POWER-CREEP in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Power creep occurs in all that have been around for decade here’s what I think about it in World of Tanks!


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  1. after years and years I still love my t32 (American heavy)

  2. The only two reasons why we need it: APCR spamming and updating to M46 Patton

  3. T32 needs more pen and at least 350 alpha

  4. So loose your way through it. Got it!! Thanks!!!

  5. If worked more on maps rather than 4-tracked Russian mediums that are light tanks with superheavy armor maybe id still be giving them money. I heard they are looking at double barreled tanks???

  6. Still managed to whinge about british lights. We get it. You have some bias but they are shit. They reflect it in the game. No cryings going to buff a turd. Enough.

  7. The Magnificent Bastards

    The t14 is like a roll of toiletpaper now, when did it get nerfed? Everything just penns my front

  8. I’m afraid all I ever knew of the Pershing was its modern-day suckiness. Sold it as soon as I got the M46, didn’t look back.

  9. *cries in IS-4*

  10. Power creep, by itself, may be one way to keep a game interesting, but it must be managed. WG has permitted nearly all of their older tanks to become so completely outdated as to be nearly useless. Look at the classic powerhouses. T95, Tiger II, ect. Power creep has hit anything that traditionally relies on heavy armor very hard. There’s just too much out there that no longer cares how much armor you have, they cut right through at nearly all angles. Big, slow, ugly tanks have been pushed to the point of being painful to play.

  11. Power creep creep is necessary evil…

  12. I think power creep is inevitable in any game, new stuff that comes out has to be on the high side of good, and it just creeps up over time. Can’t explain British lights.

    Still they need to do a rebalancing pass on older lines. Catch them up. Why play anything other than a Russian medium anymore? Really

  13. Thats wy the `”give” away the worst premium tank ever , like WZ111 and STA2. They dont sell anymore and didnt get any buffs either.
    So you cant now get them in front battle,. That sucks.

  14. All that gold. Pershing must be OP.

  15. I personally would love to see QB play the most forgotten line in WoT: The Chinese medium tank line. The current state of the T-34-1 and T-34-2 is completely atrocious. While the T-44 has gotten multiple buffs, its chinese counterpart has gotten none, and the introduction of the Czech T-34-100 has completely replaced the T-34-1’s role as a tank armed with a high penetration 250 alpha tank. The WZ-120 hasnt been touched in years, while the T-54 has gotten a complete rework. Im pretty sure most people dont even know that the 121 exists at this point, not when theres the Obj 430 U, which is just so much better

  16. Power creep is always bad for every game. I guess Wargaming tries to avoid it, with all the new mechanics which went into the game recently. If a tank is unique, it doesnt have to be better.

  17. The moment when Quicky literally missed the side of a barn

  18. “If you can get your tank in the right position” If… And you usually can’t. I absolutely loathed Pershing, Patton is better, but I still don’t like those “all-around tanks”. Still, I prefer specialist vehicles.

  19. It’s never the tank, it’s always the player. My god, do an episode on stacked teams (you know, where the random mm puts most/all the skill on one team)…

  20. Its ok in tir8 if you know to play but in tir 9-10 mm is ridiculous

  21. Power creep is NOT necessary. Novelty is. Italian auto-loader. Swedish TD. Wheeled vehicles. New maps. And on and on. You DON’T NEED OP TANKS….

  22. no QB, development does not mean power-creep, new things (tanks, challenges, maps, mods and so on) does not mean power-creep. But yes, it can. WoT has clearly chosen the power-creep path, though they did not need to, but it is the easy way. Is it a good thing, well, time will tell. Usually it comes with a shorter player rotation span. Older players will quit, new ones will join, but will quit sooner as well, older players will rejoin and quit again and so on. My guess is, that in a longer term, it is not good for the game community. Power-creeping will lower the player-base average age and that will in a longer term lessen the income for the developers. In a short period it can work, then again, we have been saying that for years now:) So there we have it.
    Pershing, back in the day, was kinda op, so yes, that tank can still perform, but tanks that where actually balanced, are left behind. To be honest, all tanks can still perform, but more and more stars have to align for that to happen. Player being good will become smaller and smaller of a factor and that is clearly visible in EU server. Short 15 to 5 games. As for myself, i don’t like it.

  23. What QB means is “you can do good in every tank if you have a 10 skill crew and infinite supply to premium consumables and don’t give a fuck about spamming gold”

  24. Lower your expectations. Yes I’ve to do that in my T-54.

  25. After the T20 it felt like a serious downgrade. Slow, cumbersome, and a wildly inaccurate gun… This is one of the few tanks I free exped. (Surprisingly my WR was pretty good in the tank, but it was sheer frustration to play.) Even the stock M46 felt so much better.

  26. “powercreep pershing 190pen”
    T69: 181 standard pen

  27. Do the same in a T-34-2 “Nothing about this tank is great, everything terrible”

  28. Compare this pershing with a t26e5, all i have to say for today :’(

  29. Benedikt Geierhofer

    Always feel that way when I think about my KV 4…I mean if you are good at angeling you still bounce like crazy but if you encounter a defender or something with high pen (skorpion G) you basically can only slowly craw into a position you are willing to hold until your last hp and hope your team used the time wisely. Low alpha not helping.

  30. I was only saying this the other day!! The tier 7 tanks are now very hard to play as well, as they quite often go into Tier 9 games and it’s the same with some of the older tier 8. I believe they really need to change the match making for tier 7. I’ve gone back to some of the lines I never did and I’m on tier 7/8s now and they’re painful to play they need a buff or a change to the match making.

