Prepare for trouble and make it double.. – AMX 13 57

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  1. Every video needs a 1st comment.

  2. I’m a turkey. Pet me.

  3. “For”

  4. To protect the world from devistation!

  5. glacier is a great map and if you disagree you’re wrong and you should feel bad

  6. To protect the world from devastation!

  7. *Ooooof in slow motion*

  8. WTF that first replay, you didn’t run out of ammo, it’s not worth putting on youtube REEEEEEE

  9. 6:40 O-HO

  10. Catch ´em all

  11. WG deserves a lot of shit for their incompetence and shitty business practices, but Glacier is not among them.

  12. tnx e-god there is only one circon 🙂

  13. That gun is brutal. The enemy team go into panic mode instantly, with that rate of fire.

  14. In the second game you have 56 fired, 49 hits, 47 pens. That’s 8 difference- One extra clip. Waiting for the perfect game in 13 57 with all shells hits and in ideal situation- all pens 🙂

  15. Out in the streets they call it murder!! Welcome to Jamrock… :))) ???? I didn’t know you knew Jamaican songs Circon :)))

  16. a????????

  17. “Snow El Haluf”… Holy shit, it really is. Hadn’t noticed that.

  18. ahh team Rocket. classic

  19. Good stuff, love seing the AMX 13 57 in action.

  20. 14:33-14:37 best part 😀

  21. Someone make a t-shirt out of this:
    ‘Good bye, good talk, good shit.’

  22. poetry in motion

  23. I like how their artillery evaporated in about 5 seconds after being spotted.

  24. I see Cironflexes has got his little one out again.

  25. South-east road on glacier is the way. You can push it relatively fast, base is free assist and farming the guys in the middle is a very rewarding side quest.

  26. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    the console version of this tank has 72 shells 😛 hahaha

  27. What headphones do you use?

  28. To denounce the evil of bad map design….

  29. two in a row i cant even manage one lol

  30. How do you get that mark percentage indicator? 😮

  31. zoom out to space …. :/

  32. Out in the streets…they call it murder! Oh man, circon be jammin.

  33. The tiger 131 is way different on console

  34. It’s not the whole gang without the talking ELC though.

  35. When three quarters of your team are rotting tomatoes but you still can pull off your 90% WR.

  36. Matthew Carberry

    Next time ramp off the dune and hit him in the turret, Dukes of Hazzard style.

  37. Now that you mention it,it really looks like snowy el halluf.

  38. 10:42 Churchill: Hmm, what tank line should i pick for my first tanks.. I’ll go with this heavy tank. I’ll be slow and clunky but atleast i will have alot of armo….

  39. Epic & Funny as usual!

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