PREMIUM KV-2 (R) – Warhammer 40,000 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks KV-2 (R). Warhammer 40,000 arrives in World of Tanks with the KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Full disclosure: Wargaming just gave all the community contributors the KV-2 (R) for free on their personal accounts. HOWEVER I paid for this myself this morning at full price and will not get a refund.


  3. This thing just shoots fireballs…

  4. Well at least they didn’t give it 40K stats 😉
    and the BDR does look like a strange Leman Russ XD

  5. Inb4 Land Raiders are introduced.

  6. Gian Franco Pangan

    we dont have this on blitz, but we have t6 dracula (a tier 7 amx cdc with more engine power), helsing h0 (twin gun 90mm TD), nameless, k91(tier 9 russian prem heavy), kpfz70 (tier 9 prem german heavy), an autoloader is3 defender and a lot other stupid tanks.

  7. for those who are expecting the xvm mod just go to your game folder delete the new MOD and RESMODS folder and RENAME the old mod and resmods folder whit the new update name.ex( rename works for me 😉

  8. when you really wanna make those accurate shots in a KV2 you slam it into high gear and turn your turret and shoot w/o aiming
    the undead hand of Stalin will reach up from the depths of Hell and guide your shot
    (assuming you have sent enough dissidents to the gulag)

  9. The mighty Grey Knight

    The Valhallans never had Ragnaroks…
    only the Death Koprs of Krieg used them

  10. Shame to have tenks like ‘shameless’ instead of historical based tanks like this.

  11. Rolling Thunder

    If it also had a Warhammer Crew with Crew voices yeah sure but just that naaahhhhhh to much Money

  12. Marcin Kozłowski

    Mr. Quickybaby, it’s because it looks somewhat like leman russ of the imperial guards.

  13. What is this british man talkin about?! Pence? Pounds? Tf uses that?!

  14. Some random guy from the beyond

    Welp time to go purge some heretics

  15. Michigan Skinny

    selling a skin………………like the t34b……….for too much money……..not for me, thank you very much WG………

  16. And now show us a great game in the BDR.

  17. CaptAin3 _Danger

    All we need now is a baneblade

  18. Dimitrij Logunov

    Kv-2 +Kv-2R is looking badass. I love them

  19. Fun fact about the KV-2 IRL: it had a strong tendency for the turret ring to jam as soon as the turret itself was hit by a round (even when the round didn’t penetrate).


  21. YoungHittaTrappin [MOMS]

    Great Video QB! I come from the Blitz platform, it would be cool if you were to do a video on the blitz platform just for giggles

  22. TheGermanFreaky

    Can we apply the Skin on the Standard KV-2? Since its a Custom Style? Would be cool if that could be possible…

  23. Hi, One of pre kv2 did 860 damage with a single HE shell, killed my standard kv2. I was not really really unexpecting that . And did few battles, got similar results with my standard KV2. I thought they were overpowered until watching QB ‘s video..I think some people are using it for rerolling too. Many of Pre KV2 owners were double blue coloured ( as a very good player in solo’s mode) at the tank and at the thier general stats. I found it very expensive as standart KV’2 owner.

  24. Hey QB – appreciate that you bought it to get a review out as quickly as possible. I agree with some of the other comments below – if you get free stuff from WG as a CC, then great – we benefit indirectly from your reviews and videos on what you receive. There should be some perks that go with the job and free stuff from WG occasionally is definitely one of them – no need to feel bad or to justify that what-so-ever!!!

  25. Bringing an AP shell in a KV-2?? *DISGRACE*

  26. Looking forward to the amx 40 premium. (I have good crew and love the tank) It will have a sweet skin but still cant pen a Matilda…or a Japanese heavy…

  27. Personally, I think it’s great they put a less popular tank in the spotlight and give it a little edge.

    I also like they used a standard KV2 so now I can just skip it as a tank collector because I have the one in the tech tree already.

  28. Tank hoarders wet dream 🙂

  29. Okay have to be honest wg milks money from this boring ass game Like no tomorrow, seen when QB didnt get his refund after buying this tank even tho community contributioners get this for free so from all of My Soul wargaming a big fat fuck you from here!

  30. Never imagined that KV-2 would get a prem tank version

  31. HE WHO DARES the only way is world of tanks

    tbh anyone using a kv2 is not worried about concealment.look at the f*cking size of it.

  32. Another premium, wg: you play, gives money money money on shit stuff!

  33. Please more skins and less OP Premium Tanks. Thx

  34. So that’s me! I’m the only person who likes the BDR G1B on the whole EU server! 😀

  35. Too bad WoT is still cancer…

  36. Ok this thing is stupid wargame really wan money from us players

  37. Shining Darkness

    Oh boy the dream has finally hapened, I can play the kv2 twice as often

  38. I like Warhammer, and I also like the KV-2
    But… this is not worth it for me… I’d rather use my standard KV-2, even if it doesn’t make premium money. In the end, I only play at tier 6 if some friend grinds a tank and I platoon up with him, or if I just want to have some fun in the king of derp.
    If I want to make money, I’d play a tier 8 Premium. And if I wanted to train a crew, I’d also rather get a tier 8 premium tank, since they also tend to make more crew xp.

  39. Now the big question is… Does Stalin guide the shells on this tank as well? And does it have stalinium armor?

  40. Braixen Flame's Crafters

    I AGREE, but i do love the tank. Its a great brake when your having bad T8 games =]

  41. Michael Adhi Nugroho

    Unsubscribed! Nobody dissed the BDR!

  42. How can I post a replay for you to look at?

  43. “World of WAAAGHships”
    Make it happen.

  44. Bout as retarded as it gets.

  45. 50 buck for a fuckin skin


    imperium eagle and that’s warhammer 40k skin what a joke

    add true armored vehicle in WOT and see PAIN really is 😉

  47. OK let’s be clear : 27€ for a tier VI heavy tank is far too expensive (for example the japanese Tiger is 15€). And about BDR skin : 10€ ! Scandalous price !

  48. Heresy, The Adaptus Mechanicus will not stand for this.

  49. i still do like 20k sometimws in my kv2 if im not drunk or my team sucks haha :v….and wow….

  50. Shitgaming copying War Thunder again
    well done
    Im glad I uninstalled that shit

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