POLISH HEAVY PREVIEW: 60TP and 50TP in World of Tanks

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World Tanks. Top tier Polish heavies, the 60TP and 50TP, were just revealed by Wargaming – here’s all you need to know about these upcoming tanks!


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  1. Rachid Khamlichi

    so they make newer better tanks, whilst not buffing weaker tier 8 9 10 making them shit to play and the game unbalanced and stupid gg

  2. I trust you more then wargaming…but you need to do a video about the new eula

  3. 152 we have so many low damage heavies . please wargaming for the sake of being boring change it up I want a good e100 please. Even better put both guns on the tier ten let us choose but unlike the French heavies make both guns useful. HE would be nice with the low pen ap rounds.

  4. Apparently historical accuracy and game balancing went out the window a long time ago. These tanks just keep getting better dont they

  5. games and drandom stuff


  6. Why don’t they make it just like the e100 and let people choose between 2 guns

  7. Why dont they give it a 190mm HE Durp with 200mm Penn on gold ammo gun.. E100 is so useless now and again another Tank has better stats. But No, instead of fixing the current Game they have to implement such useless crap. Wake Up there

  8. Wargaming is the worst company ever. If you play this game you must be crazy

  9. It dosent have better he then type, we all know all players use oremium he there with 1400 dmg

  10. Just like my GF giving directions, she points right and says left.. 🙂 You point one way and it pops up on the opposite. haha, just bustin your balls.

  11. creativity abounds…. Fucking WoT running short on tank designs, time to make up more op vehicles that are more unrealistic..

  12. NO. No more high explosive rounds at high tiers. It’s absolutely ridiculous. To get to tier 10 and have your angling skills and your armor mean NOTHING..

  13. Serious question everyone…What vehicles would people recommend for the “older” and not so quick reactions to play..Like T8 and higher?? Tanks all.

  14. Sooo, the Tier 10 is just an IS-4 with an actual serviceable gun and better armour?


  15. Abaddon Despoiler

    omg now its official…u can forget the game. its ruined. polish tech tree. a mixture of stolen german and soviet tanks when poland was part of ussr….wooow. impressive. now even more klingons get ingame and steal the fun in randoms. fuck polska. fuck russia. fuck wargaming. sieg heil assholes.

  16. HE is fine in the game make u have to make a new plan to out flank and out think your opponents to win the game

  17. Looks like a russian feels like a russian tank, goddamn it is a russian tank

  18. the gaming pizaa

    Umm a Polish BIAS????

  19. Lewandowski 🤔

  20. coming next tier 13 and 14 tanks from the Vatican City tech line

  21. Fernando Herrera

    I wish I enjoyed wot as much as I enjoy watching your videos.

  22. I wish they put some more time into organising server moves instead of new content – still playing on the US server from Europe after moving here which means no access to ranked battles (timezone), etc.

  23. KAPPA.txt

  24. Where the hell is the Czolg Pancernik? Why it is not a tier 10

  25. lol theres KAPPA.txt on QB’s desktop. Someone ask him to open it!

  26. The Tier X HE round may have very low explosion radius or something. Doesn’t make sense, but it might be a balance feature?

  27. For those of us that miss being 2 shoted by kv1s’ Wargaming has us covered. Fear not tier 7 the good old days are comming back.

  28. No more HE spam please, makes my hulldown IS-7 obselete :/

  29. They should nerf the view range with about 5-10% on all tanks.

  30. 5:10 “as soon as you expose that awful lowerplate” no need for that, people will spam heat at E-100 turret anyway, “cough” I am looking at you aswell QB 😛

  31. With the 50TP, the IS has the same kind of shape as you pointed out but also has the same amount of armour- 120mm and I found it difficult to bounce shells in the IS…


  33. Valentin Kovachev

    I strongly advise against adding the 152mm gun to the tier X, WG. Its going to be a mix between and E100/Type5 Heavy/IS7 and is it just me, or does this sound terrifying and OP as hell? Please stop putting OP tanks to WoT…. It is REALLY getting out of hand…

  34. Sadistic Hamster

    I actually hate the Hesh monsters more

  35. I love he guns kv2 is ma fav he gun

  36. Austen Schiratti

    Ccan’t wait for more tanks that powercreep the shit out of the IS-4 line

  37. Oh good more derpy tanks with rock solid armour, everytime I check back to see if its worth playing again wg make a decision like this and i am right back to ahh i ll check back in a year.

  38. Stefan Milosevic

    Thats 110 TP….

  39. Tomasz Pieciukiewicz

    Next tech tree is going to be Imperial Guard probably… Everything beyond Tier 4 in Polish Tech Tree is pure fantasy…

  40. Are these historical tanks? I never saw a polish tank like this, normaly they used almost just UDSSR-tanks.

  41. Cristobal Sierra


  42. Iam still wondering what WG has instore for this years Gamescom… I feek like there has to be something new at least to showcase on their stage in late august.

  43. Dellinger the fighting fish

    WOT still not balanced

  44. Jeffrey Heister

    E100 wil stay the super heavy with the super heavy gun

  45. when the hecc is the Djibouti Tech Tree, also Wakanda Tech Tree?

  46. This new tier 10 tank reminds of me tier 10 T30 a little bit but better armor. Lower profile tank, good turret armor and 750 alpha. It feels like T30 is coming back with vengeance…lol

  47. I spy with my little eye, something to the left of QB.

  48. He hehehe need TP for my bunghole… Sorry couldn’t resist 😁

  49. Rainsrops Drops

    Looks like that tier 9 gonna have like 10 rounds of ammo😂

  50. I’m starting to worry about the purpose of the E-100 if they decide to go with the 152mm gun.

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