POINT CLICK KILL | T-34 85 Nuke Shells (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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POINT CLICK KILL | 85 Nuke Shells ( Gameplay)


  1. *Birthday video of Dakotas 1st year with us coming out later! Stay tuned ))*

    • Phly you forgot about secret plate inside the turret, it makes this turret have a chance to survive a shot (which you experienced in first battle).
      To find it you need to pixelhunt, there should be a thread about it with pics on WT forums.

    • Your Explosive mass was WAY off. The 122mm Has more if you look seeing that the T-34-85 uses TNT, the IS does not, so the explosive mass may be less but effectively does more seeing the TNT mass is actually higher. TLDR: Check what kind of explosive it uses, they aren’t all the same.

    • So if I buy any french bundle do I get the custom Phly decal for my tanks and planes?

    • Chaos Yoshi the best


      comerade phly how EXACTLY do I play T-44?

      (I get uptiered a lot)

    • PhlyDaily im ready

  2. I Love this tank. I drove one RL for a WW2 Re-Enactment gropup in California. Good times, good times. Great in warthunder too!

  3. Hey phly why don’t you PHLY out the A-36 Apache and love the unloved

  4. Kv-1 ? Hmm yes?

  5. Phly do the freedom combo m4 Sherman with 105mm and p51 mustang with bazookas

  6. Phly I recently obtained the tiger 2 and suck with it I’d love to see you play it for some reference.

  7. Phly, using this fucking OP tank makes you a bad person, bro, don’t use it to often

  8. I really appreciate this vid after a bad monday, it reminds me of the exciting close quarters at 4.7.

  9. *Shoots P47* ….in the air….*Merica fuck ya plays*….on the ground *Mmmm whatcha sayyyy…*

  10. 8:51 he just killed the panther in disguise and said it was an m10 very sneeki panther!

  11. Phly, test the lethality of a fully loaded P-47 D-25 with the 10 rockets, 2 1000lb bombs, and 1 500lb bombs in a realistic tank battle. Use the M4A1 (76) W.

  12. Play the Chi nu 2 155mm of pen at 3.7!

  13. Hey! How do I get your emblem on PS4?

  14. Panther g bf 109 k-4

  15. We haven’t seen a video on the flying didlo in awhile the Yak 17 i thinks its time to dust off the didlo and use it again

  16. I love how a single phly can change the tides of a battle

  17. Phlyyy, that T35-85 also has one less crew member I believe

  18. Was hoping for a server replay of that one shot two kills… I surely can’t be the only one that was hoping for it at the end of the video.

  19. Can you do a flight stick setup

  20. 16:56
    Phly: I don’t know what just…
    Phly: …
    Phly: …
    Phly: …
    Phly: …
    Phly: …
    Phly: WAIT A SECOND!!!

  21. 대학가고싶다

    How can I range the enemy?

  22. and you have one more crew with 5.7

  23. I was playing war thunder working my way into the tiger h1. I got it and now the only thing I can do is to die in the hands of the T-34-85 :DD

  24. I got a collateral with the Jagdtiger once, blew me mind lol

  25. Actually he does have a T34-85 vid lol xDDDDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhZZf_knsAk

  26. 1 shell two kills are by far the most satisfying kills in this game 😀 I’ve got two under my belt. the first one was a tank i dont remember and a Russian milk truck got killed by shrapnel and the second was a m18 i penetrated and the round passed though into another m18 exploding

  27. AlfredNoyes Sumner

    British Derp combo Archer and Swordfish Attempt #2

  28. I Killed One V-156-F At 1.45km Using My M22
    Lol Haha
    random shot and i Hit 2 Criticals in Left wing, 3s after the Plane die And i pick up the Kill

  29. i want too add IS-7 … The Big Russian Bear ! ! !

  30. When a tank`s armor is penetrated, there is a shell inside.

  31. Phlee, when a tank gets penetrated its called procreation. Simple

  32. There is also one more difference between T-34-85 5.3 and 5.7. The first tank (5.3) has only 4 crew members, but other two tanks (5.7) have 5 crew members. So the second two tanks have more chances to stay alive when penetrated through the turret.

  33. Attempt #3 m47 and f48b combo! I have watched all your videos for 2 months and Would really enjoy watching this combo!

  34. Phly! Take out the T-44-122 and show the enemy that 122mm gun! You can use any plane you like to go with as a combo. Attempt #10

  35. Christopher Satterfield

    “No Russian bias”.


  36. Christian Rashotte

    Suicide Hotline

  37. who else noticed the PhlyDaily logo on the back of the tank?

  38. hey Phly, your science is a bit off:
    When a shell hits angled armor the shell will normalise(the shells alignment with a normal that is 90* from the tangent represented by the armor) aka. the shells trajectory will change towards the armors ange so that the shell has an easier time penetrating. Why you see so much of the fragments directed towards the turret is because more fragments come from the side of the shell than the tip, because the side is much thinner while the tip needs to penetrate the armor. WT also only models the damaging fragments for a clearer view of what happens in the tank.

  39. If u giv up gud thing will happen…

  40. I am late xD

  41. The angle of the armor does different things to two types of shells. 1. Normalisation. 2. Deflection.

    In 1, the shell will hit the angle, depending on what fuse, material and whether or not a ballistic cap is present, will decrease the angle of attack between the shell’s normal and the angle of the armor. This does the opposite of what phly said.

    2. If the shot is of a hard penetrator core nature, the angle will act as a slope for the projectile to ride on, therefore, getting deflected. However, that will tear off material in the process. If the armor is thin enough, it will go through after slight deflection, releasing shrapnel at a higher angle than the armor, what phly was trying to say.

  42. *”Critical hit”*

  43. Russian BIAS confirmed!

  44. Ihold Tinytermanator

    You should try the American half track 75mm gun and the 75mm m8 tank in a load out I like to the mates loadout

  45. Hey Phly, this video might help people to understand how the shell penetration works. Basicly instead of bouncing back out like in the video the shell will continue staight at its current angle when it goes trough.

  46. “realistic”

  47. Pls try the german Jagdpanzer IV. In my opinion it’s nearly the best tank in game!


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