Progetto M35 mod 46 Unicum Review/Guide, Yes It’s Totally Worth It

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Progetto M35 mod 46, a tier 8 premium medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of an all- Murovanka battle and tier 10 Lakeville battle.

I would rate the Progretto as the most enjoyable tank I’ve played.

The Progetto is totally “worth it” in terms of purchasing, because of the flexibility of the gun. The gun can behave like an autoloader, but the shells reload one at a time. The key to effective Progetto gameplay is managing your reload times, and I discuss this in-depth in the video.

Keep in mind I’m not a WG shill – I’ll always be objective in my reviews no matter what my relationship is with a developer – and in the case of WoT up to this point I’ve never received any compensation of any sort from WG.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Flexibility: gun can behave as an autoloader or single shooter
+ Superb accuracy (0.33)
+ Excellent gun depression (-9)
+ Excellent intra-clip reload (2s)
+ Excellent aim time (2.1s)
+ Excellent top speed (55)
+ Good silver penetration (212)
– Soft turret
– Soft hull armor
– Poor camouflage values
– Requires some micromanagement of reload times for optimal play

Recommended Equipment
1. Rammer
2. Optics
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, send me gold in-game, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:



  1. Because I know some of you never read the video description, then ask me questions that I answered in the video description, I’m going to post the video description as a comment.



    I review the Progetto M35 mod 46, a tier 8 Italian premium medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of an all-tier 8 Murovanka battle and tier 10 Lakeville battle.

    I would rate the Progretto as the most enjoyable tank I’ve played.

    The Progetto is totally “worth it” in terms of purchasing, because of the flexibility of the gun. The gun can behave like an autoloader, but the shells reload one at a time. The key to effective Progetto gameplay is managing your reload times, and I discuss this in-depth in the video.

    Keep in mind I’m not a WG shill – I’ll always be objective in my reviews no matter what my relationship is with a game developer – and in the case of WoT up to this point I’ve never received any compensation of any sort from WG.

    Strengths and Weaknesses
    + Flexibility: gun can behave as an autoloader or single shooter
    + Superb accuracy (0.33)
    + Excellent gun depression (-9)
    + Excellent intra-clip reload (2s)
    + Excellent aim time (2.1s)
    + Excellent top speed (55)
    + Good silver penetration (212)
    – Soft turret
    – Soft hull armor

    Recommended Equipment
    1. Rammer
    2. Optics
    3. VStab

    • Didn’t know you posted so much good info in the video description. I never check it because most YouTubers don’t write anything or what’s there is just useless. Now I gotta go back to your prior videos and look at them. Thanks!

    • Picked up the tank for the low price of $13.99, 80% off. I also had 4 female crew members that I dropped in there from Obj. 260, etc missions. So started off with BiA perk to help on the excellent tank.

      It is really fun to play. How to maximize your damage, one shot? Dump clip? One shot, wait for it to reload and dump clip? Which the latter worked for me against another Progetto. Shot him once, fell back as he charged. Was able to reload, he dumped his clip as I dumped 3 more into him. Won that engagement. Then died to flanking E50 which I had 15 hp left. :/

    • What kind of money maker is it? In the 1 profit screen you showed it looks like it takes a ton of damage to get any type of decent credits.

    • Why do you take 3 HE shells? it doesnt seem usefull with the revolver reloadtime.

  2. This is a great tank in all game phases… the way to do best is to look after ur health and stay alive … ignore ultra micro dpm manipulation.. just relocate

  3. A detail I didn’t notice until I bought it; there’s a bovine skull on the front-right of the turret. That’s neat.

    Reminds me of Cuthbert Allgood, a book character. He kept a rook’s skull, and called it ‘the lookout’. The skull on this tank is actually what spots for it (joking).

    I really enjoy this auto-reloading system. I think I will go down the Italian line when it comes out. I’ll have a damn nice crew, that’s for sure. What tier should I start retraining them at? I’m thinking maybe tier 5.

    Just had a good match in it. I finished off an AMX LT with two shots and still had a shot to defend myself with when a Sch Pz peeked on me after he saw me shoot twice. Set a Tiger on fire…he put it out….and I set him on fire again with the 2nd shot. I just held onto my third and let him roast.

    80,000+ credits (100k gross), with a %50 booster.

    I haven’t tried loading other types of ammo in this tank yet…don’t feel like experimenting, heh. Not sure how that even works.

    • Yea that skull thing is definitely…unusual.

      I’d probably free XP straight to the tier 5. Retraining the crew for tiers below 5 makes it not worth it for me.

    • Yeah, good idea. I think I will. I have 100k free exp at the moment; should be more than enough to get that far.

