Progetto 65 and Object 430U NERFED! | World of Tanks Medium Tank Rebalance

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 430U and Progetto 65 Tech Tree Line Nerfed. World of Tanks Объект 430У (Object 430U) Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.9.2+ News.

► Information from: WG

In today’s episode I am going talk about upcoming changes, nerfs to the Italian and Russian tanks – Progetto M40 mod. 65 and Object 430U tech tree lines. Because apart from tier 10 tanks, Standard B and Object 430 are also going to be balanced.

What do you think about all this? Happy, not happy?

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Some really hot stuff right here, tell me what you think! 🙂
    Have a great weekend, Beasts!

    • If the nerf those 3 tenks and not EBR and other OP BS tanks I am stopping playing this crap game alltoghether! I have 65 more days of premium time but I don’t fukin care! Wargaming you can go Fyourselves… I am done with you and your constat BS!!!

    • @Αποστόλης Κράτσας Idiots mate… complete and utter idiots that are on drugs bought with our money that we pay for their crap game! So pissed right now that I coould brake and torch my PC!

    • Well…..let’s all hold hands and sing together: “F–k WG’s logic and have a sip of vodka cause why not……”… anybody really surprised ,after all this years of multiple examples of “pure WG logic”???
      DezGamez ,could you please ask WG, what’s the point for a “normal” player in grinding a tech tree tank in hoping to have some kind of match against tank’s like Chieftain,OBJ 279E….if they are doing stupid stuff like those nerfs?…i mean, every single tank in the tech tree could one day be nerfed like that… why should we,the regular players” keep on grinding and playing if we could not get our hands in something worth having against tanks that i mentioned?

    • @Bob Ram The 430 and 430u are overpowered to skilled players,to noobs they are crap.I get penned all the time with only 1 skill.

    • Wg’ve just lost it’s sense to reality…nothing new here, nothing to see people. It happened like what, 4 or 5 years ago already and blindly roaming since then.

  2. This (and the recent circon interview) makes me want to completely give up on this game. They have no idea what they are doing and it is getting worse.

  3. As usual WG is literally playing with our money.. not touching premium tanks ok.. but who is not spending money to grind their tanks?? in a way or another this game is always cheating with their nerfs.. ok.. now even bad players have these tanks and they spent their money grinding them, now let’s nerf them and they will grind another branch and they will continue spending their money with us.. Cmon WG stop cheat and before launch a new branch test it realistically! we will maybe still spend our money but without feeling you are cheating! What about comunity? where did you see Italian branch is OP? or are you blind and don’t see what we are complaining about?? Wheeled 105, 279e, chieftain, and 907!!!!!!

  4. Out of all the tanks that need some tweaking they decided to destroy a well-balanced tank. Seriously what the actual fuck? Progetto and Standard B are hard to play and be good in them, the average player struggles with them and they will nerf the already sad DPM they had. I mean, 2.6k DPM in T10 with improved equipment? TVP will be a clear pick for autoloading mediums now. If these changes go live before the EBR nerfs I’m leaving this game for good.

  5. William Evdonov

    Thank you Dez! Well put, noone asked for italian nerfs, what is wrong with WG?

