Post Scriptum – Armored Warfare with Jingles & Digby

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Source: Flambass

March 8th 2019 British are reliving operation Market Garden in a special ARMOR ONLY mode in Post Scriptum.
It all starts with joking around which then transitions into real vs TANK fighting.
First we were Brits and then we were Germans.
As Brits we were in command of Firefly and as Germans we were in command of PNZ III (which didn’t end too for us) and than just at the end we got ourselves into a PNZ which had a very unfortunate start but ended in domination.
Wish we had a better to begin with because after we got warmed up we were doing pretty good.
All in all it was fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again and I hope you enjoy these highlights, have fun watching 😉


  1. first comment baby! love you lots, flambass

  2. you legend, get out of that English rustbucket and tiger them in to oblivion!!!

  3. Peter Kazandjiev


  4. *When this baby hits 88mph you’re gonna see some serious shit.*

  5. Who was in the video Flambass

  6. This is hilarious. JFYI, frist tank buttsex is at 3:45.

  7. Jingles and Flambass together? Is this a dream?

  8. Meanwhile (however funny the conversation is;) modern English consist of 70% foreign loanwords and most of those are from latin based languages, just an FYI.

    • Depends on which English you refer too. American is mostly German and Scottish.

    • +Richard Elbe Mostly Dutch, but that’s another story. It all started with New Amsterdam (New York), your founding Father’s regular visits to the Netherlands before founding the US, 5 Dutch US Presidents, founding of Wallstreet (Wallenstraat), the most influential and riches US families most if not all of Dutch decent, etc, etc.

      They had a big impact on US English.

      Scottish and German didn’t have that impact on American English, not in any stretch of the imagination.

      But Irish did in regards to language, the Italian’s, Spanish, Greek, Jiddisch⬅(mostly basterdised Dutch and German btw) did aswell,…Scottish and German definitely didn’t get picked up into the US diction like those.

    • +ThatDutchguy German supplied a few US idioms, some of which translate oddly into English. It also very nearly made it as the official language of the US

    • Dear +Richard Elbe : Well no. Even American English still has a better than ~70% romance-origin vocabulary, as ThatDutchGuy remarked. Of course the bones of the system remain of germanic origin, including the most commonly-used words.

  9. Marco Hornbostel

    Ace Tank Crew!!! 🙂

  10. Haha I’m subbed to jingles and was confused when Jingles was driving and a different perspective???

  11. Yes, a collaboration. ?

  12. I see the “bullshittery” term is taken, LOL

  13. What took from this video is to keep your ass in the tank not hanging out a hatch

  14. market garden,.. welcome to the Netherlands Flammbas

  15. Hmm, when encountering two or more tanks, try smoking one or both and relocate to another firing position.

  16. SEA Children!! Just like WOWs no one works together as a team… in other words. To many Chiefs and not enough indians

  17. I’m vexed who am I rooting for?

  18. Sounds like cyanide was in there need to get womble playing as well

  19. Nice, keep practicing, not so easy to be tank crews together.
    U should try IL2 BoS-Bodenplatte early access too.
    I am a big fan of IL2, and the further tank crew dlc looks promessing.

    I enjoyed Tiger I in il2 few months ago (even if it still WiP afaik).
    But this one looks awesome too, it’s on my list to purchase in 2019 ?

  20. Notice how they sucked ass until Flambass took over command? Even when he was driver or gunner, when he was in charge of strategy, they didn’t die immediately. Too many people in this game cannot command. And almost no one follows directions.

  21. 2:15 Formula Sherman

  22. Poor Flambass. He was forced to take a tea break.

  23. OH My God!!!! This is way too funny and wrong on so many levels!

  24. You guys need to work as one and you might have more success, just saying.

  25. wher can i get this game ? plz

  26. Is it possible to solo tank in Post Scriptum?

  27. What is the name of that game ?

  28. My Uncle was shot down (and died) in the North African campaign of 1942. Some remarks from that era include the following gem: Empire troops included a battalion of Maori whose radio conversations could be hugely entertaining – till the fighting began, when they would switch to their native Polynesian dialect. But this was of limited security value because spiky chunks of English would interrupt this stream of incomprehensible Maori syllables, like the word “tank”. I understand the Navaho code-talkers, who had a similar problem, systematically developed a Navaho military vocabulary to suit.



  30. Crazy kids :))))

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