  4. I think there were a few times in the 2nd battle where you could have single shot to lower tanks health and then burst down for a kill (against the M4 41 and Kranberry in your base).

    • Avalon304 that’s the thing about this tank. QB did a test where he killed two Maus tanks. He did one by just firing single shot and reloading that first round and another by repeatedly emptying the magazine (clip?). The single shot was significantly faster.

    • That’s good feedback. I usually try to put some burst on so others can finish. But the fact that the DPM is higher by single-shotting is yet another interesting facet of playing this tank.

  5. Remember. It is tier 8 MM and has no armor. Against tier 9 and 10, you must play support, as you will get penned left and right.

    • Yup. Exactly why I showed a finesse situation in Lakeville with me spotting/covering our cap from behind a building/bushes.

  6. Lowly tomato here but I appreciate your honesty as well as all of your guides thus far. Keep up the great work.
    I’ve already got the Progetro too with 30% off thanks to the campaign. I love the flexibility it offers, that clip potential as well as the ability to not feel helpless once you’ve shot a full clip like every other autoloader.

  7. Quickybaby was playing the progetto and every time he met an enemy, he dug out his calculator and was doing all this math on how many shells to fire to maximize his dpm and basically over thinking every time he engaged an enemy tank. He always seem to be terrified of unloading all three shots because he was so scared to lose dpm. So he ends up with a 45% win rate in the tank after many battles and mediocre average damage in it. I play the tank and generally try to just take what damage I can. Unload three shots if i can or if I can just get one shot and have to back off, reload. No overthinking at all, just play the tank. I get over 50% w/r and better average damage in it than QB did and I am only a slightly above average WoT player. The main advantage of the auto load system is that you can take those single shots and not have to worry about complete clip reloads like on regular auto loader tanks. Over analyzing every engagement is a waste of time, like QB did. Just play the damn tank the best you can and it works just fine. I would like to note that I have fired all standard ammo so far (i do have some apcr for when needed) and I don’t run the food consumable. QB used mostly premium ammo and ran food on his and still was doing worse. I am sure if he stops over analyzing every engagement, he will be getting very good scores in the tank.

    • i got 66% after 30 battle then drop to 60% XD cause RNG sometime screw you up

    • yeah, it became very annoying to me when i see people on youtube trying to make science out of this tank.. just unload ur god damn clip and get back to cover reload and repeat. there’s only one exceptional situation for me when i dont unload the full clip, and that is when a tank yolos me, i trade with only one shot in the beginning, and when i got him below 700-650hp i unload the full clip so i guarantee a kill, it happened to me several times and i was always the one who wins. I’m loving this tank and it’s pretty fun playing with it, and i hope they will never nerf it because a lot of people who play for got it. and i hope they wont nerf the income this tank makes too because it’s pretty solid credit maker

    • People get too excited about DPM in general I think. Not many tanks have the ability to unleash their full DPM, and if they do the opportunity doesn’t always present itself. Take what damage you can, because for the next 20-30 seconds you might not be able to get an either way!

      The exception is if you have a tank tracked in the open without a repair kit, or you’ve 1v1 etc.

    • I don’t think that many people are excited about DPM, but quickybaby is an exception. I’ve seen him using BarrelB gun on Cent7 or small gun on Swedish Leo. I think people mostly prefer alpha damage, unless it comes with extremely unreliable gun because each shot usually means being exposed and risk of being hit. In theory AMX50100 can do 1800dmg in like 12s(?), but I’ve never seen one doing that much in early battle without suiciding. Even then DPM is influenced by accuracy, gun handling, penetration, etc.

    • Yeah id say you need at least 5000 battles in a tank to get an overall feel of a tank to just play it naturally, thats why i can say with confidence, E-50M is stronk.

  8. Is the reload of the tank displayed for you in-game? I didn’t see a number in the video and the auto-reloading display doesn’t seem to accurately reflect the shell reload.

    Edit: Didn’t finish the whole video yet, it works fine in the second game.

    • Yes, as I said sadly I didn’t record the Murovanka battle in real-time. I prefer to use the actual real-time recording, as all the UI features are there and you can see exactly what I see while playing.

  9. I am hoping that when the Italian tree comes out, they will offer a female crew member mission.

  10. I’m really enjoying the video, keep up the good work

  11. Do you still hate FCM?

    • The FCM 50t was only ever good for ramming memes.

      It was VASTLY over-rated 3 years ago, and in the current meta it’s useless.