  6. I think Wg need to give some love to obj 140 and T62A

  7. What?? They were NOT OP enough, and now they nerf them???

  8. Is there an official topic on the forum were we can express our disapproval for Italian meds changes?

  9. TBH, I dont know why 279e should be nerfed 😀 it needs to be balanced for sure, but not only nerfed..
    I recently got it:
    That tank is complete shit against tier X – absolutely everyone can pen you frontally.. I was snapped into cupola from 200m so many times it’s not funny (not talking about 50m range)
    Even if I surprised someone and they didn’t have gold loaded (almost never) they penned me with standard shell frontally (into upper plate!.. if enemy aims for cupola, it’s pen all the time).
    So, that tank cant peek frontally, can’t sidescrape.
    When playing full tier X battle (almost every time) I get 1.5 – 2k blocked on average. I can get more with progetto, lol.
    I read a lot of articles, where players who has this tank experience the same.
    It’s slightly better with tier IX (lets be honest, most of those tanks have tier X gun with great pen), but it’s tier VIII where it really is overpowered. Only russian snaps into cupola are going through 🙂
    Also, people already know how to play against it. The same for me, I’m not worried when I see one on the enemy team. Often time the enemy team wins, but not because of 279e, but the player who can pick it is just good and can do the same with IS-7/277.
    So let’s make it worse against tier VIII, but better against tier X. Don’t ask me how, idk.
    BTW, I have similar opinion about 430U. Looks like I just don’t know how to play these “armored” tanks. I like progetto style tanks much more and they do this to them,, sad 🙁

  10. 430U: Is actually OP
    WG:Ok lets nerf the cupolas and the gun handling a tiny bit
    Progetto/Standard B: Is not OP at all
    WG:Ok, lets nerf accuracy, aim time, dispersion values, turret traverse, engine power, and on top of that lets reduce its overall dpm by 10% by removing rammer.

    Fucking retards.

  11. 278mm weakspots? That will make it easier for the tier 8 tanks….. Actually hilarious when you think about it

  12. i dont midn progeto nerf but there are tanks that need it more

  13. progetto nerfed ..yeeeees. I have dislike that mofo for a while now . Don´t get me wrong there is a “few” others that i had wanted to see before thou ..Wheeled rats for one lol

  14. These will never see the live server I don’t think. The Supertest feedback will be damning on the Italian tanks.

    The only thing that explains it is that they threatened to nerf two tanks no one has ever complained about, that everyone enjoys, so that when they cancel the whole thing – 430U included – they know people will think “well, at least they didn’t nerf the Italian tanks”.

    The Italian nerfs are just thrown in as an excuse to, once again, not nerf the Obj 430U.

  15. Ok WG, it’s too much. That’s it for me! 🤬
    You can’t nerf balanced tank, and look away from the other huge problem, wheeled tanks. There are no more high tier scout tanks, just cars!

  16. Andreas Morfopoulos

    So many OP tanks and they deside to nerf Progetto? Are all braindead in wg? Do they even play their game?

  17. If the nerfing Italinan tech tree tanks that I have and I like to play the most then I am stopping playing this crap game! Not nerfing fin EBRs, obj270e and Chiftrain and nerfin Standard and Progetto65?! FY Wargaming! FY zillion million times!

  18. Bs. 430u and 65 dont need a nerf

  19. The poor Russians probably cry every time they have to make changes to OP Russian tanks

  20. They better not remove the ability of gun rammer on italian 9 and x tank i didnt grind the hell to get there only to have it nerfed like hell when i get there

  21. Ok guys. Let’s make a deal!
    If WG nerf Italian tanks, I think there is no reason for us to play this game any more.
    So let’s all come together and quit this game once and for all.

  22. StreetRacingSyndicate

    I kinda dislike it. I know the 430U is op and the spaghetto quite strong… but. Things like 907 chieftard 279 and 260 are so op that i actually like that there are tech tree tanks that can give them a fair fight… at least if played well.

  23. an idiotic move by wg. will weaken these vehicles and will leave it intact EBR, Chieftain and OBJ 279,… idiotic,…

  24. i like your videos dezgames but be honest with you this changes what they do dont change anything till this game is manipulated with rng and hiden stats, i feel sorry for ppl who invest so much money and time and WG cheat on them . and when they fix ammo and cammo and spotting then we can e till than time is juts fake because RNG manipulated dmg and penetration . or if you hit or not . im 7 years waiting and never deliver anything they promise . and 430 u and progetto nerf tank when most players play tier 6-8 and some enjoy 9 but tier 10 ppl dont enjoy at all .

