Pretty fly, for a medium tank – TL-1 LPC – World of Tanks

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  1. “With a decent turret and the hull armor is…. NYEEHHH”

    *Blocks Indien PZ*
    *Dodges IS-M*
    *Blocks IS3A*
    *Dodges VK 100.01*
    *Blocks HWK 12*
    *Blocks Skorp G*

    N I C E
    M E M E

    • it’s all in the turret, if you play this tank a lot, i think you will agree, the armor overall isnt super great

    • That’s definitely been the result for me – I just haven’t unlocked the secret armor buff modifier from putting a Unicorn on my turret – haven’t earned the right for it yet.

  2. It’s a good tank but the gun can be really derpy with missed shots that will drive you crazy.

  3. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    what do you think of the Bond shop tanks? will you buy any of them?

  4. Loving the YT spam, cheers!

  5. Can I use your logo for my space marine chapter?

  6. POG! Circon’s back to tooth-fairy land 😛

  7. Wtf is that thing? Its like the patton’s retarded little brother

  8. have this tank as well it feels like cheating sometimes playing it, its pretty well rounded for my play style

  9. I adore this tank. The 280 Alpha is a game changer. I usually play American and British mediums and this one stands out at T8.

  10. 280 feels nice because it feels like a 240 gun that always seems to high roll

  11. Unknown_User 4546B

    Liking the commentary vids more than the stream highlights.

  12. If you like any Patton-style tank gameplay, you’ll like this tank.

  13. That one downvote is the Scorpion driver

  14. not long til it will be 3-marked on stream… just a few more Tier 7’s to go!

  15. How dare you give us older replay kappa

  16. You keep loading heat becuse you always use too much heat…

  17. lol, stay healthy. Holistic care.. Holistic dentistry.

  18. Why doesn’t it have the skin instint dislike

  19. AAAAAahhhhh, I see what you did there. Man I’m old…

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