Progetto 46 review! Is it worth the Gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Ah yes world of fake tanks where balance is everywhere and there is no pay 2 win bias :’)

  2. Welcome Back!!

  3. Another great Vid Foch

  4. Creative Lightning

    Leopard 1 review? last one is a bit…. outdated 😉

  5. Great, straight to the point comments that we all love.

  6. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    Nice video Foch. Looking forward to the next one next week

  7. Hey Foch I want to ask you what makes you keep playing/enjoying WoT? I played 4k battles, and my first 2k were very fun and enjoyable, but the second 2k sometime shortly after the German unarmored TD line was added things started getting worse and I didn’t have nearly as much fun anymore. When I started I used to have to aim at weak spots but I can’t remember the last time I or my enemies had to do that anymore.

    • Hitler est pas si mechant en vrai

      it’s fun when you have 8k damage games and you carry your team, at 4k battles i don’t think you were a verry good player (no offense) so you probably never had that kind of great games that make you love this game. i stoped this game after 16k battles because of the pay2win bullshit and even though sometimes i miss it, i think my life is better without it

  8. it’s actually sad what this game has become

    • Deutschland muss leben!

      omg I remembered when you actually had to aim at weakpoints instead of loading the 340pen HEAT. Good old days when aiming was key instead of RNGesus. The time when WG at least tried not to implement an OP TX russian bobject every single patch, when you had a fkn hangar not a silly ass camp in the woods. The times when matchmaking wasnt fucked over completely.

      Wot used to be a pretty decent game, and I’d take it back over the modern graphics all day.

    • Murazor is the person you have to hate
      Not the whole WG (just hate on them on not kicking out Murazor)

  9. Exactly my thoughs, Progetto visually fits the line better than Panthera. For soft stats I would say: WG implemented soft stats because #eSports .

  10. Fake-stats and soft-stats should be replaced with effective stats for soft/medium/hard terrain, there’s not a single good reason to not to do so…but WG love acting like cunts so they will never change it.

    • ZyzztheticsForever

      they can’t, lol. if they show the actual stats inside the garage they would admit to being a bunch of liars. T-100 LT, IS-3 and many other tanks are ‘inaccurate’ if you jugde them by the in-game stats.

    • ZyzztheticsForever IS-3?? Unless there are hidden-hidden stats this tank is fine (if not beeing poeer creeped lmao)

    • ZyzztheticsForever it’s not like people don’t actually know they lie often

  11. Foch, dont get me wrong, but please don’t go silent toward end of sentences, because for me as non english speaking person it is hard to understand. So keep it “loud” through entire sentence, thank you 🙂

    • Yeah, i guess 😀
      But i can imagine it’s hard to change the way you are speaking. I think you have to train that for a while.

    • You didn’t see my first and last video 😛 I changed a lot 😀

    • I have no problems

    • PANKI_7, You seem to me as a native English speaker! His recording volume is way low though.

    • Tank you Pirate you are to kind…
      Yeah, must be that, but I enjoying in his videos anyway, especially when he has something to rant about 😀
      And he is greatest player of all Youtubers, I don’t counting those gold spamers and hackers 🙂

      Yes Gewel, not problem, but just one thing I noticed and only now I decide to say it public, not problem or very important, just small shade.

  12. nice video…and one of few balanced tanks intoduced in last 2years….

  13. It isn’t too good, but still dominates in Frontline mod 😉

    • I dominated them very good in my T-34-3 :>

    • xD good job, but you must admit that too often Peugeot 46 is the top tank and in finishing in top places 🙂

    • True, but it was not my tank in Frontline. I felt it was really boring.
      I took the chance to dust all the hidden gems in my garage to get some credits. T-34-3, CDC…. man it was such a blast… *criesinpixels*

    • Well great tanks, one day when I become huge Youtuber I will buy them 😀
      Subscribe if you want to make it happens 😛

  14. Ffionn Cutie fox

    Why the pantera has the stock turret with 2 shells only? Its no sense!

    • Ffionn Cutie fox So more people free exp to better turret and WG get money?

    • Ffionn Cutie fox

      Epezzu seriously wtf you cant do anything with just 2 shells.. its completely useless

    • Ffionn Cutie fox Yeah it’s stupid but rather common thing for WG to do. You know, most lines have at least 1 turd and they aren’t getting buffed soon just because people have to free exp them (or suffer grind through) and it’s good thing for WG, awful thing for players.

  15. And less chance of fire than Pantera too. Infuriates me how they make it better than tech tree tank.

  16. I don’t even understand what the reason behind these vastly better soft stats is? To everyone that doesn’t look at the vehicle on (or any other 3rd party website that will show the full stats) the Pantera might actually look slightly better when you’re only really losing intra-clip reload for (what looks like) a fairly substantially mobility increase. Doesn’t that mean LESS people will buy it because it looks worse through the in-game stats than it actually is?

