger” accurate historical accuracy

  7. I have seen you before with that name lol, i was commenting to my pals that is a ridiculous name ?, but.. didnt realize it was you phly ???

  8. Phly you must play the Japanese 4.7 death cannons

  9. It’s like a Hetzer, but without the hetz.

  10. 7:55 Phly that is literally nothing lol once i had an M103 AP shell bounce off the rear hull of a Kugelblitz, the 90 degree 25mm piece of steel and it was straight on just non penned.

  11. Thanks for making my day by making me laugh non stop… I would love to see more Japanese tanks…

  12. Can you guys tell me how to change tank crew voices please ?

  13. SU-57B…ASTARD looool

  14. Here is a good change, go in to battle with the e tank series and the tanks from the program

  15. look at that sloped armor in the engine compartment: add armor, upgrade the engine and put in it’s place the gun and the engine on the gun place, and it cuold be a really good tank-destroyer

  16. I think This thing might actually have smaller tracks than a sherman


  18. 7:50 German’s technology

  19. Its a really bad “Doom” Turtle. Doom as in your crew mates.

  20. primo victoria

  21. I bet you’re supposed to take a shot, turn your back at the enemy and let them bounce because the back is more angled than the front, turn around again, shoot, repeat.

  22. Play the panser IV F2 for old Time fun

  23. I think the developers got their theinspiration from the starter tank in the French line…..

  24. It looks like a hetzer with down syndrome

  25. The T-34-57 has the same awesome cannon. I don’t understand why so few people use it.

  26. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Plhy check out the protection analysis of a tank with sloped armor like the t34. All countries with aphe shells have around 80-100 mm of effective thickness on its upper plate but the russian balistic caped shells have 55 …. this 119 pen gun can pen the upper plate of a sherman at greater angles than an 88 which is what makes russian shells so good… they are lethal towards angles, the effective armor of a sloped plate isnt as much against soviet shells . You can check it out yourself in protection analysis by seeing the effective thickness of a slope against the pziv’s round and this round (the one with ballistic cap) and see the huge difference in effective thickness. I suggest you use the less penning round as the difference in effective armor is such that in 80% of the cases you will find it better just cause of the way the shell works.

  27. Did you still buy the flowers

  28. Phlee, pls ply thee Dicker Max and it’s 202mm pen round!
    Attempt #22

  29. Why is this thing in the regular tree? It wasn’t even mass produced… just another piece of junk that we have to grind through.

  30. I tried its pretty good and pretty bad at the same time.

  31. Anyway take the RBT-5 and MiG-17 into 9.0 and 10.0.

    Attempt #4.


  33. Hans get ze flamenwerfer

  34. So…. no one gonna comment that this thing is like the bastardized version of the Hetzer?

  35. Phly! Take the Be-6 out in naval pls!

  36. German helicopters that suck ze dick and trash…. nice update gaijin.

  37. Pls take out the CAC Boomerang! Attempt #7

  38. “Imma gonna go out and by myself flowers” is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever heard.

  39. скука страшная

    Damn man u are lucky af this tank is soo bad xD

  40. Hey phly, can you do a B-29 video? It’s been quite a while. *Attempt 1*

  41. It doesnt look russian….

  42. War Thunder is the only game that raises my blood pressure to dangerous, and violent levels.

  43. Phly take the first fw 190 out for the boys will plz

  44. TheBlueEyedGamer Wingnut

    Woo! i mean. noone voted my request. but im glad ur playing this!

  45. Airborne Artillery

    wow the soviets did bring back dinosaur to life huh

  46. Did a T95 and a hetzer had sex?

  47. now take out SU-57 halftrack blyad

  48. Penis tank

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