    • Haven’t had one myself. But I was very torn between choosing it and 112
      (That was a month before WG started releasing Libertes, Patriots, Defenders and Chryslers…)
      Even now it seems kind of appealing to me. And knowing WG it will probably get a nice buff in the future when they decide to reitroduce it in the premium shop.

    • I bought FCM50t like three years ago and should have done it sooner. For one year it was decent, then I traded it for M4Rev. Tank was like arguably better PantherII with better MM. It has decent frontal armor (175 effective or so) and when it was little bit angled, it was able to bounce tier 8 meds with 180pen. Gun had nice 212 pen, but it was unrealiable at distance and I think it had superior DPM to any tier 8 medium. It was good at bullying lower tiers, side-scraping and decent support tank. But armor was unreliable, it turned slowly and it had zero camo. Problem is when you were top tier and you have IS3 against you in enemy team. You have to improvise and sometimes fail, you have no role on completely open or corridor maps whereas IS3 can just go forward or find some hulldown position. Now penetration of tier 8 meds was buffed, tier 8 premium meds were buffed (eh, hello mutz), superheavies were added and it made a lot of tanks obsolete.

  12. Great video as usual. I have resisted putting money into this game since 1.0 came out because I have been having all sorts of issues with spotting mechanics and accuracy that I did not have previously but this video does make it look better.

    • What issues with spotting and accuracy?

      Certainly some of the maps have changed, but spotting and accuracy mechanics still work the same as far as I can tell.

    • Taugrim maybe it’s just me but I feel like I am getting spotted a lot more easily in my high cammo tanks than I was before. In my IKEA snipers i really depend on not getting spotted and that seems to have gotten more difficult lately. I also feel like my accuracy has gone done. I’m wondering if that is a server problem, ie where the tank that I am shooting is no longer actually where I am seeing it. I have been having render problems where tanks will suddenly appear in the open near me. I have also had phantom shots where no shot was rendered but suddenly I am missing HP and have module damage. I have a pretty good graphics card but I still had to turn down the resolution to make the game playable on my computer. At max resolution my tank would often freeze suddenly.

    • Ever since I moved my game installation to an SSD, performance in 1.0 has been fantastic. With an HDD, I did get delayed loading into battles and freezing during the first 30 seconds of a battle.

    • Taugrim those are some the exact problems that I have been experiencing. The freezing went away when I lowered the resolution but the delayed load in is still a problem and the other problems that I mentioned. I may upgrade to SSD later this summer.

  13. Thanks for making this video Taugrim! I was looking for someone I trust to post a recent video on if the Progetto was a good tank and worth picking up. I have a track record of impulse buying these tanks and then regretting them later. Appreciate your great content as always! Thank you!

  14. The Spanish Inquisition

    Noice, I was waiting for 1 of these. I got it free and have been loving its ability to adapt to a situation that an autoloader would die in.

  15. Thanks for the video Taugrim, once again! I just picked it up yesterday with a 60% discount and was reluctant to play it at first. You really helped me out by explaining the mechanics thoroughly. However do you think you can do a video on how to play turretless tank destroyers, I’m struggling a bit with them, like I’ll try to be sorta aggressive after the main force pushed over the hill on say airfield and mines, but it doesn’t seem to help out with gaining damage, I also don’t want to be the stereotypical redline camper all game, I think it would really help out overall especially since there’s no video like that yet on YouTube, thanks

    • Glad this video was helpful.

      Unfortunately, I don’t play turretless TDs. Snipers are boring / too passive for me, and it’s a low skill cap style of play – I don’t know I’d have much to add to the discussion. The assault TDs, such as the E3, would be fun, but I never finished the T95 grind.

    • Taugrim
      You may want to check out the T95 again, as it has had a significant mobility buff.

    • Ah, but the T28 stole my soul. Maybe this summer I’ll suck it up and re-buy the T28 to unlock the T95.

  16. Brjánn Jónasson

    Great video, as always. I also got the Progetto, really loving the flexibility. Unlike autoloaders you are never questioning if you should take that unlikely snapshot, and you never have two shells remaining and have to make a call on if to reload or not and see damage go by when you make the wrong choice. You have other questions you need to consider with the autoreloader, but I feel it is much more flexible.

  17. Never never never push valley, always push city…. my god, how to people still not know this….

  18. really like the way T lays out his though process, why he does what he does, and why others are doing right and wrong…

  19. Just wanted to add that the M 41 90 has great HE pen at 102. If you know where to aim and I suppose a bit lucky you can do quite a bit of damage with it.

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      Agreed, I’d argue that HE was the right choice for the bulldog. Got unlucky though.

