POTATO ROCKETS! Ahhh Motherland! (War Thunder Rocket Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Best Warthunder game content belongs to barron
    (your juggling intro music like every video need community vote to make up
    your mind maby?)

  2. I get the reference

  3. Kepler_44b RBLX.

    Baron,I was a M4A1 Sherman and I think it was Tunsia map and i was pin my
    Panzers and British Tanks Until i Saw that tank you have and my first shot
    i shot when thought the holes and i was like wtf die you prick until i shot
    the rocket and exploded in flames.

  4. austin cochrane

    What the does tovarish mean? I can’t find a translation, probably because
    I’m spelling it wrong but I don’t know how to spell Russian words. Hell,
    half the time I don’t know how to spell English words.

  5. FATMAN tactical

    These are like the torpedus of War thunder

  6. pi314592654 Gamer

    Can u add the old intro back

  7. dude this is awesome!!! lol that was a great idea – using the rockets on
    the tanks!!!!

  8. Thanks for the intro music change, it’s much better than the previous one

  9. connor brookman

    “I mean you didn’t have to read em but you still had a lotta books”
    described my entire 12 years of schooling

  10. Do the Chruill mk III. Long live the queen

  11. When the rockets run dry it would make an amazing clothes dryer (premium
    content will include free pegs).

  12. the cringe is real

  13. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    the “i’m gonna come to your bar and fuck your tractor” and the “that Marder
    came to your bar” made me think, we need the Marder I, which is a French
    artillery tractor with a Pak-40

  14. Baron I’ve been I long time fan and I think it’s time to show some light on
    the Valentine tanks and there beauty

  15. plz valentine

  16. Do men of war and use a maus against slick heuhuehuehue

  17. pley stronk t-35 or smk for motherland

  18. I don’t know Rick.. Seems like russian bias..

  19. Ryan Daniel Jones

    Baron baron play the su100

  20. Rocket’s red glare lineup for July 4th!
    Caliape Sherman
    M26 T99 Rocket Pershing
    3 planes with combination of HVAR, M8 & Tiny Tims!!

  21. Ultimate gaming

    K2 black pnather

  22. Ultimate gaming

    Do k2 black panther

  23. Michał Kucharski

    i want RBT-5 again!! the ground torpedoes

  24. I like the Old intro music

  25. No one really plays the rocket tanks because they are premium, and the
    Sherman calliope is $50.

  26. Is3 or the e100 or tiger 2 105 mm plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. jagdpanzer 4-5 and he162

  28. soviet tanks took so long to burn down….fuck you

  29. The bias of Russian is real

  30. Mmmmmm potato

  31. Slickbee for President!!!

  32. rbt 5 plss

  33. I have a problem : (specs : gpu
    GTX950, cpu Core i5 6400, screen
    1920×1200 60Hz) I can only see 2x
    and 4x anti-aliasing settings in War
    Thunder’s settings But the 4x AA
    just isn’t enough… I can see jagged
    edges, and distant (50+ meters)
    trees are full of some weird, small
    bright pixels and they look a bit
    pixelated (Some kind of”noise”) (I
    had same problem in WoT without
    AA, but AA solved the problem) in
    ground forces AND planes. My
    lower-mid-range gpu GTX 950
    runs WT GroundF at ultra graphics
    (all maxed) at ~50-60fps and
    planes at ~70-150fps, and lowering
    AA doesn’t really affect the fps
    much, so 6x or even 8x AA
    shouldn’t be too much. I have tried
    using the NVidia control panel, but
    it has no effect! Plz help me! I
    have had these problems always
    (bought this pc 8 months ago)! I
    have almost stopped playing wt
    because I can’t enjoy the awesome
    graphics because of these
    problems : (

  34. ThexXD3STROY3RXx

    Hey that was me in the marder III sorry, playing on ps4 you guys were
    invisible to me so I didn’t even see you till I was on top of you lol

  35. BlackCatTheGreat

    baron, you need to turn down the intro music’s volume down like 20%.

  36. there arnt many rocket tanks because they cost to damn much.

    I decided to buy the caliope but it costs 60$!! that’s INSANE

    I could buy I hole game for that!

    anyway disappointed me :'(

  37. Bring back the tank torpedus! Play the RBT-5!

  38. Song? 1:00

  39. Can you do the RBT5 Thanks

  40. Do the KV-2 PLZ

  41. liking the new music intro

  42. Thanks for this long vid Baron. Perfect for waiting 6 hours at Moscow

  43. What is “ace” in the Warthunder mean????
    i don’t know man someone tell me plz.

  44. Hey Baron you Need for every Series a another Intro Musik

  45. I had that tank whit rockets on test drive for 1h

  46. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    play pz 4 h & j in arcade plsss

  47. ludvig mortensen

    DJ Baron approved once again!

  48. How can you record gameplay like what baron kinda uses

  49. How do i use the bioculars?

  50. MrSinisterSixty

    AGHHHH MOTHERLAND…. That was a really old video

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