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World of Tanks – E 25. Today I’m playing a tank so overpowered it’s like practically cheating – here’s the E 25!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. This was like a commercial for the E25. It is for sale now and I am going to buy it. Not sure how a free to play player is going to get this tank.

  2. Stevie Huppenbauer

    Back in the Days i very often laughed in my KV2 when i see a E25….

  3. years ago, when they nerfed E-25, they let people who bought them earlier remain the original stats, is that still going on ?

  4. i love my e25 its very cute little critter giving me awesome medals i earned playing that bug


    qb…did you just say it would be played more if it was in tier 8??? you have just given wot a terrible idea…

  6. I hate the bloody cockroaches!! At one point in time, if there was on the other team, he was the one who killed me. They need to nurf the crap out of it. WG rely on the “If you can’t beat them, join them” approach. A really sucky way of doing things.

  7. In America the Premium shop sale with all of the extras they had on the E-25 meant that the $74.99 cost subtracting the Free Bundle Contents value of $100.00 meant that YOU MADE A $25.00 PROFIT.

  8. My camo rating without a camo net is 52.58% and 18.46% after firing.

  9. Adriaan van Vuuren

    I despise those little bastard tanks. Completely broken and unpleasant to have on the battlefield. A real pain in my ass each time, but it also feels so sweet to just obliterate one when I get the chance.

  10. Hey QB: why not jump aboard the CC train and show WG what’s actually wrong in their game instead of helping to sell them this fake OP-tank? Why at least not show Tier 8 gameplay against Defender, 703 and Chrysler where this poor Oldie cant do shit even with gold ammo? Show the game how it is and stop cherrypicking…

  11. I wonder if I should use optics or binocs on my E25? I only have 406m view range with optics, much worse crew and consumables etc. than Quickybaby’s version.

  12. Moving out of the cap circle is always a mistake. Bad player.

  13. Thrall Dumehammer

    Their selling it now! I’m buying it, I been waiting a awhile, sorry QB. I’m on NA server anyway, I believe we have more Muppets per square meter. I’m trying to balance it, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. WoT is heavily unbalanced, I’ve never seen this in any other game.
    These OP tanks alongside others which are rotten, these toxic mechanics, this inequality of treatment between players (you can hit targets without aiming for a looooooooong time, many of us cannot do that and the RNG awlays shits on us without shame).
    WoT is beautiful, but Wargaming has made it a low end game.
    Unlike you I am not a good player, I am even an ape, but the game as it is leads me to be even worse.
    The goldcheat shells you use with this E25 add a little more imbalance. It’s just a big mess and Wargaming is only thinking about more inequity or adding stuff that no one asks for. They should never have stopped drinking. No, they shouldn’t have.

  15. I love my e25 got it free during an event.

  16. I remember the time when the E25 was realese, it was already OP so some things never change… the OP premiums…

  17. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Only Russian bias from the IS-3 was enough to stop the rampage 😂

  18. Seeer Google sucks azz

    In the beginning this was not the case but I can’t seem to penetrate anything in the e25 it’s pen is so weak. Last I played it was a few years ago but I’ll take it back out.
    My e25 is still set up as a ramming machine from way when it first came out and was really fast. It accelerated too fast at a short distance to not take advantage of that, even though the weight wasn’t too heavy.

  19. Seeer Google sucks azz

    Just look at QB. He is a sheeple, Lemming, and follower type of guy. He probably wears his mask everywhere still. QB would easily fit into the back pocket of WG:; willing to promote whatever agenda they tell him to.
    Of course QB will promote their sale.
    QB does what he’s told like most jellyfish.

  20. Bruh half of my brain is telling me to buy it and the other half is telling me I’m retarded for considering it.

  21. d’cockroach is very annoying in every game

  22. I always cringe when I see one of these on the enemy team. But quietly celebrate when there’s one on mine. Lol

  23. I don’t mind the e25 being in the game, it is what it is, but continuing to sell it so often is unacceptable. Didn’t they even say once that they wouldn’t sell it again?

  24. Would much rather see that they remove the defender or something similar. The e25 feels great when I play it. A nice way to punish kids in their soviet heavies. Setting them on fire and so on. Either from engine dmg or fuel tanks.

  25. E25 is a keeper

  26. NobodycallsmeLebowski

    not as OP as it was in 2017

  27. This is what happens in these big companies. New CEO comes because the share holders demands. New CEO doesn’t give a crap about the quality of the product because his sole job is to maximize profit. CEO demands the directors to make these nasty decisions that break the game while increasing profits. CEO gets to write on his resume that he increased profits by xxx% in such a short amount of time. Another company gets jealous and pay bigger money for the CEO to work for them instead. And the CEO gets to flee before a game will become crap.

