Premiums Not Worth Your Money! | World of Tanks AMX CDC and FCM 50t

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Source: DezGamez

Worse Premium Tanks in 2020, Premium Tanks. World of Tanks AMX CDC FCM 50t Review. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch.

Today I am going talk about couple premium tanks which are not worth your hard earned in World of Tanks. These tanks maybe once were very good, interesting awesome, but now, in 2020 these tanks are definitely not part of the META game anymore.

What do you think?


  1. Which tanks have you regret the most? The worst premiums in your opinion?
    Have a good one, my friends, stay awesome! ❤

    • i have just logged into the game and there are no tanks for sale for anniversary coins. so what now?

    • ts-5, the stats look good, people say it’s good, but It’s horrible, the tanks armour doesn’t work and the gun is so inaccurate (0.40). I regret it.

    • In m y opinion the worst premium tanks i played (on common test/ friends account) were all german premiums without löwe, e 25 and kannonenjagdpanzer (haven’t played). It kinda shows that wargaming doesn’t want really good german tanks, but they are okay with russian bias or tanks like elc even that just do something best.

    • Giovanni Pomarico

      @m lanyon check wot website. They did thzy postponed it because internet shut down in Belarus.

    • Mutz is not good at all, tier 6 check TVP is hard to play too. but but but CDC is awesome, and FCM as a heavy support is great too……… you are soooo wrong
      still love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. You ‘re a mother tracker in the game😛

  3. I expected T26E4

  4. I remember when all premiums we’re Not better but different and Special. then there was Defender.

  5. Such thinking and videos forces WG to bring broken tanks.

  6. Once I bounced a WT E100 with a CDC, highlight of my life. Good old days.

  7. I have just realized the garage is actually on Minsk map. 😀

  8. i never played it but the cdc looks like a fun tank to play. i mean look at its mobility.

  9. I like the Fcm 50t, it has an ace up it’s sleeve. It has preferential matchmaking!

  10. Sound advice for new players, keep them coming before the poor bastards waste money on garbage

  11. *watches vid , logs in WOT, takes out his rusty CDC*

  12. Nation by nation pro/con sounds like a plan

  13. Remember when the CDC whas actually good? That’s how much world of tanks has changed…

  14. Good day comrade Dez! Sure do more. As new players come they shoud know what not to buy!
    My worst premium tank I bought was during last Christmas. Opened boxes gave me 12k gold, OBJ 703 II, E75TS, SU-130PM and other lower tier tanks. 50TP prototype was in game market. So I thought near new Premium Poland HT with good alfa dmg, good gun depression, why not?? How stupid I was… It is so random. It can be good some times like 252U but most of the time it feels like carton box. Every single shot do critical dmg to crew or modules. Slow as Tortoise, but good gun stability. Well, there are better HT in this game, so it’s my first premium tank that I will trade-in. Hope to get 252U or… Caernarvon Action X.
    Good luck on battle field, and in real life Dez.

  15. Its so sick, like 2-3 years ago when fcm50t was actually one of the Best premium tanks and now its Just crap

  16. Of course you are neither my wife nor my girlfriend.

  17. But Dez, I look up to you as a father

  18. 50t is actually good money maker

  19. I owned CDC for a long time and all the things you said are true Dez, gun handling is trollish and you won’t bounce anything with it. But it deffinetly doesn’t deserve being called bad in my opinion (that should go to super pershing). I will say thank you tho, because if it will be seen as a bad premium it will be buffed and will be even better 🙂
    Thx for the content Dez <3

  20. I thought cdc used to be so op

  21. Jelmer Gijsbertsen

    FCM 50t is still a great premium tank. I’d much rather avoid the T34.

  22. Tanks with low damge and paper armor are so shit.

  23. Sick to death of the helicopter sound every time it gets to the screen.

  24. great video, but i do not recommend Revalorise xD…poor tank. Expectations were higher for me and then…

  25. More episodes, please 🙂 For every nation.

  26. I bought the AMX CDC because it was fast with good gun handling. The video they made for this tank showcases its amazing gun handling support heavys! Wargaming has definitely nerfed the soft stats over time… why? No idea. I wouldnt mind a refund but hoping they would fix it. Bought this tank when it first came out. I wont even touch it now. The wheel vehicles makes it impossible to do the same job it once had. With the current meta I feel this tank needs to be totally reworked or removed completely. Half or most of my damage was from passive scouting taking the scouts spots before they did. With wheel vehicles.. good luck.

  27. The other helpful tip is if WG are selling premium tank with gold and or prem days the tank is usually crap.

  28. I honestly think FCM 50T is one of the best Tier 8 premiums in the game 🙂 However just like Dez said it only really works for above average players. I actually rate FCM 50T on Par with Patriot and that is no small thing. It may not have the best hull down capability nor the best frontal armor but the Speed and view range combined with the reliable gun and 80mm of side armor meaning you can sidescrape anything in the game without being overmatched actually make this a great Tank for carrying games 🙂

  29. FCM is worth it, preferential matchmaking, high dpm , medium play style

  30. Yes, keep them short and regular, Dez.

  31. AMX CDC was my 1st ever Premium tank (when premiums were balanced and well done)…. But with the game as it is now…. Is under 3meters of dust!

  32. I think it would have been better to make a list of Tier VIII premium tanks that are really worth it – that list would have been considerably shorter: EBR, LT-432, Progetto, Bourrasque, Renegade, Defender, Skorpion, SU-130PM – that’s probably the strongest two from each class, and that’s all you ever need. Other than that there are some also-runs such as the T-44-100 or the Lansen C; the rest is garbage with today’s meta.

  33. Antonio Petrinsak

    Are you even allowed to say something against WG ? Not to end like SirFoch…since their custom is to ban/silence everyone talking against them. ol’ soviet way of life, still.

  34. A lot of the recent changes are quiet nice! A step in the right direction but still all dont forget that Wargaming is still the company that lied to us all about obj. 252u never will be sold again and other just pure greed mooves

  35. Actually we are not celebrating..WoT has postponed the celebration until further notice..just as the cake was about to be set on the table all the children were told to go home until further notice

  36. Thank you , Dez ,
    Yes more like this plz .

  37. Please do.I bought a

  38. Don’t buy these tanks because they’re bad unless you’re really good. Anyways, here’s some clips of them wrecking smh

  39. Well ok it can’t hide anywhere bit i still love my cdc 🙂

  40. Little late…

  41. “I am not your mum. I am not your dad, not your brother, your sister, your husband, your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend.”… ‘Why can’t we be friends’ starts playing.

  42. Can you make a lowe review? Thanks!

  43. before when first time i played World of Tanks wayback in January or February 2012 during their Guiness World of Record promotion here in my place or here in the Philippines🇵🇭 wargaming gave T-Shirts to the owner of the shops and 500gold for the owner and many of us here created a WoT account for the first time and i really like it until now im the only one left here playing in first favorite premium tanks before was AMX CDC,Super Pershing and Löwe but i can’t afford to buy it also no online game loading station here in my place until 2015..
    August 12,2020

  44. AMX CDC was equivalent to T6 Dracula in World of Tanks Blitz but T6 Dracula seems over powered tank..

  45. I want the bourrasque. Do anyone think that it will come back? Is it worth it.

  46. Hey Dez, I’d have to say the AMX CDC. I appreciate all you do for the community. Much respect.👍

  47. Just a random dude?!?!? There is nothing random about the true Beast Mode Master Dez. Thank you for all the AWESOME content Dez.

  48. WG- bring back F3, F4, F5 and F6 😞

  49. As a pround member of the AMX CDC fanclub i am angery

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