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Source: QuickyBaby

The Italian challenge starts today in World Tanks with the prospect of a “free” Progetto 46. But just how long will it take you? I've worked it out…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The numbers are scary… I can get 400-500 average exp per game, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get the tank for free. Clever marketing, but not really honest. Also the mastery missions are completely different in terms of difficulty for different tier 10 tanks. My t110e5 will be painful in comparison to a type 5 heavy or 268 4 … Or even a 430u…

  2. Great video as always 🙂

  3. QB thanks for wise words! It is only game and After 8 hours working a day and beautiful lady at home ….i think i will get 40 % discount 😀 Greetings from Manchester !

  4. Sooo average of 800, qb I’ve seen you take your e25 in hidden valley and get blatted by a kv-2 with in the first 2 minutes

  5. Nice analysis.

  6. Nah, I will just play like usual, grinding credits, and hoping to get those nice discount.

  7. Skrr Skkr. I’ll stick to Fortnite!

  8. QuickyBaby?? more like LateBaby … puts out video one hour before event starts and feeds 2 days old information

  9. if only wargaming wants to make it little easier? or give us 3 weeks instead of 2 would be great

  10. Severn Gaming Network

    Best video, and loving the life advice at the end. Quickybaby: contributing to the quality of our lives with reason and common sense.

  11. nope I got better things to do

  12. Very helpful!!

  13. Дамян Дамянов


  14. lol I got exams in two weeks, thank god i’m no longer playing video games x)

  15. Also need to factor in x5 weekend event…

  16. Well, I’ve got about 700 average XP, and a bunch of days off from work next week. I’ll try to make it to stage 7 for the cool camo, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get it for free. I really like this style. The all-or-nothing approach they’ve done with past mission marathons really put me off, I just saw them as completely impossible to achieve and didn’t bother to participate at all. This one’s great that it allows you to work toward the vehicle without a situation where you put in hours and hours only to miss a day or run out of time and have all your effort wasted.

  17. Fuck me does this sound like work? In other words grind, grind, grind, and here’s some grind with your main order of grind, sorry you ordered a drink of grind with your main meal of grind? Where’s the fun? Burn out is going to be high and people are going to not enjoy this. but then again it is the nature of the beast that is a “free to play” game but Jesus this is going to put a lot of people of whilst they are playing through it …

  18. So just enjoy playing tier 6 to 10 and if you end up with a nice discount, woohoo. Good advice at the end.

  19. “If you have an exam coming up”
    Just finished my examed today lmao fuck yea

  20. Nothing ever comes for free.

  21. +QuickyBaby you got your maths a bit off. Someone who gets 100 avg XP will generally get more than 100 xp when they end up in top10, and less when they end up in bottom5. So by discounting half their games, you cut out their worst games, not their best games, increasing their “average xp per battle” for the battles that count. Same is obviously true for all other levels too.

  22. for me the PROGETTO 46 is not worth the grind it is just a normal auto loader. if you like it you can do the grind. a word from a expirienct player and sorry i am not a good with typing in english.:)

  23. Well…lets try!


  25. I don’t have any classes or assignments due in the next 6 days, get ready WG

  26. my account got banned for 1 month and i have to wait till 25th april. so i will only have 2 days to try get the progetto

  27. My target is 22.3k base xp THIS DAY and i f i can reach that for 14 Days, i will reach the final line just in time :3
    Good hunting everyone.

  28. with school exams gg wg

  29. You should take one thing into account! From the 12th-16th there is a 5x exp for the first win event. With a premium account, having luck and good games you can achieve between 5k-10k per battle. This makes the first stages a lot more achievable IF you have luck

  30. you say that if i play 10 h a day i don’t have a live i have played 15 h a day and i have a life XD

  31. #nolife


  33. do you really have to caps lock your titles now?

  34. This mission marathon actually feels a lot better than the previous ones. Most joe average players can still get a discount by putting time and effort into it rather than the ones before where you had to buy tokens to unlock or just lose your progress altogether.

  35. Guys, i don’t think that another community contributor would do all this for us! We have to give a big respect to Qb! Thank you Will for making me realise better how much time i have to spend to this! Excellent video! Keep it up!

  36. Hey quicky, you don’t need the CAPS to get our attention
    keep up the good work

  37. Way too little time to grind….full time job and family. Bring on the credit card 😉

  38. Loved your waking up message about job, family and exams. Especially when You make a living out of it xD.

  39. Great video, great job. Thx for your time.

  40. Time ? nope


  41. so, nothing is free..marathons used to be more doable.

  42. don’t forget that the 2x bonus and the 3x and 5x bonus also counts towards this total

  43. Remember that if you choose to go the grind way, and play a rather high tier tank – you will see way more tier 10 than you usually would

  44. Giedrius Blaževičius

    But you DIDN’T account for the fact that some people have multiple tanks

  45. Will Frampton… allways thougt your name was Robert ?

  46. Great comments about game/life balance there QB. Love to see that from a community contributor!

  47. This is pretty much how wot console does it’s reward missions

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