Preparing for the next patch! New Russian Tanks Incomming!

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  1. The change to TD is a real shit.

  2. The new Obj.268 v.4 will have a 650 alpha gun

  3. Leave the fking 263 in tier X my god -_-

  4. Well i am fucked, I just started grinding the T10 and the obj 416

  5. The new TD is just worse than 263

  6. Lol there is like no fucking body driving that obj 263 but immediately when wg announces that they make some changes it seems like the whole fucking community is playing that thing 24/7 according to their hate and anger… Was the same with that chinese td line: they announced only to publish it on asian server and people went crazy why the hell they wouldnt release them on eu, ru, na server. And now they did what the community wanted and noone is playing them right now like what the fuck is going on

    • A lot of people play it… People just don’t like to go down that line because of the tier 7, 8, and 9. It’s a cult favorite tank. Why do you think people are pissed about the Obj 263 changes but not the Obj 430?

  7. Well good timing on my 430 grind.

  8. Just to understand this properly – If i own the 430 now, ill get the substitute tank for free?

    Nevermind , found the answer myself within the official WG info. Good stuff!

  9. WG pulling tanks out of their arses. Ohh the blood!

  10. Train new crews…
    Or just buy a couple of those new Russian Sherman premiums (on EU soon I would think) with the BIA crews, then retrain them to the new heavies.

  11. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Well if it makes you feel better the obj 268-4 gun looks exactly like the 263’s 130 which is hopeful

  12. Simon van Oossanen

    Already got the t-54 after grinding 416 ?

  13. We dropped down to under 5k players last night on NA. Game is dead for us! Sad face…..

  14. Su 122-54 new tier 8 premium 😉

  15. i will reinstall wot 🙂

  16. FirestreakRodimusPr

    As long as the RU server is happy, that’s all WG cares about.

  17. Can someone please tell me if the experience points I earn now on Obj. 430 will carry over to tier 9 or will it stay with new tier 10?

  18. didnt dezgames confirm 263 wouldnt change?

  19. It’s gonna be Obj. 430U it is “У=U” in Cyrillic

  20. was gonna buy the IS back to grind until I heard that the new rear turret heavies will have derpy 750 alpha guns. was hoping for a more accurate 400-500 alpha gun like the super conq has 🙁

  21. Tier 10 russian heavy after t10m, maybe we will finally see the obj 777 in the game

  22. I still think WG should split the Obj 263 branch in order to keep the current 263 and the SU 122 54. Just put the Obj 262 at tier 9 leading to the 263 and have the 122 54 lead to something like the Obj 261-1 (not the artillery).

    And if they really want to put in the 268 V4, put it in a mini line researchable from both the ISU and the SU 101, with the 268 V2 at tier 9.

    It’s not hard to think of stuff like this!!!

  23. Some problem with changing the shit or evolving ? In my screen that is and not my software
    or hard or some ??!!!

  24. Baguette with cheese

    They are going to make the SU-122-54 a tier 8 premium

  25. The SU-122-54 should become a reward vehicle if they are going to remove it like that. Vote in the poll I created on the forums if you agree or disagree. Link Below:

  26. So I need to grind my T-10 and unlock the IS-7, as well as grind the IS

  27. How much time ~=~ since this goes live ?

  28. So not tier 10 for now after the version II ? I’ve heard they have one for it.
    Does it mean I have to get the 430 now if I don’t wanna be grinding the 430 u all the way back to tier 6 since I never went for that line ?

  29. Soon you won’t need to play different nations for different play styles- just play Russian!

  30. Tried to grind some credits today in my Tier 8 premium mediums and I got shot for 1000+ dmg in 2 out of 3 games by a Japanese heavy… Glad to see good old WG is listening to its playerbase and fixing broken tanks *instead of sticking a couple of bananas in their ear-holes and wiping their drooling mouths with our money…* Oh, wait…

  31. Thx forthe info. I started T-10 grind to get IS7. Now I hae to hurry as i just have unlocked all equipment. :/

  32. Thanks for this.

  33. Did you do this video before or after the anouncment on their site?
    Because they pretty much explained EVERYTHING in detail.
    For example, the so called alternative soviet TD line loses it’s dpm and accuracy in order to make them close range assault td-s.

  34. 2 questions, Do i keep the t-10 and why is black prince still shit

  35. Obj 268 V4, ,650 damage for 17 sec reload and a shitty armor , thank you drunk WG

  36. Incoming*

  37. James Bigglesworth

    What is this free stuff?
    There is no free tanks, just replacing a like tier tank for the same tier, that is not free, you ground it out…

  38. i dont understand why they dont just make the SU-122-54 a reward Tank like all the other Tanks before

  39. Su-122 the tier 9 variant was a terrible tank and really stood out by being a completely weird playstyle compared to the previous tanks and the tier 10 which follows afterward. Good riddance.

  40. Quickybaby you’re a fucking manchild

  41. they will pull a Lorr on us with the 122-54 and will bring it down to T8 so it competes with the chinese prem TD

  42. Will the SU-122-54 become a premium (in name only) or will it be completely removed?

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Bryan Zeeryp it will be removed completely. But hey, probably you can buy it again with real money when it becomes t8 premium.

  43. I like how wargaming removed the only td in that line that actually existed past cardboard cut out stage. (As far as im aware). Also why didnt they add the obj 252 for the rear turret line? Its in warthunder and is basically a paper tank with a god gun. That would be a nice change of pace from super heavy after super heavy.

  44. how do you grind for tanks that aren’t in the game yet.. I can rebuy my is but does xp just store there ?

  45. “Oh Wargaming, you are so smart! I was just realising there were not enough Tier 9 Russian tanks. I didn’t have to say anything and VIOALA! Now there are 11 of them! Good job Wargaming! You are so smart and wise!”

    Said nobody ever…

  46. What the f*ck are they doing with these lines?? Back in the days of T62a being the only medium I completed the line. Then they added Obj. 140 so I had to buy back the T54. Then they added the Obj. 430 line so I started grinding it slowly but stopped with Obj. 430 II researched. Now I’ll have to buy back the T44 if I want to grind new tanks. The first time they announced these changes both the 430 and 263 were supposed to come down 1 tier and be replaced by new tier 10s.

  47. 5:30 as far as i know (stands on the wot site) the tier 10 should have 650 alpha they “nerved” it down from 750 alpha

  48. anyone wants to start a petition against removing su-122-54 ?

  49. “We want to create unique and more variety of play-styles for players.”
    Simple solution for Obj. 263 at Tier 10 is *don’t touch it at all* .
    Though T8 and T7 need some buffs.

  50. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    RIP 263 ;(

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