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Source: Circonflexes

Potato gun, finally met top tier
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. 18k battles in the elc amx?

  2. 18k ELC games? Must be salty for ELC nerfs.

  3. Looking at games count at the end reminded me last week I checked up an Hellcat player on the enemy team, he had a somewhat decent game but camped the whole time… 35k total games played, 34k in the Hellcat… had 2 marks unlocked but he was under the percentage for it at the time. Just… what… how do you play a tank so much and don’t even get to 3 mark it!? Even if by mistake you should be able to get close to it if you dont make it, right!?

  4. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The velocity is the same shit as the WZ-131 you gotta aim for a half century infront of the tank.. or maybe more to be safe.

  5. Dat stronk stalinium armor on KV tanks tho

  6. Just played this map in a tier 8 game. One enemy scout tank and two allied tanks drowned right after the game started…

  7. I have been working for weeks on LT-15 for the T28 HTC mission, 5k Spotting/dmg/tracking. no luck. Circon nearly does it while eating his lunch. lol.

  8. I thought you were going to make it without losing any HP at all.

  9. This tank… i rush/grind/xp for unlock+buy autocanon 3 shoots and +2/3 days… Wg remove this gun for NEXT patch 9.20 🙁

  10. BestViewedWithCable

    That tank is such a piece of garbage. The only tank worse is the hwk12, as its the same tank a whole tier higher


  12. This was zero challenge for you :O And you was so bored. Do you still enjoy this game btw? 😀

  13. ive never played the T67 XD

  14. It’s REALLY annoying you know? the way you make it seem so easy….. Makes me feel incompetent 😛

  15. I do believe it’s called kartoffelwaffen.

  16. *shoots KV3 in side of turret* “That crit was probably something important…”

  17. If the KV-2 had not missed you early on, this game would have been very different….well done sir!

  18. good game..i dread the day i cross u in-game..lol

  19. you’re just a battlefield terrorist circonflex

  20. I feel like circon is eating something in every video he posts. Maybe that the key to having good games

  21. Lol no Comment on that M44 shotgunning the Bert on your Team while driving? @Circonflexes

  22. Miodrag Mijatović

    – But zese are potatoes, Herr Oberst! Why are we using potatoes instead of real shells?
    – Because real shells are valuable! In fact, zey’re worth a lot more zan you are!
    – Jawohl, Herr Oberst!

  23. Thanx for the lesson

  24. Did the SPIC always have that cool turret? cuz I dont remember it…

  25. Amx 13 75 better

  26. The spud launcher

    But srsly, if only not that shell velocity…

  27. This is the only LT I’ve barely touched since the LT changes. Less then 1500 base DPM. Circ barely got it past 1700 with food and bia, still less then my Chaffee and M7. So you won’t win much 1 on 1’s if they get in your face. Still a good support light or a passive scout. I’ll give it that. But vs any light… that dpm needs to go up. Only light it beats on my list is the ELC.

  28. non stop eating

  29. Supplies mothafucka

  30. I bet he does not lose much to demonitized utube, since some games he says nothing :). But the game play is worth it :).

  31. Haven’t played this pos since the auto loader was removed, I got two gun marks in a matter of weeks 🙁

  32. Circon needs a clean pair of shorts after that KV-2 shot flew over his head

  33. Die Kartoffelknarre

  34. What happened to weekly highlights my dude?

  35. So much heat spam.

  36. So much damage, spotting assist and kills and the guys didnt take a single hit until the very end! 🙂

  37. I have a video about you


  38. You need sour cream and chives for that potato?

  39. Is this sp 1c or spic ?

  40. Only got one hit after all that.wow

  41. Shots the T67 and then nonchalantly eats whatever is in his bowl…lol

  42. Circon should just play lights….masterful!

  43. Mulitasking Sircron,recording,eat food and play WOT so easy with zero emotions:)

  44. KV-2s can pen Kv-2s from the front with HE, but SPIC can’t pen it with HEAT

  45. This game is just “hold my beer” ??

  46. The SP1C is a really fun little light tank but it used to be a lot better with the autoloader, now it’s just a run of the mill single shot plinky light tank.

  47. You made that look so effortless. Fantastic game. I found myself ducking when that KV2 shot came in!

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