^^| Portal 2 /w Sn00ze #2

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Source: SirCircon


  1. This is like that scene from zoolander with the computer. I love it so

  2. Hey circon, I got perma banned in your chat room for posting a swastika
    from words. I am on mobile and it didnt appear as a swastika on my screen.
    I thought it was just a cool poster and I had no idea what it really was.
    If you could unban me on twitch that would be awesome as I have never done
    anything disrespectful on twitch. Thanks if you do, I understand if you

  3. portal streams are the memes

  4. Wow, Circon! Great memes, keep it up, proud of you!

  5. need more of this!

  6. One comment, LMAO

  7. was this stream yesterday? I guess I have to catch up


  9. The Sanity Assassin

    “We’re not idiots, Naaaah ha ha” Circon 2016

  10. I’ve played through the coop multiple times and I still do the whole “wait
    I got it, put your portal there and there, and mine go here… and here.
    Okay go.”

    *doesn’t work*

    “What happened? Did we do it wrong?” scenario.

  11. This game is pretty hilarious to play with a mate. You just end up feeling
    like an idiot half of the time ^^ But it can be satisfying

  12. wait wait wait….No…WAIT…No…

    Thought you two were supposed to be smart Kappa <3

  13. Waiwaiwait!… no.

  14. No idea what’s going on but i’ll still like it!
    Because I love Circonflexes!

  15. This game makes me so sick. My brain just cannot grasp what is happening. I
    think it is just like having car sickness (although I never had that).

  16. When you portal just right.

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