    This is the system working as intended, people. And don’t pretend your online complaining, reviewing bombing type of gamer “slacktivism” will change anything. The only time it even worked for a short period was with the EA Star Wars battle front and nothing else ever came close. This is the way things are going to be. Rich kids with inherited bottomless bank accounts won’t feel the 50 bucks they spend each month in a pay to win game. Poorer and working people will feel it because they have to budget. And guess what, the poor are to struggle in order to give entertainment to the rich. It is funny how playing games is a common way for people nowadays to escape reality and find happiness, yet no matter how fast you run, you never escape global capitalism lol

  28. i stopped play world of Tanks from years but i still like to watch this channel can you imagine that i know it’s weird but it’s kinda fun to watch even if i dont play the game any more

  29. 3:49 noo rip the electric box for tank battery 😥

  30. Namegoeshere Orhere

    What just kills me is how many of the legions of incessant whiners in this game will complain about so many minor to non-issues yet you mention that one of the big issues with the game being that they will not nerf premium tanks and they go apoplectic. “Don’t touch my precious!”

  31. I think the SU-122-44 were also have concealment bonus? But more balanced than this BS

  32. Jakob Logan Nørgaard

    Kilo all = more XP for all the team!!! TRUE OR FALSE???
    Will, you absolutely MUST prove to us what is true, as I Can find NO evidence that capping cost the team XP. And this possible myth is the cause of a grelt deal of toxivity.

  33. sure, E25’s destroying the game, not messy mm or Chieftains and 279e’s. I can feel the new players when dont know how to encounter an E25, but the game have other, more serious problems than that.

  34. Sorry QuickyBaby i dont agree with you on nurfing Premium tanks sins people pay the money for the tank for as thay where when they buy it, if WG nurfs premium tanks i want my money back sins i am not getting what i payed for and the tanks stats are not the same as i payed for, and i think that this should apply for all premium tanks i want to keep what i payed for en not a nurfed tank. if WG nufs it is not the same tank that i payed for.

  35. Ebr are more toxic

  36. no wonder i die so fast

  37. wot, treat premium tanks like free advertising on the battlefield. The mm favors wins for premium tanks so they sell more tanks. The only reason I say this is because I own 101 premium tanks and have been playing this game from the start. After 64K games, check the win rate and see the difference between premium tanks and your tech tree tanks. I rarely play my E25 it just so overpowered it’s embarrassing.

  38. The reason for not penetrating the IS-3 in the end = the Russian bias in the game. It wasn’t bad luck, it was working as intended.

  39. e-25 is worse than arty.

  40. Posting videos like this just make it worse dont post about it and people won’t buy it and your gripe will be null and void

  41. Interesting thing is, the Udes 03 is almost as invisible, and it’s a tech tree tank.

  42. It’s not really an issue and it’s got the same gun as the stugIII G so at teir 8 you would only be able to fire gold it’s not that big of a problem truly it’s only when it is on sale you see them and like most op prem tanks if other players see someone playing it an go hey I’ll take mine out for a run leave it alone I love mine and it’s one of the few tanks left that are genuinely fun to play for a few games when the grind is killing you

    why do you always hate on everything now we get it you don’t brown nose WG like some thought you were back in the day. You’re just starting to sound like a winger on the forum eeen artys too powerful nyeee this tanks too op neeee NERF the E 25 Even though it’s been in the game for over 5 years and hasn’t really
    broken anything wargaming is right to leave premium tanks alone unless it’s a much needed buff like the poor old IS-6 with its 175mm pen buffed to 185 it’s not enough it’s still got shit amor and a less than mediocre gun it was my first premium tank back in 2012 and it wasn’t even that good then when compared to the American T-34 you still had to aim for weak spots on the hull hahaha eventhough the hull was paper

  43. Dont want to annoy paying customers = pay for a better chance to win with a better vehicle?

  44. It’s only overpowered on the right maps. On city maps this tank can be quite useless. It also has bad penetration. There’s a reason it can’t face tier nine tanks.

  45. DamienskottHellfire

    Oh c’mon it’s not that overpowered.. I mean so what if I can push up against just about anyone and not get shot while I nibble away at their health.
    I still love my little cockroach tank.

  46. DamienskottHellfire

    I’ve bought a few tanks of all tiers but this one will always be my favorite it’s so much fun. They should add an automated “what the fuck?” audio cue whenever the enemy gets hit by this tank. lol

  47. To be fair, they practically gave it away a few years ago when they had that easy mission to get it.

  48. Well add it to the KV-2 then which is still the CHEATINGEST tank in the game. I am all for a nerf of this tank but let’s start with the OUTRAGEOUS hidden perks given to virtually EVERY Soviet tank in the game first, not to mention the cheatmobiles running around with their aimbot guns and magical bounce ability.

  49. and now , you sold 25k more of them for WG,… nice job! 😉

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