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World of is bringing a new of Polish medium tanks in update 1.10 – here’s all the new tanks!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. That accuracy penalty is what ebr‘s should have when driving fast

  2. Much respect QB! Always making the most informative video content. Well done, Sir!

  3. How did he have 94M Free Xp ?

  4. Reading the title… why would I polish any tech trees? Oh, Polish… right. Not playing WoT again, though.

  5. Why the special engine only on tier 10? It should start from tier 8 like in other countries. Sweden- udes special mode from tier 8. Italy- autoreloading system from tier 8 and so on…

  6. I can’t really understand what’s the point of those tanks. They have 320 alpha on tier 8, what makes them special but don’t have really good armor. And on tier 9 & 10 WG gives them standard alpha of 390 + a really good turret on tier 10.
    Can someone explain this to me? 🤔🤣

  7. muhammad suzairi

    jsut today is more than 63000

  8. muhammad suzairi

    why no armour check

  9. Mateusz Borowski

    CS-53 on stock turret looks like tier 11

  10. Of course, he has a WoT app open.

  11. Tier 10 must be named kurwa

  12. bummer…thought the new engine mechanic would appear on t8 like the Swedish TD line. pfft

  13. muhammad suzairi

    better armour comapared to leopard but with weaker gun and speed while a better armour

  14. Not really hyped by it, nothing special, just another Tech Tree with nothing special apart from being polish I guess. Still wondering about the gold nerf, and the “Chinese Td’s” that would be a bit more interesting In my opinion, but great work not making overpowered tanks like they used to implement in the game with every tech tree

  15. He did forget to edit out the whatsapp. But it’s all coo.

  16. Thanks to +2 MM you can’t use the 100mm gun cuz you’ll not scratch tier 8 lights. At LeAsT wE hAvE tHe DiVeRsItY aNd ThE cHaLlEnGe.

  17. I wonder why didn’t they start this branch at tier 6 or tier 7, we already have tier 7 medium tank in there, considering latest tech tree cleaning. To sell gold for free exp for lower tiers is my first thought…No one wants to fight those t6 medium seal clubbers anyways… I see what they did there.

  18. Sorry QB but CS-63 has garbage turret. 260 is on the mantlet only. Beyond mantlet the armor is around 120-130mm effective which is nothing. You can even be penned by british HE with 120 pen in the front turret.

  19. CS-63… The Leopard 1 killer

  20. “pay to win players” If using premium ammo and maxing the stats with equipment are pay to win playing, anyone, who is not just lazy is a pay to win player. Cool clip otherwise. I have to stop subscribing though..

  21. I played them, and I have to say getting as much view range plays pretty good 500+ view range getting to positions fast and then supporting them with that and decent gun handling.

  22. I didnt know Polish was so biggest force in wars 😀

  23. usuall crap from wg not gona even bother

  24. bugi is like a brother of arl44

  25. Polish tankers be like: :)))))

    Czech tankers be like: :(((((

  26. Giovanni Alejandro Jaimez Rodriguez

    16:30 Me: who send me a WhatsApp at 4am? Nvm not my phone lol

  27. Gasturbine engine. Game Shows a picture of a
    Piston engine 😉

  28. the leopard 1 has the same top speed

  29. 3:50 *here’s a BIG DUCK*

  30. G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K ! G O O S E T A N K !

  31. Just wanted to know how much free exp (direct route) is required to get to the Teir 10, with the heavy line fully researched and without. (IGN BREWUUP). Is there anywhere the complete tree can be found with such information. Thanks in advance.

  32. speed creep smh tier X is so dead

  33. This tech tree is the proof that how WG treats right (one of the biggest wot community in the Europe) NOT.

  34. No1 talks about this crazy turret armor on T10?

  35. Image you are a free-to-play player… how long you have to suffer until you get the top gun on Tier VIII. WG should really change this shit.

  36. What is the HE shell velocity of the tier 6 Derp gun?

  37. IWasBornAFreeGreek

    another fantasy tank paper / when this shity matchmaking will be improved???

  38. I am polish and when i hear how you pronounce names of our tanks is funny

  39. As Usual QB a very concise preview of an Exciting new Tech tree thanks for doing what u do QB your’e killing it as usual Buddy!!

  40. 9:04 I’m not sure if you are suggesting what i think you are suggesting

  41. So Far Playing C S 63 without Turbo Mode… This thing is a beast!!! 3500 + DPM!!

  42. 12:25 “this tank has 3 guns that are all unique”
    *laughs in SU 101*

  43. hahaha I checked my whatsapp when that message came XD

  44. This is just bad news we already have issues with too many fast vehicles at high tiers.

  45. QB…thank you for not saying millimetre caliber gun every time you mentioned gun size….

  46. 16:41 aye, sneak peek 😀

  47. ‘Bugi’ is actually a slang for ‘party’ in hungarian.

  48. Tier VII: Krakow


  50. Wow that Teir 10 seems op with that engine and turbocharger mode.

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