    • The HEP round on the M 41 90 is probably the only HE round I use regularly as the back and side of many tanks are highly vulnerable because of that high pen you mention, much more than most HE. Plus the 41 90 has low shell velocity for all its rounds so that’s not such a disadvantage. I still shoot a lot of AP in it but like Casey I heavily recommend trying some games on the 41 90 with the HEP round and see what you can make work, penning for 320+ plus the module damage is crippling once you figure out when you can use it.

  20. Βαγγέλης Κομνηνάκης

    Man I told you before, no tank review is valid, unless you suggest equipment and crew sills, things that you never reffer to.

    • Apparently you didn’t read the 1st comment nor the video description.

      If you can’t be bothered to read basic things, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

      Also, crew skills are TOTALLY dependent on how many skills the crew has.

  21. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    With 80% discount, it’s worth it 🙂

  22. nice video, i got for free, and used more than 100k free exp(i saved to skip low tier tanks) to push the crew skills, and after 1 session with boosters i have BIA sixt sense and started with gunhandling skills.
    Should i retrain to camo? i dont use gold to retrain, i mostly wait until i have about 80 to 90% of a perk before i retrain.
    Also i think tank not gets amorekt alot so safe storage can wait.

    • I’m planning BIA + Sixth Sense + Situational Awareness.

      I may try not training the 2nd skill on the Gunner and Driver and see how the gun handling is without Snapshot and Smooth Ride. I usually take those skills but the Progetto has unusually good gun handling for an autoloader.

    • Taugrim I’m also interested in this. I used free xp to boost the crew skills so I have 2 skills crew. Now I should reset them to BiA and I guess repairs as the second skill?

  23. Like if you noticed the super rare tank M6A2E1 in the first battle 🙂

  24. I don’t really think that the Blackdog using HE on you was that big of a mistake. The Progetto doesn’t have great armor, and the BD has HEP (HESH, basically) with great pen and damage.

  25. Gijs van der Gracht

    You are only playing this as an autoloader, really. The only time you use it as a single shot, is when you used up all your shells. Not very economic on your dpm. You should count HP of enemies and see how many shells you are going to need for a kill. For example, in the second game where you held back the Kranvagn, you dumped your entire clip into him without killing him. At that moment you should have seen that it takes a further 2 shells to kill him. So, in the progetto, you wait for 2 shells to load and then finish him off as soon as you can. Yet, you fired your first shell, still without killing him, whilst destroying your dpm. Also, dont dump your clip into the Kranvagn in the first place if you can’t kill him. You know you will be able to shoot at him more often, so that was the supreme moment where you had to choose for single shot with the best dpm (i.e. all other shells still loaded). Then, when his HP is so low you can kill him, you dump the other shells. You would have killed him way faster in that way. Also against the Object 140 you should have not dumped your clip. Same story. You wreck your dpm.

    • Your feedback is valid, to a point.

      This isn’t a 1v1 shooter, my target’s weak spots are not visible 100% of the time, and there is hard cover.

      My job is to help my team kill things as quickly as possible, and part of that is helping to burst down exposed tanks.

    • if you can ensure he will be tracked for eternity, ie: you and a friend double tracked him, sure you can worry about your dpm, otherwise dumping all you got is valid because a) you can’t guarantee that shot will still be available in the next couple seconds, b) you can relocate to a better angle in 28 seconds instead of being lit up while shooting as single shot, thus avoiding clickers and many more possible guns aiming at your location c) you got teammates likely shooting same target and less window that opponent has time to damage your allies, better it is. 2 progetto can clip out another tier 8 med, while that med can shoot 2 shots at most, but if you both go one shot a time for the sake of dps, he will shoot at least 4, his friend will also shoot about 3 or 4, one of you will die and they will probably locate to some hulldown position, and abuse your virtually 0 armor.See where it is going?

    • > dumping all you got is valid because a) you can’t guarantee that shot will still be available in the next couple seconds

      Exactly that.

      If you have a window to deal damage, you take it. You never know if your target will back up behind hard cover, and make your wanting to have higher DPM meaningless.

      This is why people have often said that hard cover is a hard counter to reloads.

  26. Much stronger overall compared to the Lorraine 40T because of the gun’s flexibility.

    It excels at being a finishing off tank because of the reload mechanic.

    I play a lot in thw VIII zone and it is a tank I feel comfortable facing Xs with, use it’s speed & unload rates to exploit oppertunities, then withdraw. It is a great hit and run vehicle.

