Practical Advice for Brawling in Light Tanks

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  1. Second then ^^

  2. Tangled and Happiness

    True! Need this V-much!

  3. **waits for stream**

  4. Helps to be driving a LT with armor to bounce xD

    Unless it’s a BatChat 25 or 12. Those things have French anti-conflict armor and will bounce high caliber shells with their sides and rear because aliens.

  5. lol I watched this on the livestream

  6. that CDC is a perfect example of why I never help team mates

  7. This seems to apply very well to the T-34-1 and T-34-2, as they’re hilariously low-profile and have very tough turrets. Taller tanks like the German heavies may have trouble hitting you in the first place if you can get close enough.

  8. All well and good for the Russian and Chinese light tanks, but what the fuck are you meant to do in the German, French and American lights? You get overmatched by everything you meet so this will not work. I love your videos dude but I find your advice always is only applicable to certain vehicles, like in your video about the STG, you said that you were just side scraping and that even the Leopard 1 would be able to do it, despite the fact that the T34 and E75 would simply overmatch the side and kill you. It seems most of your advice is really only able to be fully used in the forgiving tanks with armor that can actually do something, whereas any tank with little armor just crumples in the situations you show.

  9. Practical Advice for Brawling in One of the Most Heavily Armored Light Tanks in the Game

  10. just get a t54 ltwt. thats all you need to know

  11. I watched that on your live stream and was laughing at how you worked those two and how useless the cdc was

  12. I’ve gotten better in my lights and meds at shooing the track of a lone heavy close quarters. This either burns the repair or allows the circle kill

  13. The T-54 ltwt is a preeeettyy good tank.

  14. Notice how the cdc called the team noobs after lemming died

  15. What is this! No UNICUM in the title… What have you done with the real Lemming Kappa

  16. Looks easy to take risks like that when you’re in a lightweight t-54, with that good armor and black hole tracks.

  17. Perfect example of keeping your shit together and thinking a problem through.

  18. play of the game

  19. Thumbs up if you saw this live!

  20. It’s good advice Lemming, but if those tard enemies had just pushed into you both they would have killed each of you. Instead they played pokey pokey shooty shooty giving you the opportunity to slip past them and make that move. Slick play btw…

  21. Yo lemming, I had a question.. Since I started playing again lately I “forgot” (more like never knew) whats the most effective way of grinding and not going in the negative with credits. Hope you see this question but its also a question that anyone can answer because im pretty much starting from scratch with High Tier tanks..

  22. I thought this was going to be similar to your advice on sniping in mediums.

  23. That Chrysler is a real shitter

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