Premium Account Changes in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Huge changes coming to premium accounts in World of … Here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I think the piggy bank could serve to encourage players to play at least a week. If you have money put there waiting for you, you may end the week to get it. The thing I think is that you buy at least a week of premium account

  2. They are getting desperate and making so many changes they are fucking it up. Wargaming have started listening to the community, but the community they are listening to are the useless cry babies you find in General chat in game.

  3. I love my bobjet so I am going to love this update

  4. I’ve decided to delete my account and never play this game again because I’m fed up of the rigged bullshit of being a FTP. I go one day from  purple to the next time I play to red – why is this? because every time I do really well I’m guaranteed to be bottom tier every single fucking game in every tank I play with a team full of bots against the same platoons of seal clubbing losers that are one tier higher – and where strangely most of my shots miss or bounce off. – I can easily prove this…..  SO WG  – GO FUCK YOURSELF

  5. Hy QB it’s interesting how surprised you are every single time that wg makes pay to win decisions. For me one thing is clear. Wot is pay to win. Look at the arty tier 5 for 30€ i am waiting for the is3a for 70€?. They don’t care about all the rumour. I don’t know how long I will go on playing that game but I know I won’t spend much more money into that broken game. There is not much fun left playing it. Sad but true. Thanks for the vid anyway. Your content is great.

  6. World Of Warships did this at Christmas . we just get extra XP and credits . . but as you say QB this is a little too far with the bonds thing . love the idea for the platooning thing . and like WoWs extra XP and Credits are always welcome . fingers crossed the Bonds thing gets left out . I run Vanilla on WoT and Wows and have hardly played Wot since the introduction of the bonds as I believe they are a unfair boost to the Umicum players and then the Seal clubbing will begin on us Average players …. love WoT and did play in the Closed Beta and for many years till now . .
    but this bonds advantage broke it for me 🙁
    I will pop in evey now and then for a little fun …. but not like I used to … my 170 tanks are all covered and getting dusty .

  7. I be you will have to have an active premium account to get your piggy bank. Let’s say you have time to play on Monday and Tuesday, so you buy premium for those days, but not the rest f the week when you can’t play. Come Friday you will get an email saying “You have 100,000 credits in your piggy bank, but you must buy more premium time to unlock them”.

    Wargaming are scum, don’t give them another dollar

  8. Hi QB,
    I’ve been following your WoT uploads, and been enjoying them for years now. My first comment, I believe… 🙂
    Just wanted to tell You, that it is annoying to talk about Pay to Win moment. This game IS Pay to Win, soooo, why constantly talk about it?
    This is a “Gaming Industry”, which means, Wargaming has a product, and by all means necessary, they are motivating people to buy their product.
    So, if players that pay, have the same benefits as the ones that don’t pay, why would they pay? No profit for WG.
    Yes, it is free to play, BUT, that is just a teaser trailer, marketing step, a demo game, to hook up people 2 play the game… Eventually they will like it much enough to start buying premium, so they can get an advantage. If there is no advantage, why pay?
    Before these modern times, You could not even play the game if You didn’t buy it. So, u paid for the game and had an advantage over players that did not paid it. So, advantage is obvious, u could play the game and they could not. Now it is the same thing, just more subtle. You can play the game but not at its fullest, unless you pay.
    That will never change. Unless monetary system vanishes.
    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see equality in the world one day, but that is just utopian’s dream. I got my E100 from tier I up, playing the game without premium. I’m not a snob, but expectations are misplaced here… that’s where disappointment comes from.
    Keep up with your channel, best of luck.

  9. They literally are killing ng F2P idea, they sure hate the players that “DON’T PAY!” that just want to enjoy the game

  10. “Free to Win” sounds like politically correct marketing.

  11. You know what really grinds my gears even more, the news article before this one, that you can see in the background of this video.
    They are selling leFH again, and right after they put defender on sale again, there is no stopping these fools.
    They are spreading cancer all over this game, throwing herpes on it, and sprinkling AIDS on top.
    And you can bet on your life, they will sell E25 and IS3A this year also.

