Premium preview! // FV4202 (P) / “Tanks of London”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Much as in Doctor Who, in this first British we have an old familiar face returning to us, but with a fresh look about it. Good news! Except, someone’s apparently let the equivalent of Russell T. Davies be in charge of balancing it, so buckle up because this ride is going be a little bumpy (surprisingly so, given it only goes 35).


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Those bounces!!!

  2. The reason I like to play the British Premium Tanks is because I love how
    it looks, although it sucks such as that tier 7 A45 HT. British tanks are

  3. Finally!! Someone outs this tank as garbage! Most other Youtubers etc have
    been calling this “reasonably competitive” or the like D:

    The skeptical side of me thinks WG will buff the tank after all of the
    Marathon Missions are over (ie after people can get it for free)

  4. The repeated cruelty to Ferdinands in this video is disturbing T.T

  5. MrImmortalityPrince

    You can’t blame WG for releasing this tank the way they did. Since premium
    tanks aren’t meant to be as good as an E25, which was a mistake or just WG
    actually trolling.

  6. Buff the gun handling, accuracy .32, and speed to 40km. It still has crap
    armor and crap hp/ton.

  7. People keep claiming the tank is terrible. Yet it is topping the tier VIII
    WN8 and win rate charts on vbAddict…

  8. I watched Circon and Pointy both saying this tank is bad, whilst showing us
    excellent games with it. I don’t get it. If you want to make a point, do
    not use conflicting messages. The audio is saying BAD. The video is saying
    EXCELLENT. So, if it has bad gun handling, show us where you failed because
    of it, stating that in any other tank you could have had the shot. If it
    failed because of slow speed, show a clip where you constantly are driving
    behind the action not being able to catch up, etc. etc. This is kind of
    confusing (same goes for Circon’s video by the way).

  9. SO Wargaming has moved on from free Tier 3 Garage Slots to free Tier 8
    Garage Slots? GJ there lol

  10. I’m on NA and got the FV4202(P) for free. I agree with everything you have
    to say about it Jedi. I will say that its one saving grace, other than
    being free, is that its more fun to play than the Matilda Black Prince. I
    have a female crew that was originally on my FV4202 (moved to my Centurion
    7/1 since the Action X replacement simply because I enjoy the 7/1 more, not
    because the X is bad or anything) and without a female RO I can’t run them
    on the Cromwell B without breaking SoS. Now at least I have a crew trainer
    that isn’t the MBP with only four crew positions.I was originally running
    the 4202(P) with rammer, vert stab, and optics, but I replaced the optics
    with vents. I found that if I run it with the female crew, vert stab,
    vents, and food the gun handling gets into the acceptable range. Clearly
    that shouldn’t be necessary, but I’m really only playing it for crew
    training, not to make money, I have better premiums for that. Since it is
    a premium it at least generally doesn’t lose money running food. It also
    doesn’t seem to have issues catching fire, so that is good. I hope it gets
    buffed into the range where the food isn’t necessary. At least I didn’t
    pay anything for it, or grind a mission. However, I am thinking about
    grinding the mission anyway. Since I already have the tank I’ll get
    something like 3.6 million credits plus some equipment for just playing
    like I normally would anyway.

  11. I’m on NA and had the FV4202, so thankfully I got the premium version for
    free. And it is a big old wet steamy turd, don’t pay money for it. If
    you’re playing the game anyway might as well try to grind the missions, but
    don’t feel disappointed if you don’t make it.

  12. sub-300, woop, woop
    Jedi, damn it, why do you livestream so randomly, I always seem to miss it

  13. I literally don’t know why they’ve done this. The armour profile, fair
    enough it might be true to the real prototype but how are they justifying
    the horrific mobility and shit gun stats? What do “sekrit dokuments” say so
    Wargaming? xD
    I’ve seriously had enough of Wargaming lately.

  14. and now you can have this turd for free! Provided you grind 450k expereince
    in 14 days, which for an average player basically means: call in sick at
    work and take up this new exciting 5-hours-a-day-part-time job for a free
    garage slot.
    I can’t be bothered…

  15. 510 Horse power? Did they run out of Meteors and just shoehorn a boosted
    Liberty into the engine bay instead?

  16. Dear Jedi, 226pen gun is barely good for Tier 9? Then what about 183pen of
    T54 mod1 (same MM)

  17. The (P) stands for pathetic XD

  18. Looks like the 122mm on the Isu. Be happy it was not the 152 or BL-10!

  19. “But! It’s fine..” famous last words.

  20. I’d rather wait for Chieftain/T95 Hybrid to be the regular British T8
    premium medium tank. This doen’t worth the grind

  21. I usually love bad premiums, panther 88 is my baby

  22. why cant we get a good tier 8 premium heavy tank with a good gun. maybe a
    chieftain prototype. i want a good crew trainer.

  23. Here at the HQ of the North American (U.S.A.) Chapter of the Caption Guy
    Fan Club and Filler Article Clipping Society a poll was taken and it was
    determined that the term “premium” is being grossly misapplied by War
    Gaming (among others) as pertains to tanks. It is the opinion of the group
    (100% of the membership voted with 100% in agreement) that “premium” should
    refer to vehicles and/or equipment that is a tad bit BETTER than simply
    “elite”…Because, if we gotta pay real money for stuff made out of pixels,
    it better be really, really good, not just equal to or a smidgen better
    than stock….I mean really….Any way…Eat more crisply fried, thick
    sliced, sugar cured bacon….It’s what we do here at the N.A.(U.S.A.)C of
    the CGFC and FACS….Try fitting all that on a ball cap or
    t-shirt….Which, by the way, we have….Excellent WoT video and review!
    Keep ’em coming!

  24. FV has the Caernarvon gun (OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel) not that the
    Centurion Mk. I (OQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel) gets
    but it looks like the A barrel on starts but worse.
    The only good thing is i got it for free and for a guy that love his
    British tank like the churchill GC (pre buff) it take a bad tank for me to
    hate it and i hate the FV

  25. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Got it for free, gave up on wargaming ever giving the British a decent
    premium tank.

  26. after the introducting of the is-3A this seems like a perfectly well
    balanced premium tank.

  27. Why do I always get for free the crappy stuff… first the A45, now this.
    Why couldn’t I have started with the US HT line way back when so I would’ve
    started on the right foot with a free T34 =p

  28. Tbh WG could do worse than to just scrap this whole tank and just replace
    it with the Chieftain/T95.

  29. I’d far prefer it if they even dug up some fag packet design of something
    with a 32pdr (Tortoise stock gun) as a tier 8 premium, it would fit in far
    better with other premium type, only 214 pen but 250 damage (shell cost is
    still fairly expensive for the damage but better than the 20pdr) but I’m
    still convinced someone in WG HQ just hates the British: expensive ammo, no
    tier 8 British prem tank for years (and then serving up this steaming pile,
    which the British will have to do a marathon mission that no one with a
    job/family/life will be able to do while the americans get given it for
    free), dangling the Chieftan in front of us before then ripping it away for
    no reason (probably to come back as some retarded clan wars reward), the
    Challenger TD (Nuff said on that one…), Having to wait until literally
    the last gun you unlock on the British heavy line before you actually get a
    heavy tank gun, (not strictly WoT related but still WG) making the Brits
    wait until after the Japanese, American, Russian and German ships before
    we’ll get the Royal Navy, do I really need to keep going….

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