Preview: Patch 9.21!

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Source: Circonflexes
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  1. You asked for it on twitch! So here it is. Feedback is always welcome, did you like this kind of vid or nah? <3

  2. “you have to get around it” – or, what WG is really aiming for with those changes, press that 2 key

  3. Deathstar getting 20 shell. Hell yeah

  4. It's not what you think


  5. When is the update hitting live ??
    I’m on AT7 with 40k xp on it, do i even bother grinding Deathstar at this point or its too late ?

  6. A shame they didn’t buff the gun traverse or depression angles of the FV 215b 183 like they did with the FV 4005.

    Also a shame they didn’t buff the Churchill GC’s armor or mobility…

    Other than that its a pretty good patch.

  7. Did you know that the franken actually has a better dpm than this?

  8. What’s the background music called?

  9. I linke the 130mm sure it has like 15 or 16 sec reload but ilike tanks were u have choice of two guns usaylly the first 1is best1 to go for but then u have sec one were have to auctuly think about all ur gun statistics right before u shoot or click ilike those tanks were they challenge u so hard to the point were now u know the tanks capability how fast can it go how pen/dmg it have but ilike the new french heavies

  10. wait the bathtub got a HD model?

  11. Ya that AMX M4mle.51 is a monster on a ridge line because nothing can penetrate that thing hull down with 8 degrees of gun depression the things to much. Maybe they should make that gun port in the front a weak spot? But its good to see these types of vids circon.

  12. so another “use more gold ammo or go fuck yourself” update

  13. We njoy this kind of videos.

  14. Churchill Gun Carrier Hype!!

  15. 4:14 this absolutely looks like the sunglass meme thing. This thing has glasses, is has eyebrowes (the 6 azure things), a fu**in big nose… A real cool badger.

  16. They shouldn’t call it an update. They should call it an uparmor. How many tanks are going to be added with good armor, or are going to have their armor profile made better? Press that 2 key and then still have a better than 50% chance to bounce.

    The new T28 model looks weird, in a bad way. I prefer the old look.

  17. You need to put the badger in the rignt context : +2 mm, what will t8s do to a badger? they can’t flanc it cuz they will die by DPM and the lower plate in the center is more like 240-250 MingLee and quite a few t8s don’t have that premium pen…. GJ WG as always making the life of low tiers worse patch after patch and bringing more armor in the game everytime…..

  18. Just above the gun is actually kinda weak

  19. Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhat is up everybody, circ here.

  20. the AT2 got an armour nerf
    it used to be a slow bunker with a pea-shooter
    so they decided to remove its saving grace, the armour
    WG need to put down their crack pipes once in a while

    peace (from the UK)

    • Because the armour was too strong for tier 5

    • with the addition of new tanks with higher pen, the armour has become less meaningful over time
      and most people knew where the weak spots were, as every video anyone did told you them
      it was always an artillery magnet once spotted
      now they’ve decided to weaken the only strength it had
      bad gun, bad mobility and now bad armour

      i’m on the verge of suspecting anti-British bias on their part
      i pretty much only play the British tanks these days (i’m slightly patriotic, you see)
      but they seem to be really weak by comparison to others
      low alpha guns, lackluster mobility and questionable armour

      and the aim time and accuracy stats are works of complete fiction

      maybe it’s just me

      peace (from the UK again)

    • Derek Jinks at tier 5 players are newer and less experienced, and usually don’t know how to aim for weakspots. The nerf is big, but 152.4 mm of armour after the nerf is still incredibly strong for tier 5.

      peace from Canada

    • i see enough premium ammo being thrown around to know that the armour means less these days
      and it means even less when in tier 6 and 7 games when they start dabbing the 2 key
      the armour was the AT2’s only trick, now they’ve decided to take it away
      that is annoying to me

      peace (still from the UK)

  21. Badger is OP

  22. Nerf the lower plate and side armor for the Badger and it would be ok. Maybe nerf the DPM a little like 10%

  23. Error 404: Weakspot on Badger not found!

  24. So t28 got a siege mode :/

  25. too good,LUL like the e3 isnt more crazy good compared

  26. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Maybe give it weak cheeks

  27. We like !

  28. First American td with siege mode?

  29. looks like they have pretty much ruined the ST-1, huge commanders hatch and a auto pen tumor where the driver sits…fuck you in the ass WarGaming

  30. What really annoys me about this patch are the weak spot (cupola) buffs for the british TDs. The hull armor buffs are ok, but virtually removing their prominent cupola weak spots and making the only way of effectively combatting it getting around it is really annoying. On ridge lines you won’t be able to do shit against them. Now, it will be the “better press the 2 key to get through the cupola”-mentality all over again.

  31. was it just me or does the 110 HD model have a huge turret ring weakspot….

  32. William Taylor Payne

    Yes I REALLY like these types of videos. I actually prefer them over live streams.

  33. Circon, what are your thoughts on the current WT Pz (tier 10 German LT)?

  34. They should’ve called it the press “2-2 update” british tank edition*. I mean the greed is repugnant, and the balance is absolute shit. “flank ’em” where Circon, where, remember this is “World of Corridors”, WG’s disgusting greed aside, the balance department needs to get the boot so hard it’s not even funny (they, at least, could be greedy assholes without making the game BORING AS FUCK).

  35. I enjoy these kids of videos!

  36. All I could think of, while circon was adressing the tier 9 and 10 French heavies, was the high HE pen on the german tier 9 and 10 lights

  37. What would you recommend they change on the bigger guns? Just more pen?

  38. I do like these types of info. ty for them.

  39. If they add that tumor on top of the tank like the tortoise, I’m immediately selling it. I fucking hated that cancerous weakspot.

  40. At15a getting same armor buffs as the at15 ?

  41. Just one question how im i gonna fight the badger with the tiger 2 wg you fucken abes ?

  42. i think the whole problem of the changes to the british TD’s is the current TD Meta alot of people just camp at bush in back and this will be so retarded if they are full HP in end game situations with that DPM they can kill everyone with 1-2-3 shots so quickly..

  43. Don’t worry T54E1, you will get a buff soon i’m sure of it hahaha

  44. Welp… now i gota get me a bonds rammer and vents. A below 6 sec reload with 128mm alpha? yes please.

  45. jpz e 100 drivers now have an excuse to bring a lot of heat

  46. Oh, c’mon: the British need to be allowed at least *one* damn tank that is OP! The Russians get over a dozen OP tanks with no weak spots and ridiculous armour and high mobility. Even the Americans get a few. Why can’t the British, who we all know the devs hate with a passion, have at least one slow, low mobility, OP tank without glaring weak spots from the front?!

  47. If Badger is played by good player, that has repair skill…. RIP

  48. When they added tracks on IS-3 hull it counted as 20mm spaced armor. Now they added tracks on 110 hull and ST-I LFP and it count for shit. Logic WG.

  49. Then buff E100’s turret

  50. I love the 127mm on M4 51

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