Printing SL in War Thunder with Jumbo

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Source: Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

0:00 Intro
1:28 Clip 1
9:34 Intermation
10:40 Clip 2
14:23 Pain

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  1. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    Would I say the Jumbo is a must buy, no. Is it kinda fun yes. It’s great being a brick wall that German mains can’t get through easily
    3% off Gaijin Store and you get my decal too

  2. 2:59 Virgin check your intersections vs Iron, The Chad gunning it without looking.

  3. As a player who LOVES the 75 mm 5.3 Jumbo and has played it A TON in AB AND RB, I wanted to comment and ask if anyone else experiences constant or at the very least frequent up tiers to 6.3??? I’m not very sure how the matchmaking works and I am not here to brag…. But I did hear from several friends that the better you do in a tank/overall, the more up tiers you get.
    Please let me know what you as a Warthunder player think/experience.

  4. 16:13 I could hear thousands of people shouting “Shoot the cupola, shoot the cupolaaaa…!!” 馃檪

  5. The ju-288 prints death and frustration but no sl , you spaw too low for a bomber and by the time you climb well you face 1 commity of planes waiting/hunting you . If you manage to bomb a base there is no point going back to land since the game will be over or you will be the last and everyone waiting for you to take off

  6. Wulf The Mountain Dragon

    10:07 Bias or not… why’d you turn your tank?

  7. You take wayyyyyy to much ammo mate

  8. Cobra king is hilarious when three tigers realise they cant pen you and you track and barrel them. Watch em panic as you pick off their crew one by one with the apcr thingys. Great fun. 馃槀

    • What’s different between the Cobra King and the standard Jumbo? I know with the jumbo to go for the MG port (which I’ve gotten good at hitting even if it’s bushed up, few love letters received for that one)

    • @Just_a_username honestly i dont know maybe more horse power and probably pay to win luck.

    • @Razz aus I’ll have to check when I next boot up WT, I’m curious now

  9. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    Yes, the Jumbo at 6.3 is so much fun and it makes 30k SL in a okay round, regardless of vitory or defeat.

    • Just some Haaton Passing by

      Nah.. at 6.3 and you’re just a slower sherman with a sub-par gun at the BR, everything can kill you but you can’t do anything against most of the things swarming the BR like Tiger 2 or IS-2 or HEAT shells, Jumbo is 5.3, the Jumbo 76 however is 6.3, and that thing is just sad

    • Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

      idk, we are playing a different game xD Just take out the Bulldog, M18 or M36B2 if you are 7.0 or higher or don’t feel comfortable at 6.7. Should you engage a IS2 or Tiger 2 play clever and never go into a direct confrontation. The 88 can strugle if you play your cards right. The IS2 can easily be penned frontally and oneshot. Tiger 2 is a bit different, but not undoable. You can always just run away with smoke shells. Angle a little and everything smaller than a 88 bounces, while you can snipe shit from 1000m away while on the move with the stab and okay velocity. The 76 also has somehow much better angle performance than the german 75. Light tanks suffer from the .50 on your roof. Aaaaand, trolling Panther is so much fun~@Just some Haaton Passing by

    • 鈥婡Just some Haaton Passing byTiger 1/2 Player, I hate that they uptiered the 76 Jumbo. I kinda miss fighting em, and I hate seeing em when I play the Tiger 2 as I don’t enjoy just UFP them

  10. Bro cant shot cupola



  12. 8:14 at that distance you could have gone for a cupola shot, unless the optics decide to eat the whole shell you should be able to take out their whole turret crew

  13. Why didn’t you just shoot the Tiger’s cupola? That poor guy didn’t have to suffer like that… 馃槬

  14. quick tip for the fird clip, u could just hit commander sight

  15. I bought this tank for this exact reason to print sl

  16. 3.7 and 4.3 Germany can print so much SL too its hilarious

  17. absolute trash at the game omg

  18. 12:10 fun fact you killed nobody with that name so it wasn’t a revenge bomb he is just bad.

  19. Panther being the same br as this is crazy

  20. 8:40 i was screamin on the top of my lungs to just use apcbc and shoot his cupola ahahha

  21. T14 is better. Side armor with the skirts is so trolly.

  22. In a jumbo you can shoot and pen the commanders Cupola on a Tiger H and it’ll take out the commander and gunner.


  24. fun fact, russian 50cal can destroy walls and tzhose cement pillars

  25. TBH, for the amount of armor it have, Jumbo is quite agile.

  26. The only way to win at Warthunder.
    1. uninstall the game

    2. watch youtubers suffer through the game for your entertainment

    3. go play a better game

    4.eternal happiness

  27. I dont think he is aware of the amount of iron Armenian r34 out there

  28. Say did the premium jumbo have some magic or what ? that tank have same armor and gun with jumbo 75 but ir look like have more survivability and somehow can pen something

  29. Mfw KV-1E does the pretty much the same for lions but it has even better armour at a lower br

  30. Gary the Metrosexual Fruitcake

    Why are you aiming for the tiger’s driver port?
    It’s probably the worst place to aim for with your APCR round. Aim for the far right corner of his front plate.
    there is no benefit to hitting the driver port no matter what round you’re using.

  31. I have been playing the jumbo recently, went from 300k SL to 500k SL

  32. World's Okayest Medic

    gotta learn to aim for cupolas. 1 shot most stuff at that BR with a good cupola shot.

  33. All the War Thunder veterans finally getting 50 wins after 10 years.

  34. That whole Tiger P fight in the first video I was just yelling “SHOOT THE HULL CHEEK! IT’S A TIGER P! SHOOT THE HULL CHEEK!”

  35. He’s really bad in it against germany, its so obvious where to shoot ughhhhh

  36. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    how does he not know that the Cupola of the Tiger 1 is INSANELY easy to shoot with the M3 Canon????

  37. Many say jumbos take no skill to play, yet who else is disabling guns, tracks and ungodly amounts of cupolas over 600m away?

  38. Hate the video almost immediately as you recommend the Ju 288c without mentioning the fact that it has ruined the BRs around it and tanked German win rates discouraging players from grinding further. Literal scum vehicle and shouldn’t even be mentioned.

  39. I hope with the new br changes for post WW2 vehicles some of these uparmoured heavies will be slightly more like the jumbo at 5.3

  40. 8:19 Just shoot at the angled side, you’ll go through like buttah!


  42. Now try and play the 76 jumbo

  43. Yoooo, Grand budapest hotel music. excellent choice

  44. Cupola shot: what is my purpose

    this guy: you have no purpose

  45. Jumbo is tank for people with thinking problems

  46. Watching iron having absolutely no idea how to play the jumbo and then his enemies have even less of an idea at how to kill it is absolutely painful

  47. Hit ANY opn top with the 75mm HE and you’ll get the kill more often than not.

  48. No way this Iron decide to flank the Jagdpanzer IV/70 A instead of shooting the flat spot.

  49. Iron you said you left the pain for the last section. You lied to me.

  50. Ewwww warthunder

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