  31. The Second Doo Doo Order

    Pershing Power

  32. I think power creep is a big issue in world of tanks

  33. Used to love playing my IS-4 because it just felt so powerful and competitive, now its just plain underpowered.

  34. Very true! I HATE people slinging gold rounds from the newest tanks on my poor Tiger II that doesn’t have the 10.5cm gun yet!
    So now, I am playing WoWS and basically quitted WoT. I spend my time on WoWS right now.

  35. It mattes very little how good or bad you play these days with rigged games and constant win rate nerfs if you play solo. Idk why I’m even recommended wot episodes anymore since I’m out for months already…. Constantly German tank nerfs and adding op after op soviet tanks made this game dead to me. No one talks about the true side of this dying game because they hope people will still play even though they only make the gameplay (solo players grinding in randoms) as unenjoyable as possible. I wish they would add Co-op mode like world of warships, maybe then people would actually come back. Constant rigged games and defeats is no fun no matter what anyone says.

  36. QB, your videos show a very different experience from what I’ve had the couple of years with World of Tanks. This video is a example. My whole experience with the game is a lot more frustrating. I understand you are a very good player and show mostly your (and others) best games and you do this for living. But, the fact that our realities differ so much, I don’t watch your videos as much I used to. I do watch your analysis of new upcoming premium tanks (of which there are many), they have a lot of useful information how to play against them, even if they seem that they are more like advertisements of products and the game itself, and mainly highlighting the positive.

    Its like you watch an advertisement of a hamburger meal on tv, its looks like its going to be delicious and the waiters are really friendly. When you get to the establishment where it is on sale, the service is terrible and the hamburger is nothing like on the advertisement and the french fries are watered and tasteless.

    This was a subjective opinion writing.

  37. It’s pretty crazy in WOWS as well – at least I think so, only been playing a few months, but they just introduced a tier VI BB with 16 inch guns.

  38. I disagree! Power creep does ruin the game, and is the reason people are quitting, especially those who aren’t able or willing to use loads of gold. It’s why I’ve quit half a year ago.
    The gameplay, new content and balance is more than enough to keep people playing!

  39. You were just being a dick and took his position to steal the damage

  40. Do 5k damage against tier 10 you won’t be able to in 100 battles you can’t do well it’s underpowered

  41. There is no need for power creep!!. New players then just grind the OP tanks and ignore the weak ones. Long term players gind new vehicles to have something to do or enjoy new mechanics

  42. Came here just to dislike this wg paid shill

  43. The cdc 90 % of the time is just the worst med in the battle getting matched vs progettos just feels like you bet on a chiuaua but then you realize its enemy isnt a rat but the big ass husky in the room and you watch as the small rat dog gets ripped a new one and your money is now also gone

  44. qb your a great youtuber please move on from this game.. please. keep on keeping on but there has got to be another game you can be just as passionate for thats not this.

  45. QB on what server is a team work in randoms? I saw only 1player who take the shoot for an player of his team and to be honnestlly I saw on one of your old replays you took a shoot for a teammate without geting demaget

  46. British light tanks?

    German light tanks: Am I a joke to you?

  47. I hated the Pershing but i realy fell in love with the M46 Patton!

  48. “Not great, Not terrible” not true at all, example of lack of balance. QuickyBaby can you honestly tell from how many shitty games you choose this one? And still you are really good player most are not, so they do not do this in way you show on video. Most of regular players do not have on VIII tier more than 2 perks, most of them do not run cola, and they will have shitty tank with shitty soft stats, shitty crew, few gold ammo (if they play for free) aiming forever and doing shots like your in this house YOU MISS A HOUSE even with I assume excellent crew and consumables, I have played this line I know exactly how it works. Do not defend this. How many games in this piece of shit you will be a cannon fodder with MM on X tier? competing with really good players in OP reward tanks? what then QuickyBaby? You will fight with this amazing 10d. depression against chieftain? you will flank heavy’s? On mostly corridor maps? with mobility very similar to Russian heavy’s? Yep it can work sometimes, barely sometimes. Most of the time you will be in this tank clueless bag of HP, sometimes you can have your 5 mins on YouTube in TopReplas (of course as a part of total damage done by hero). How long we will see games 2 types: your team gang-bang enemy team or or your team is gang-banged in 3-5 minutes in score 0-5 to 15? You dont need to use XVM to predict result of most of battles just looking at teams line up, map and first 30s to look what your team is doing. The game is broken, tanks balance is broken, MM is broken completely. Assigning tanks to battle is like a joke. And then moreover you have a person behind tank, a lot of people dont want MM with skill check, why? why there cannot be like in other games few divisions according to skill? Purples will not have cannon fodder to make stats? will be harder to play with players on similar skills? And this tank is one of perfect examples of pathology in WOT, no balance, Russian bias, and myth about your “play style” common, we can find in your channel: “the best: scout, medium havy etc.” how may there was USA and how many Russian tanks? OK just from memes “there is nothing to look at” yep of course “Not great, Not terrible”, still we have e.g. Skoda at VIII tier, “Not great, Not terrible”… simply trick you to loose time in grinding. Tell the truth QuickyBaby, at the end of this you will get excellent X Patton, but only for a really skilled guy with quite a lot of silver at the account.

  49. For some reason I dont like this tank. Other faster tier 8 mediums work better for me. But I love the tier ix M46 Patton. Who knew.

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