Post Scriptum – Armour Playtest

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Saturday 02 March saw the of Post Scriptums’ “tanks only” game mode, and as usual I had absolutely idea what I was doing… Also, I spelled Digby’s name wrong, which should come as no surprise to anyone :p

Post Scriptum:


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. EL Camino Guy 2005

    Every time Jingles fires and is aiming to low i scream “DAMMIT MAN AIM HIGHER, YOU PLAY WORLD OF TANKS FOR HOW LONG AND YOU DON’T KNOW THIS YET!!!” I absolutely loved this Jingles please do more of this soon.

  2. Do more of these it was great fun to watch!!!

  3. Jingles u better make more of these vids i love games like these and love your content more

  4. Livestream this game?? That be awesome

  5. mk1 eyeball sees fuckall…. favorite

  6. I laughed the entire time. Playing with guys like that make it incredibly fun

  7. Hey Jingles in case you have not heard of this man, this is Phly Daily and he does War Thunder live streams and he posted this live stream of Post Scriptum. You’ll love the intro part to this video xD #KnockKnock #IsThereHans #FranzIsThatYou? #GoAvay

  8. Scott Drone-Silvers

    This looks like all kinds of fun. Requires cooperation and looks like folks have to mind their tasks to make it work.

  9. Post Scriptum…. or Post Scrotum?

  10. I want to play this, but I hate multiplayer only games.

  11. have not laughed so much in ages, thank you for the chuckles Jingles

  12. You were duelling Nano (Pz 4) and Nikolai (Panther).

  13. This is intense, I could really get into this…

  14. For some reason this reminds of me of Battlefield 1942, in a good way.

  15. that was super entertaining!

  16. bout time you checked out p/s

  17. More of this O’ Maelstrom Gnome Overlord… Will do triple shifts in the salt mines if it pleases you.

  18. Very cool game! Love rhe voice reactions of your crew mates when there is action happening. Spot on. Loved the call “on the way”. So awesome.

  19. Yeah! More of this game please Mr. Jingles! <3

  20. This was fucking great! Would love to see more.

  21. its so wierd to see all your fav people playing together! we got nordern, flambass in the comments, digby, nano was there in chat, the whole crews here!

    and im part of all of their discords

  22. cant play this game in a PUG team definetly …

  23. “Driver right right right” So, three rights? Isn’t that the same as a left, Sir?

  24. This game looks amazing!

  25. Second comander if from ZF CLAN… Sovietwomble clan… (ZERO FUCKS GIVENXDDD)

  26. Game looks awesome. Bye bye World of Tanks. Suck it WG

  27. Of course Jingles gets in the PS equivalent of a landship XD

  28. ProcrastinatingPuma

    Jingles in bullshittery when?

  29. sound effects in this game are amazing

  30. Awesome video! Do more of these videos.

  31. Matthew Carberry

    ‘That’s a friendly, it’s a Cromwell.’ 1) When did Jingles start properly identifying tanks? 2) Who accepts his call on a tank ID on faith?

  32. What’s the reasoning behind the tittle of the game Jingles ?

  33. Sounds like Sheriff Alex Jones! Lol!

  34. that was proper fun. Thanks Jingles

  35. KSI Knighthawk 1

    Why are you aiming for the engine

  36. that guy sounds like he´s radioing right from 1944

  37. I have suffered a slight boo boo

  38. Please play more of this it’s just awesome

  39. Aonghas McTavish

    Best part 6:32. Jingles learns he can make tea! He sounds very happy. This was brilliant, a great sounding and looking game, seemed very realistic and Hilarious.

  40. No, I do NOT want YouTube Music.


  41. Oh Classy <3

  42. Please please please please Make more streams of this game.

  43. Is this free.. I cant afford decent games.. I only can play free ones.

  44. Game looks good. Wish they had free access 30 bucks in NA on steam.

  45. That game play makes me think people have a hard time understanding basic English!

  46. A_Certain_Weird_Alien_Worm

    Is it possible for the KV-2 to exist in this game?

  47. The Sunken Swede

    Q = zoom, hold L-Ctrl and scroll mousewheel to adjust the speed of the traverse, just scroll mousewheel to change view, and in some positions you can turn the telescopes by using L-Ctrl.

  48. All I can say is, you can do that again any time you want

  49. That game sure does look intense! I wish that I had more time to develop my skills at games as they are getting ridiculously interesting these days.

  50. Eff me that’s tense to watch! MORE!

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