    • Brucalizer i wouldn t say so, when you re an average player who doesn t want to buy premium tanks and who s playing his pantera, you ll feel like, why is this progetto faster in the position than me and why did he just destroy me. Than you ll look at the stats in your garage and you ll mention that your tank should be a bit better so it s perfectly ok…just coincident right? And than there are hidden stats, so actually your tank is worse in every way than the premium version. But hey, you ve just realised that, go buy it and stay competitive. By the way have you mentioned that newer premium tanks are stronger and stronger, so if you bought some premium tank before, you can buy the new one because it s probably useless now. And than you have this article about perfecting tanks, so you can pay again for the tank you ve already bought because Wg decided to make it competitive again…beause it s your fault…

  17. Could have been be the best game going for years. Indeed it was great, but fuck this creep! I only have the 268 4 because I could… WTF? And. why the fuck not? Nerf machine invention for CW to exploit again. Now go get your next one bitch! This line is the same. Here comes my Pollock cousins! That’s fine though, most really are fucking dopey.

  18. Hmmm… Well, well…. ‘magine that? Not creepy at all!

  19. Pantera does feel quicker to me and can actually bounce some shots, but the it’s the 2s between shots which is the big difference.

    • Yeah I notice some bounces as well, you can bait people into the tracks a lot. I would say so far they feel about the same but that .5 seconds is a bummer. I am not going to keep it though so I can live with it for the few games I have left in it.

    • +Roger Rondenau – I see the positive side of this. With only the premium and the tier 9 desirable at least I dont need to worry about the need for several crews. 1 line, 1 crew, 2 tanks to play. Yay. 😉

    • No idea why but the Panterra 44 feels a lot better to me somehow.. I had the progetto 46 first.. liked it.. got the P44 felt like an upgrade

    • +FuseNet – I might go all the way up the line unless the Standard B feels really good. To many lines going right now to worry about it to much 😉

  20. won the tank thank god not spend 🙂

  21. OFC it is
    Better gun handling than Primo Victoria (aka Centurion I)
    Mobility alá CDC
    Higher burst damage than Revalorise…
    Not locked to normal autoloader like Lorr 40t…
    Extremly enjoyable to play
    It’s one of few (tier VIII) tanks I’m not scared to go up against tier X

  22. Wait are you saying that soft stats are real ? How can that be ? It’s almost like the level is dishonesty we can’t see or prove without actually buying it.

  23. PS I have no faith left in this game because everything is 4 times more than it should be. And I think 4 times is being kind

  24. It was certainly worth the 0 I paid for it. 312k base xp in 2 weeks is not that bad if you are used to not using premium etc, gotta love my KV2 for surviving that marathon. Progetto is great tank, it is the medium tank equivalent of Skorpion G strong tank but armour with all the density of a cornetto , if you arent a potato you can make good use of it on average

  25. kristijan20091990

    I remember times when WG’s policy was no premium tank can be better than its regular tech tree counterpart. It was like 7 years ago. Fun times.

    • I actually like the pantera 10x more than the progeto. Why? Because the pantera actually hit its snap shots, progetto is a bitch to hit if not fully aimed.

    • kristijan20091990

      Buddy ol’ pal, let’s not pretend accuracy and aiming actually matters in this game.

    • yeah hitting is overhated, the true god miss every shot and do 0 mdg, well played

  26. So glad i stopped playing this game.

  27. why do you go through stats? 1) no one cares, 2) it covers screen, and 3) no one cares still! 😀

  28. Tier iv luchs puppy kicking for life, I’m gonna prevent new players from playing this game and wasting their hard earned cash lol

  29. Kinda surprised, he put the Pantera over big time, said it was the best tier 8 non-prem. Then he said this was better than that but hesitates to say its good.

  30. Good video. For me personaly, this is the best tier VIII prem med.

  31. It’s not about the soft stats you showed Foch: some guy on the tube took the time to test in a speed race on malinovka a Kv2 Vs a Kv2R, same crew, same loadout and the Premium actually IS quite faster, despite having the same exact soft stats: there has to be more hidden soft stats in the game WG does not disclose…

  32. Yea you maybe late to the party. But no one can give it to WG quite like you do.

  33. I actully like the pantera much, much more than the progetto. I cant explain but the pantera seens to hit its shots while the progetto is wild. I have a 3300 dpg in the pantera with 200 games while i struggle to get 2k in the progetto. Love the pantera, its my favorite tier 8 now.

  34. WOW, this tank looks so ridiculously op

  35. Better than regular tier 8 yea thats good cause at least i got it for free after finished the marathon for it and its better than ******** pilot by far and its not matter to much cause mm is sucks

  36. the terrain resistance stat is present on console

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