  12. Alexander Superapple

    So… in a 3 premium account platoon they get to exclude 6 maps?

  13. I guess, the idea of a piggy bank is not to make you feel special but to limit the income to 750k per week. I believe that a dedicated player, with at least few tier 8 premium could benefit much more of, let’s say 10% or 5% more credits. In their scenario, nobody can get more than 750k.

  14. No one is commenting the fact that with increased credits we are gonna see more gold ammo users???(sry for my english)

  15. Bonds and improved equipment messing the game up bad. This game is no longer free to play.

  16. Free to win hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa

  17. They transform wot in “pay to win ,, if they continue to do this is gonna be the end of it

  18. They forgot to say, that the new balanced premium account reduces my RNG and increases the RNG for my opponents. 😉
    Pay to win is “shit”. >:(

  19. RIP I’m quiting! Just get shit on every game now and can’t even imagine even more pay to win in the future

  20. This is just the regular from WG. Build up the player core then excise them! The game is going to a very very bad direction. Now it’s not a game, it’s a product and they only see $$$ in their eyes. What they are talking about in the video is a lie. How will it increase the gaming experience? By putting pressure on all players to buy buy buy buy. It is sick and pushing the game to a very dangerous direction. Just a few steps and we will find ourselfs in the world of wear out skins and micro transactions. WG is transforming the game to the same direction as IOI wanted to do it in Ready Player One.

  21. Certainly not bringing me back into actually enjoying playing this game.

  22. thay r digging there own grave …. RIP WOT

  23. the only thing better about wot today…

    -better graphics

  24. I think that Quickybaby is not seeing what the game experience is for people who are not superunicums… The map ban makes life much easier since some of the maps are unplayable.

  25. I think that they want ot do the “piggy bank” model ’cause is the easiest way to limit the amount of extra silver you can get, it’d surely be harder, as a programmer, to limit that amount if the extra silver would go directly in your account balance 🙂

  26. It is not pay to win. Why should people who play for free and don’t contribute to the costs of development not be penalized in some way for that.

    A premium account is a subscription.

  27. Enhanced equipment or directives should not exists as they make the best player even better.
    To fix this for their premium player base, WG decided to make special mission for premium accounts. You can look it at 2 different angle : if you are an average premium account player you feel better, but if you have a free 2 play account, the gap is even bigger now.

  28. welcome to more transactions to play ……. will never spend another cent on this game but i will hang around to watch it die slowly

    Also if people don’t think that premium account also give better RNG % and % bonus on Armour basically better % across the board your are in absolute denial.

  29. Calm down about the bonds guys, we dont know how many you can get out of that. Maybe its just a tiny amount that not really affects anything

  30. Some servers also have a small player population and ques take some time. If people are suddenly excluding 2 maps each this is only going to make things worse.

  31. I like to have a unified premium as I play WoWs and Wot and have since beta

  32. While i share your opinion on bonds, i would say overall as a player who had nearly every tier 10 on xbox one, and moved to pc gaming and didnt want to start again and work on the grind.. i feel alot more incentivized to do so now.. i feel like this is actually targeted at new players to a degree and that is in my opinion a good thing

  33. These changes don’t look so bad. Wot is a pay per win and I’m ok with that. It was just too expensive and they’re gradually fixing it. My suggestion is: create separate – premium and non premium account – official wot statistics.
    And please find a way too balance players by WN8 in the match making.

  34. Prices of tanks will be more I feel.

  35. LOL Free2Win well that´s a joke. Well this is the end of premium account for me, dont need more money, bonds or more xp and i dont want features that will bring me unfair advantages over non paying players. With all the personal reserve, xp and cash you get, new players are going up the ladder faster than they learn the game. The added cash… more goldspamming, you know its hard to learn how to aim… basically the only thing you have to learn in the game…. Choosing out maps should be for all players, i personally WELCOME the feature, bye bye Emperors Border!!!

