PRIMO VICTORIA (STRV 81) – Highlight Short Review.

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. In case you wanted to see the new premium tank, before deciding to buy it etc. Enjoy! <3

  2. 230 alpha and only 2.1k dpm? I’m gonna pass on this garbage.

  3. Dear Mr. Flexes, You have clearly broken this game. Please return it in the original packaging.

  4. Circon: ‘It’s a better Centurion’. Me: ‘Welcome to the Pay2Win World’

  5. Spikes on a tank are cool, this tank is still awful..

  6. What a douche

  7. Next up: The new Metallica M60… nowhere near as good as the old M60, but it will try to convince you it’s better in every way.

  8. Basically a centurion 1 without all the new buffs it’s getting… For the last 2 days my centurion 1 has been demolishing this tank so turret is really nothing special from what I see

  9. Sadomasochistic Hamster

    Just curious. Why the Norwegian flag? I am Norwegian myself. Any Viking blood in you perhaps? The beard and size could have fooled me. Keep it up!

  10. Next up,the Elton John m55,everyone think its gay and it will convince you it is too.

  11. hey circon were can i fined the retical mod you have??

  12. Why can’t all WoT music just be replaced with Sabaton?

  13. Wanted to buy this….after this video…I changed my mind…thank you SirCircon

  14. what the hell u fired 2 prem rounds that game and the ammo cost was 30k the base shell cost for standard rounds is ridiculous

  15. Heard the new light changes are just wrong

  16. @SirCircon I can’t aim fully anymore… It stops at the turret but u can’t get that closer aim look…. it only aims like when the countdown goes down… So I can’t aim in more than that… And everything I have to press space if I want to be fully zoomed in… I guess somethings wrong with my wot lol

  17. I put my Amx 12t crew in tier 7 AMX. Retrain them, now crew is 100% but I can not add skills to the crew. Skills are stuck at 84% when they were in 12t what should I do. Thanks.

  18. Circon I just maxed out my Centurion Mk. 1 and I’m starting to grind for the Cent 7/1. Should I stockpile enough free xp to unlock the Type B barrel and the Mk. 9 turret on it so I only need to grind for the gun?

  19. This tank is made for Sabaton fans, and as one, for me tank is nutz with band members as crew and Joakim voice. You cannot complain it’s not worth buying it bcs you’re buying it cuz you love sabaton, not the tank itself. Tank itself is actually rly good but mm for t8 is so bad, tbh hull down this tank shit on everything when it’s top tier

  20. How you spend your money says a lot about you.

  21. Should I buy this if the only British medium I have played is Cromwell

  22. Is it just me or are so much fewer people complaining about this solely due to it involving Sabaton?
    It’s pointless to complain about reskin premiums in the same nation but at the same time that’s not why people aren’t complaining about it. Apparently the whole “We hate everything” meme stops when it involves something that appeals to them.

    Even if it’s the same thing that they complained about earlier on other tanks.

  23. I got it – it way to prone to module damage. The turret is good.

  24. Every time I watch you play, you make it that much more inherently obvious how much of a self centered prick you are Circon.

  25. Awww I guess he didn’t buy the full package to get the exclusive commanders voice. Oh well. Wait, he did, but he didn’t have the commander voice?

  26. Wargaming must be getting desperate promoting heavy metal bands now.

  27. SirCircon – the only one who makes seal clubbing higher tiers look easy

  28. Does this tank actually make credits with the shell cost and low alpha?

  29. another money grabber

  30. I’m halfway through the amx ac 46 and I can buy caravan, which t10 should I go for before they replace it?

  31. Hello TwentyThree!

  32. 11:20 seems Sgtfluffer doesn’t understand how the crew voices in WoT works
    Circon just doesn’t have it set to national

  33. I’m a fan of Justin Bieber … WG you want to make a tank for us Justin Bieber fans … hahahahahaha

  34. Anyone notice that in the primo Victoria garage there is a maus a 50b and a chieftain

  35. they found worst tier 8 tank ingame and tried to turn it into cool tank by adding some cool crew and paint job. ggwp

  36. Hi Circon! I have not understood why you don’t shoot the other P Victoria. You let the IS 3 shoot. For a medal. And then you kiled it! 😮 Why?

  37. People keep complaining about “clone” premiums but this is how premiums should’ve been done in the first place. Good and fair free to play games typically use a business model where micro-transactions provide you with PURELY COSMETIC differences from free players. Wargaming is trying to take a step in the right direction, and if you all keep giving all this negative feedback they’ll go right back to selling Skorpions and Defenders and Chrysler Ks.

  38. xXTheHeroicGamerXx

    The fact the STRV 81, a Sweden medium tank, is nicknamed as “Primo Victoria,” (a song from Sabaton’s 2005 Album Primo Victoria) is unfitting to be honest. If the tank was called “Carolean” or “The Carolean,” both names would fit like a glove (since “The Carolean Prayer” is part of the Carolus Rex album (2012) from Sabaton).

  39. I’m gonna try to get the 8 kills. I think I deserve it.
    Primo’s Ammorack blows up by IS’s shot.

  40. These comments are all priceless, hell of a crowd here lol

  41. Oh please, you were losing because of poor strategic decisions on your part.

  42. Don’t know why this things shells cost so much.

  43. What a shit tank – how do you even carry in that?

  44. Way to be, brother. Quick question: is that beard detachable, I mean like before you go to bed, do you take it off and set it on your night stand? Just curious, it’s beautiful by the way.

  45. the teee furtieeee

  46. if you look inside the turret probably using free roam camera during a replay, all the band record cover’s are inside the turret, useless fyi 😉

  47. A lot of buzz when he talks

  48. Did everyone else see that zoom out when he went near a wall ? I’ve been getting this too. It’s so annoying I want to kill puppies. Needs to get fixed fast I’ve died three times yesterday because the view zoomed out and looked at the ground top down at vital moments when I was near a corner. How can this possibly be an issue 6 years after launch ?

  49. why the hack this tanks rounds which are 230 alfa cost 680 credits while other rounds on t8 prems with same alfa cost 255… this tank wont make as good credits as other, its just marketing… special tank, special crew… Sabaton & tanks – that cant go wrong in sales, right?

  50. Hey. Are u a Norwegian SirCircon?

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