  25. They nerfing Progetto and 430U but not chieftain and 279????

  26. Gvozden Stankovic

    rip progeto

  27. players should stop pay any money for this game and then maybe balance team in WG team will start do something and not lie to community for years .

  28. I don’t mind nerfs, but when you finally get to a strong tank as a free to play player, only to have it nerfed a week later. It kinda sucks.

  29. i did, the pro getto is way more then the obj 430u

  30. I think Progetto65 has been allready nerfed..!! I can’t played it, during the last 1 1/2 month (and the installed updates..) I am a mediocre player, but I think I have sufficient experience in the game.
    Well, I can’t penetrate, the gun is feeling less accurate and it is beeing missed..! The armour..? No bounce at all, and I know it is a medium tank 🙂
    Before this time, I used to play better, now I don’t, and I don’t like it any more. I feel pitty for my effort to research it…
    What do you think? Do any players experiensing the same?
    I have seen other progettos struggling and suffering too..!

  31. Lol,they don’t want the italians to become the next popular medium tank as their broken shit is getting the much needed nerf.

  32. Ionut Constantin

    The WG have – 200 IQ 🙁 they are so stupid with their own game 🙁 EBR need nerf not Progetto and obj430…. pathetic WG

  33. Any tank does not need to be nerfed.

  34. WG messing up again. Oh well I’m sure it will still bring them lots of money! Hit them in the pocket book then they might listen.

  35. This is so stupid nerf EBR and arty. And now when stb1 is so good and leopard 1 also really good

  36. Vehbi Egemen Akçetin

    Plan is simple: Release a new overpowered medium. Then wait for 2 years to let everybody to open it. Then release another overpowered car in the game. Nerf first the overpowered tank and wait two years more for the other one. When two years passed release another owerpowered tank and nerf the car around mid 2021. It will go like this. So we play Wot, Wot plays around our wallets and time.

  37. The new Weakspot on 430u….sure if you shoot HEAT it is a Weakspot.

  38. WG is not listening to the players as usual.

    Well better enjoy progetto 65 and standard b before wg trash them –‘

  39. This kills me.
    I’m a casual player, and I just can’t grind fast. I start these tank lines cause they’re ‘good’, and by the time I get there WG NERFs the top tanks. I am at Tier 9 in both lines, and about 75% through researching the 430u and 65t…. what a waste.
    … and meanwhile: the EBRs and their IMPENETRABLE F’ing wheels are zipping around the battle field pissing everyone off.
    I F’ing hate WG.

  40. At least they are not banning the illegal paid mod.Looks like they have a share from that or they own it. Thumbs up for that!!!!

  41. I think foch B needs penetration buff because spending 48,000 credits on two clips of gold, missing 6 of them makes that thing almost impossible to play.

  42. IMHO The proposed changes made me laugh, the italians get a hit to dpm and accuracy, The 430U gets a hit on armour to 5 pixels on the right side and 6 pixels on the left… yep that’ll balance it all out. however that really doesn’t matter because the friggen EBR has been racing around in a circles at 80 KPH auto aimed and wrecking everything….

  43. they want to trick us into thinking they gonna nerf the obj 439U like last year, wg pls

  44. its proved that people in WG balance departement are really drunk! 430…okeyish..BUT PROGETTO? what the actual fuck is going on with this guys?????

  45. So you grind to get these tank then they nerf, are we wasting our time

  46. good players ruins the game 😉
    justice for tomatoes 😛
    ljubi brat

  47. WG can say goodbye to my money if they touch italian tanks. obj still fucking op ofc .. pootin sanctioned company cant touch russian tanks. 279 e totally balanced , cheiftain also very balanced tank. so balanced that all the ranked battles are plagued with them.

  48. Joshua Glotzbach

    Since they will never nerf premium tanks they won’t ever nerf the wheeled vehicles

  49. As Obj430U and Progetto 65 owner this hurt me alot

  50. King Qwil Winters

    Why the hell woudl the nerf the Progetto :/

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