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Source: Plumb

Welcome to a channel video where I talk a bit and you listen…no gameplay here…move along if you’re looking for gameplay..

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 770 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Benq 1920×1200 24″ – Window 7 Home Premium.


  1. +Plumb Tanker Could u do an Ru251 review?? I’m really looking forward to
    it,atm I have the Aufkl. Panther,I’m like 80k exp from Ru251 :)

  2. Thanks for the help with photoshop, got it all sorted out now :)

  3. plumb when you where younger, did you do any… mind altering substances?

  4. Nice..
    😀 well you understood the meaning of my question, got the fuck up a
    little bit …
    And my second question, I got completely erased.
    It was What is your favorite tank in every Tues ?? ..

  5. I enjoy the channel update videos 🙂 I’m a tomato and watch your videos to
    get better. I’m surprised that you say “drink plenty of water” instead of
    “drink plenty of wine”. Also when you got to the question about which tank
    is your wife I sat there like “DONT SAY THE TOG PLUMB, DONT TRY TO BE
    FUNNY!” Oh I have said too much already anyways I see all the time people
    worried about their stats. I personally just play the game for fun and to
    pass the time, I have accepted that I’m a tomato and if I improve that’s
    cool but if not that’s cool too I will just keep playing my over-powered
    artillery and Hellcat XD 

  6. Question I should have asked “Are we going to see a PLUMB clan anytime?”

  7. Well done for pronouncing my name right lol.
    I agree with you.
    Enjoyed the vid plumb, you planning on making it a regular feature?
    I’ve sent you some replays today, hope you enjoy

  8. Plumb you do great video’s and the information is very helpful. Keep up the
    good work.
    Thank you.

  9. Enjoyed the POP video, great format.
    Beans over cheese on toast – it’s a life changer ; )

  10. Nice video mr plumb…..really hope the channel goes from strength to
    strength. I love the way you play WOT, you always have FUN,even if it does
    not end well for you! ….I think that’s missing in some of the other
    WOT youtubers videos I watch. At the end of the day its just a game. My
    question would be ‘Whats your favorite video game of all times, can be
    PC/console etc”

  11. Love the arty stuff at the start of your vids….that’s the drawings not to
    be mistaken for a hiding in A1 clicker! The vids following it are also
    pretty good! Keep it up old bean!

  12. Like many newcomers to WoT I was drawn to the QB and Jingles channels.
    Sadly, I quickly tired of their often condescending commentary. So I have
    unsubscribed from their channels and here I am. Happy as Larry so to speak.

    Keep up the good work. it is much appreciated.

  13. How cruel are you! Who gives Fishermen’s Friends to their children? LOL

  14. I would suggest that if the Tiger II is not your favorite tank you could be
    in a lot of trouble. You know what they say – it is OK to look but you
    can’t touch. You may be permitted to like the Pz1C, but you most certainly
    can’t love it, not now, therefore it can’t be your favorite =0)

    Just remember, you dug this hole.

  15. Your comment in answer to the win rate is interesting particularly when
    referring to the matter that the game was easier to play when first
    introduced. For me it is all about the maths. The more battles you play
    the slower the win rate changes. For example if you have only played 10
    battles, each win or loss will have a huge impact on your win rate (WR).
    But if you have played 5k battles each win or loss has very little impact
    upon your overall WR.

    For the maths it goes like this:

    If you played 100 battles with 50 Wins and 50 Losses you will have a WR of
    If you play 10 more games, Win 6 and Loose 4 your WR will increase to (just
    under) 51%

    However, if you have played 5,000 battles and Won 2,500 and Lost 2,500 your
    WR will also be 50%
    But to increase the WR by just 1% would require wining the next 100 battles
    without any losses, and that is just not going to happen.

    Likewise, if you started well and/or learned fast and achieved a high WR at
    the start of the game, it takes a lot of consecutive losses to lower your
    WR, as the number of battles accumulate.

    In my case, when I started playing I had no idea of what I was doing and
    for far to long didn’t care. I was just enjoying the game. However, now
    that I have learned some of the finer intricacies of the game (and still
    learning) and taking a bit more interest it will be a long uphill battle
    (pardon the pun) to make up for all of those previous horrific performances.

    Additionally, there can be little doubt that playing in (the right)
    platoons will improve your win rate

  16. i dont comment much because im not very good with words
    as it is said,if your good at something then do it but if your not then
    best not do it.
    enjoy your videos thanks mate

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