Polish Tech Tree in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks – just unveiled the Polish Tech Tree! Here’s my initial impressions.


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. 4 videos in 4 days? Tanya is to blame! She’s been editing and assisting massively behind the scenes. If you want to thank her or give her ideas for videos you can do so here: https://twitter.com/Peppidy!

    • Samuel Andreasen

      Thank Tanya and yourself, this is what we want to see. Lots of content oor VLogs.

    • QuickyBaby thanks Tanya !

    • QuickyBaby in wotb we didn’t even get Italian tanks it’s so anoyying

    • Congratulations Tanya on the degree and jumping in to help Will which in turn helps this community. There is a company in the UK that you can pay to play in a tank or battlefield machine. You would steal the show if you did a VOD about that company and you did the driving. Outside of WOT release the backlog of home/travel style videos you have accumulated. Cheers!

    • Tier 10 Poland with a 152MM … all or nothing.. !

  2. Gangsta CheezItz

    What happens after Poland? Im not very educated as to what countries had what tanks.

  3. Professional Sangheili

    Id imagine the reason why the polish tanks are influenced by Russian tanks is because half of Poland during the war and Poland during the Cold War was occupied by the Soviet Union

  4. siemka!

  5. Consoles are so far behind its sad 😄

  6. It makes me sick (and probably all the other Poles) when evrybody comments about how bad Players we are. We are a part of the European wot community, accept it or dont crie about how bad someone is. Not evryone is born a unicum or even a good Player. Didnt u start playing as a tomatoe or an Orange maybe? No of course, all the West Players are experts. Just stop joking about those “imaginated” tanks, arent there any other tanks created by wg already in the game? The gane wasnt historicaly accurate even before some tech trees. Play the game, respect other Players and have fun 🙂 remember, its Just a game. Noobs are always a part of that and other games.

  7. No doubt these new tanks will require players to use more gold ammo. Obviously, they will make some premium tanks obsolete. I’m sick of wot and it’s money grabbing attitude

  8. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The amount of Kurwa in every battle will be insane.

  9. Genarel Betrayus

    yes instead of fixing all the things wrong with the game they add more tanks that seem to be overpowered . maybe they should add more fake tanks that balances everything

  10. Genarel Betrayus

    if they wanted to be accurate the first few tiers would be guys on horse back

  11. Blyatiful tech tree

  12. So what’s the point of the Pudel as a med trainer, if the high tiers are heavies?

  13. Still waiting for the Tibetan tech tree!

  14. Instead of spending time putting new tanks in the game i wish they would fix all the bad things that make the game no fun at all to play…..

  15. @quickybaby can you please do a video on reviewing the recently buffed clan wars reward tanks please and thanks

  16. For the love of god – does anyone at WG bother to proof-read some of the crap they put out?!

    “Since there was only one tank concept developed by Habih, we did not have a ready decision which car to put on the VII level”.
    “Historically, over time, Polish tanks were gaining weight and size, approaching ‘strands’.”

    Jeez, really ?

  17. Fake and gay.

  18. hate those fake tanks

  19. BumbleBubbleBlack

    they’re making up shit now aren’t they lol

  20. Valod Kreslobochi

    They should have included a ‘soviet clone’ line as well in my opinion.

  21. Too much scrolling up and down QB! Nearly made me sick trying to look at the tier 6 and 7 tanks…. regardless, thank you for getting this information out so quickly.

  22. I’m hyped, I’ll start grinding it as soon as it’s released

  23. I Love all this crying Kids …Polish noobs … Polish tomatos … Polish fake tanks … get real ,read some history we save your ass. Or just look on Global map and stfu

  24. tfw no 20mm armed TKS Tankette

  25. Ugly arse tanks

  26. Nice Job!!! A big thumbs upo for this one.

  27. from what it has been seen, these tanks are like a hybrid between the German tanks and the Soviet tanks, I liked the power of the weapon and the shape of the designs, but the problem lies in the speed, a very heavy and slow tank, it has many disadvantages.

  28. 55 at tier 1 sounds fast, but it could be one of those things that can only really hit top speed downhill, generally slower in other contexts. at least it will help teach low tier players to get used to hitting moving target

  29. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    I only like the tier 5 design! 😛

  30. The mid tiers look interesting. I would like to free exp to tier three or four. The grind to six doesn’t look too bad. I need more statistics though.

  31. Bernardo Castañeda

    Used to watch you vids now im just here to let you know that u sold out to WG. cya neva budy

  32. Wow. So much hate here. Italians got the made up auto reloading mechanics and T-6 to T-10 are fake or 100% German. And Italians didnt even produce any tanks after WWII.
    Get over it people. Poland had tanks, tank factories, tank development teams, and it worked alongside Czechs with their tank projects. The only problem was that the perfect tank for the Warsaw pact was already there, and there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.

  33. Wait, the 4TP has a 95 liter engine?! So this little tank has an engine twice as big as the Maus?

  34. Not even blueprint tanks now.. They just come up with their own tanks now.

  35. Finally, I’ll be able to use my Pudel to train tank crews

  36. finally wot will have some fake tanks to play

  37. Could you please make a clan wars comparison video between the 3 reward vehicles in the Arms Race please? the 121B, M60 and T95E6. Some say pick the 121B some say pick the M60 and some say T95E5 is shit. I’ve never played any of them so i don’t know. Could you please make a video about their positives and negatives and play-styles?

  38. Let’s be real. The poles rode horses into oblivion. 😆

  39. Waited so long…finaly

  40. Kinopolis metro

    When are they bringin nowerdays tanks? Leopard 2 vs Abrams should be happening

  41. KAPPA.txt

  42. everything above tier 5 is pure fantasy tanks…. tier 5 was in preliminary proposals stage when 1939 war broke out… tiers 1-4 are basically historical…. so basically the tree is giant “what if” Poland actually survived ww2 as independent state instead of ending as Soviet satellite for 40 years…

  43. siemka tech tree 😀

  44. I hate the whole idea of a completely fabricated tech tree full of fantasy tanks. They’d be better putting their effort into an Israeli line.

  45. james ward-gwilliam

    Weren’t the tanks at least later ones created by university students

  46. Tier six looks like the Chi-Nu

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