Previewing the Polish Techtree!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Descriptive and amazing title sircircon

  2. Some dank polish tanks

  3. Preferred the old title.

  4. @Circonflexes what is with the cc code’s? Do you have one?

    • nope, dont have one, they only work once btw, so you can only use 1 cc’s code.

    • Circonflexes i know that they only work once. That’s why i want your code if you have one. And if there is any benefit for you . Like if i use your code you get something..

  5. nice memes. I wont be doing the tree but still great video circ.

  6. the Tee Pee tanks

  7. 2018 08 04 15 10 00


  8. Aren’t those tier 7-8-9-10 heavy tanks basically russian heavy tanks trading some hull armor for gun depression? Why would you even look at most non-russian heavy tanks if they get introduced like this?

    Edit: and holy shit, the tier 10 just shits on the E-100. The only thing you lose is the side armor and some HP only, not that it really matterss considering it can’t get lolpenned on the turret sides and that it’s basically the same at the front, with a smaller lower plate.

  9. WarGaming: We really need more nations in this game…
    What’s that, you want more tanks in the smaller tech trees instead of having to grind a new crew every update?

  10. 60tp meme hype ????????

  11. Fuck I thought my monitor had a piece of hair during that tier 7 preview xD

  12. WG found the data of these “tanks” on a piece of toilet paper!

  13. Armor + gun depress + alpha…. Sounds good to me. And heat proof upper plates are always nice.

  14. From what I heard those tanks are bad.
    And here I am like: “They fucking wanted it and yet they are still complaining! Fucking typical Poles…”

  15. Well kurwa, these tanks are as legit as building a tank out of Lego…at least with the Lego one you could say it existed…

  16. Finally tier VII medium with more alpha than mainstream 250/180 (even in tier VIII only 320 is TVP that even with that alpha is shit)

  17. KSUST? That is not a word
    Habicha??? What?

    • You’re right. It’s not a word but shortcut from “Komitet do Spraw Uzbrojenia i Sprzętu” which you may translate as Committee of Armaments and Equipment. “T” is added by Wargaming, I think for a Tank – in 30. in Poland also was in use as a word for a.. tank 😉 And not Habicha but Habich – It’s the last name of polish tank designer. Habicha is with Polish last name declination.

  18. Tier IX gun already better than IS-7 lmao

  19. Simon Leichtmetall

    Why do they even have weakspots? Others don’t. You obviously don’t need them to make a fair tank.

  20. The tier 7 is just the memes. Really looking forward to that one

  21. And really nice to see weakspota on tanks after Murazor got kicked out. Soo relieving

    • Fritten Neuntausend

      Maybe for cupola, but those lazy f*cks didnt manage to model the gun ports on the hull for tier7/8, although they are clearly there. But some weakspots are probably better then no weakspots i guess…

  22. J. The Happy Wyvern

    I hope the in game nickname for the Polish tanks will be Toilet Paper for the TP initials

  23. Do you think the tech tree is going to make some noise in the meda?

  24. Why dont they just remove german tech tree ?

  25. let me guess, teirs 1 thru 7 suck and are tedious XP grinds that encourage the player to spend money to skip. The teir 8 thru 10 are decent, but are exspensive XP grinds that encourage the player to spend money.

  26. Tier 10 looks like an T30 idea once again.

  27. tier 7 is almost like tiger II

  28. Hey boys. I’m still grinding the T55 missions. Are the new personal missions gonna replace them or will they run parallel?

  29. Well balanced tanks.. good turrets and guns as well as weak spots… looking forward to play!

  30. Yes pls make a video on the maps and personal missions

  31. This tech tree is bullshit.

  32. Edward Murphy Sr.

    The tier 10 looks ridiculous. Turret is literally half of the whole tank, and how the fuck does it weighs only 65t with all that armor and firepower. Did the Polish folks found themselves some high grade stalinium(or weed) ?

  33. The food consumable was available on – you just scrolled past it multiple times. It is about half way down the list. Love your content.

  34. It's not what you think

    RIP E100

  35. thought I clicked on a circonflexes video not quickybaby

  36. I’m gonna enjoy farming these weak heavy tanks

  37. Making the comment in the Tier 7…. ” that are Russian levels”…. Considering that Poland was a communist country, up to 1989 and with that, under Russian rule….you would expect to see the Russian influence in the Polish tanks….. IF EVER… The thing that surprising me the most is ….that Poland has their own tanks, because they were under Russian rule….I would think that the Polish would Russian equipment, to be honest

  38. I am really glad to see there are not retarded heavies but have actual weak spots

  39. WoT: A universe where Polish tanks are better than German tanks.

  40. 18:49 you could have said a t30

  41. Its called the habitcha cause thats what youre gonna be saying

  42. A little disappointed you don’t speak much about track and turret traverse speeds…which are key clutch situation stats…still, all in all, a very good presentation you made.

    • Some of my best games are played by utilizing track, and turret traverse, not to mention gun traverse..for example in my SU 122-44 with a 4 perk crew, I can spin on a dime, and smash noob light tanks that think they can flank me. I used that as a prime example because it does not even have a turret, but if you add gun traverse with track traverse, can be exponentially different compared to an untrained crew. On turreted vehicles, even more so…adds a 3rd part to the equation. Few people even discuss gun traverse unless they are skilled with arty…or they play TDs with limited gun traverse thus they must move chassis, which makes reticle rebloom, and trashes camo net and binocs.

    • On a side note how many times have you gotten pissed as hell when you run a TD with Binocs and camo net…just to have some noob who decides to camp behind you, use you as meat shield, fire indiscriminately, blow your cover, and bump you every 3 seconds to kill your camo net and binocs?

    • and here is a huge clue to noobs, if you have fixed gun TD, and you back up as they try and flank you, you widen their turning circle, part 2 of that is: you don’t have to pen them, if you track them…you got em…cuz your reload may be faster than their repair…sometimes you gotta track em twice….to nullify auto repair..and you just cost em at least 4k creds…plus the entire tank repair cost cuz you just toasted em

  43. aaaannnnnddddd nerf

  44. I watch all of
    you tubes…better than junk food and still get my tank fix.

  45. Oh man, I just can’t wait for the Polish Cavalry techtree to come out 🙂 OPAF; have you ever tried to detrack a horse?

  46. Wg should change the polish tech tree to horses not tanks.

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