  36. id pay to ban arty in games..

  37. Vishvajit Joshilkar

    I will not let my friends play this game.

  38. At the one side, they encourage platooning by extra credits etc.
    At the other side they actively punish platooning by giving platoons *TERRIBLE* matchmaking compared to random players where you are more often then not at the bottom of the team.

  39. The cost of breaking the piggy bank is needing a week of prem, I think you wont get it if you get a day of prem on a f2p account via missions

  40. As it may sound great and it probably is but to me it is just another way WG is trying to get people to put their (real) money in a game… People who do not can (students) spending the money are being disadvantaged now

  41. I’m a premium account player and I agree with you QB, there was no need to introduce any bond or “improved” equipment at all, and I don’t need any bond bonus in the account as well. About the additional excluded map, I don’t need it as well but it’s less important advantage. Last but not least, I like the platoon bonus changes: Usually platooning gives you worst MM so this bonus is a kind of compensation for it. On the other hand, such flat bonus at lower tiers too can promote “sealclubbers platooning”. More flexible x3 bonus would be enought, then you apply them on the desired games

  42. The kpi of wot must be not satisfied last year lol

  43. dont agree with QB on lot of stuff, but here is spot on. If they made missions for bond available for everyone and made easier for premium players it would be fine

  44. That map thing, what’s this? Weren’t they complaining about the matchmaker being slow already some months ago?

  45. How about just fixing the MM so you don’t get screwed when platooning with mates,

  46. I saw them launch this in ships as well a few months back and was hoping that it was not going to make it to tanks. But in a battle between hope and money, WG and money will always win.
    As somebody playing both ships and tanks this feels like I’m being milked twice, certainly with the massive advantages that the specific premium accounts for the games give.
    I’m not a fan.

  47. Great vid, just stream the players in the Matchmaker a 5% spread. What’s the point of sorting MM but still having one good team and one shit team. Especially if your on a losing side 10/1

  48. My 2 cents on this.
    – banning more than 1 map is not P2W – should be the best way to show WG some maps are crap
    – piggy bank is useless
    – bonds for premium missions is not P2W as you can still get them in standard accounts as well. If you look at it this way, basically any form of currency bonus from premium is P2W as it gives you faster access to better stuff.
    – any bonus to platoons that include standard accounts is welcome.

    Long version:
    – I like it how people are getting frustrated that premium players are going to be able to ban 2 maps instead of one like there are only 2 city maps and 2 open maps entirely. I will gladly pay to block even more than 2, but not for the type of tank i’m playing in, but because those maps are simply too shitty for me to enjoy them in any type of tank – this will make it easy for WG to identify bad maps and remove or rework them.
    – The piggy bank feature is crap, they could have simply added the bonus to the battle credit income. I’d rather had more xp or free xp instead.
    – Bonds for premium missions? We should first wait and see how many and how often premium players are going to get them. Anyone can get bonds by playing tier 10 battles and i don’t see any problem with that. As for the “elites” getting more bonds that make them even more “elite”, as much as I hate it when someone plays better than me, those good and dedicated players need to get some sort of incentives for being in the top, right? And I am sure that 99% of those who play to be on top are not doing it on standard accounts. To become the best you need to invest more than your time and nerves in any sport or competitive activity – that’s just how things are.
    Extra Gold and XP in platoon is a good thing as you can help standard account players as well

  49. Thank you, QB for bringing us all the great content. But lets be honest, WOT is a piece of shit now, since the defender, the anime shit tank came up.

    No, wargaming, you cannot get 1 more cent from me. I am living well with R6, sekiro, Dark soul…etc.

    I was the WGL gold player. Since wargaming want wot to be a P2W game, I Cant fight the stupid premium shit and just quit it.


  50. Seen a lot of comments how excluding a map is PTW. Kinda struggling to see how excluding 2 maps from 30, rather than 1 from 30, is going to give players a huge increase/advantage in their win rate. (fyi, currently f2p, so I’ll only get to skip 1 map)

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