Progetto 65 review! Is it worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Foch obj416 is a great tier 8 med!

  2. I still like Glacier and Paris because everyone plays so horribly on them and I don’t so please war gaming don’t change those maps.

  3. Great review, honest and straight to the point as always.

  4. U played like 70 games before u have this luck u dumb ass lol. U almost flip this tank thats how stupid u are fochtard 😀

  5. New Video! fochErs Emote foch7

  6. This map is so fucking stupid its not even possible 😀 Actually whole game is becoming

  7. Rüzgar Longshanks

    dude, 65 degrees is calculated after normalization. it’s not the auto bounce angle. look at the ‘original angle’ value.

  8. Better late than never eh

  9. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Now if only they did something to the fucking e50m ,leo1 ,e100 ,pz7 and godforbid jpze100…but thats not gonna happen 🙁

  10. Autoreloader=

    “Autoloaders are for idiots, da, we make someone wait for 60 years in order to do something in the game, when you fuck up once you are dead”
    “Single shot is boring and does not always kill a tank in 12 seconds”

    Some guy who thought this was a good idea:

    Bleyt, let us combine both, so that you can use the tank as a braindead singleshotter but if you play like a pro you can use the autoloader.

    It is retarded, combining both playstyles is just bullshit overpowered, but when is that news from Wargaming?

  11. That 0.35 acc fucked you many times? Oh yes, I can approve that. Still, I love it. It’s basically a Leopard PTA done right. Hell, it is even better than the friggin Leopard 1. WG! We need your attention on this matter.

  12. Hey Foch! Are you ever planning to make a video called “Is WoT worth playing?”


  13. LMAO – “he completely misses me, for almost 400 damage!”

  14. “Fuck you and learn to play” #SirFoch2018

  15. Yes everyone get Foched!

    • I’m pretty sure you are the first one using his name like that. I mean foch does sound like fuck, so yeah congratz on the totally original content!

  16. Thanks for the vid!
    Cent I is bad then? I found it really enjoyable

  17. Hi sir foch, thanks for your great content. I know you don’t often play lower tiers but p26/40 tier 4 is often hilarious with HE on this line.

  18. T110E5 [*]

  19. Good video Foch. Why was your loader lit up all game? The consumable you were using or a replay glitch?

  20. Not really a tinfoil hat on the gun handling and accuracy on the Prototipo Standard B. 4 perk crew, vert stabs, rammer, optics…….the bloom is just abysmal anytime you move.

  21. And that covers my need of wot for this month. See you on the next one.

  22. Foch this map isn t so bad when you campare it to some other tier 10 maps like mines, ensk, … Futhermore when you commented that Ht have no cover while going into ht position, actually they have, but at first you have to go staight to that ridge in the middle so you don t get shot by mt or lt (of course arties will shoot you but that are arties).

  23. Still just a shitty TVP imo

  24. I fucking love this tank, I know it isn’t the best of the best but I really like it.

  25. Oh…I’ve been waiting for this ❤️

  26. Good tier 8 medium: T-44

  27. Foooooosh is aleeef! ?

  28. Peter 🙂

  29. “Fook you,learn to play” 😀
    i love this guy

  30. 10:25 ^^

  31. 7:40 is the essence of WoT captured in just above 10 seconds. First he oneshots the t10 heavy because esports, starts celebrating, gets missed with an arty shell that didn’t even show on the screen for 400 damage and dead commander and gun.

  32. Glad you finally ACED that thing

  33. This map is so fucked up for heavies man… They fuked up heavys for a lot of maps but this shit takes the lead.

  34. Finally a showcase of proper #eSports game.

  35. MaximusOfCaceres

    Centurion I is one of the better t8 non-prem tank

  36. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Still trying to Ace the Bis, I’ll fucking three Mark it before I’ll get the Ace, I keep getting 1st class.

  37. nice review sirfoch i leave my like and this is a nice vid

  38. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    10k combined is just a “pretty good” game. Foch’s modesty knows no bounds.

  39. @TheFochYou I think the gun lets you down because it is a german gun … 😉

  40. That fucking enemy Super Conqueror though- comes around the corner with full prem and instantly expects a pen.

  41. WG really are a useless bunch of twats, I mean the small handful of maps that exist today are way worse than any of the maps they gutted due to ‘balancing issues’… as if WG give a flying cunt about balance.

  42. so what’s this premuime equipment he keeps talking about ? is it some kind of reward ?

  43. WoT isn’t worth it anymore

  44. That aside about two shoting a tank reminds me that I did that to Tiger 1’s on two separate occasions, once on the black prince and again with the Comet. The black prince doesn’t care so much about what tier it’s up against, some tanks just give it trouble and others don’t, like roombas give it a hard time if you don’t plan for it. I once bullied a Tiger 2 in it.

  45. Master Chief 00117

    Till you get to Tier VIII it sucks….You really need the 46 to train the crews fast.

  46. fucking amazing map

  47. nirmal kumar vaidhyanathan

    Lol.. foch u foch..

  48. Stop advertising wot in your description WG does not deserve it.

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