  27. great tank but sad that It makes so little credits compared to other tier 8s…I make boatloads more with the t34. VBaddict puts this at around tier 7 prem tank income, infact lower than things like the type 62 and the panther m10. It makes half of what tier 8 prems do. The lowe/patriot and m4a1 rev make around 20-22k net avg according to vb and this thing makes 10k…yeah…

  28. Hi Taugrim and, as always, thanks for the video analysis! I managed to got the tank for free a few hours before the end of the event, a hell of a commitment but it looked promising and I’m also italian so I felt kinda bound. I kept a few italian girls locked away so I have a 2 skill crew from the get-go (I also like their voices, well done). BIA as first and 6thS-Snap-Smooth-SafeSto as seconds, are they alright? For the third I was thinking Situational Awareness for the commander and Camo for the others, what do you suggest? I’m playing lights a lot and enjoyng vision games very much, this tank is really fat and has a bit of a poor camo value but I’d feel so bad not having a bit more camo…

    • That sounds fine in terms of crew skills. BIA + Sixth Sense + Safe Stowage.

      This tank actually has very good gun handling so you might be able to take Camo or Repairs first.

  29. Such a fun tank. I wish it had a bit extra armour for when things go bad. But such a fun deadly tank. I ground it out on EU.

    • If it had armor it would be OP.

    • Taugrim True. Haven’t had any big games like yours yet but I average a decent amount of damage so far. I some how had an IS bounce is 122MM off me lol No tracks. Nothing broke. I chuckled a bit. I look forward to getting some camo as well. Plopped a female commander in it too lol.

  30. I will take your word for it, I haven’t had time to play in awhile. At least I saved a female crew member back for 6th sense.

  31. Reality doesn’t justify the hype…it’s just another wargaming sales campaign ?

    • This is one of the best tanks I’ve played. But I’m partially to fast tanks, autoloaders, and gun depression.

      The event was genius by WG though. A lot of people will have a partial but not full discount and will feel pressured to buy it while the discount is available.

    • Indeed, because it will be full price after that

  32. I find your content very useful and i learnt a trick or two from you. Anyway i have to disagree with you about that blackdog situation from the first replay. Blackdog has 102 german HESH (HEPT actually) so it was understandable why it shot you .
    Also thank your for the WoW videos u made a 7-8 years ago , that was useful aswell.

  33. Lol good vid Taug, I think the thing I like about the tank is the fact you always have a full clip if you go a little bit w/o shooting and in the same breath if you get rushed by a tank you at least have a chance to fire back even if its 1 shot. BTW damn you for putting out a vid with me and me having the 1 bad game I had with you all night! <3 Spatty_Cakes. PS this is my fav tank atm. Love how this plays.

  34. I don’t know you guys, but tier X one for italian tree feels underperforming to me. It would be a lot better if they get rid of 4th shell, buff the alpha to 390 and slightly buff 3rd shell reload with some hp/ton increase. This way you can actually start shooting way earlier(currently you can’t take early shoots at glacier, overlord, abbey etc. etc. without sacrificing a great deal of dpm. 3 shot with 390 damage with that kind of gun control would be totally respectable and single shot would be somewhat decent. What do you think?

  35. Hey Taugrim, I noticed you mentioned about the HE on the M41 90. The M41 90 has a HESH type HE with more than 100 pen. Granted, that’s probably too little to guarantee pen on the front of the Progetto, but it can pay off on squishy tanks really well, more so than standard HE. Anyway, great review of the Progetto, it’s certainly a very flexible tank for a T8 premium. How do you rate it to the Lorraine?

  36. Thank God I uninstalled this shit game..

  37. lol, entitled or what. Was not skorpion’s bad driving, he stopped to let you by at least twice. if you want to turn at 90 degrees to the pack then pause and go behind. You think he should have just stayed still? He want to get somewhere too.

    • > He want to get somewhere too.

      You mean to drive 2 squares from where he spawned?

      Call it entitled if you want. I ended up contributing more than anyone else in the battle.

  38. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Others have mentioned, the bulldog had unusual HE with substantial pen of 102. Its similar to the t49 HE/ non prem HEAT dynamic. Or hesh rounds

  39. Really did not have time to do the grind so would have happily bought this with the small discount I got (I did 3 I think) but the package was very bloated (you also got part of the package as rewards at each level you got) and I do not buy bundles on principle.

  40. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    It’s interesting to me that you play the tank like a more convenient three shot autoloader. Most folks seem to play it like a mutz that can have burst

  41. I’m fairly new to the game (2k battles, 49% WR), but I got to a sixty percent discount on this tank and decided to buy it, my first premium and also my last, since I don’t want to spend money on anything else (soon-to-be poor college student and all that). I don’t agree with people who say this tank is hard to play and only for good players. I learned it very quickly and did excellently, starting with my first battle. My method is simple- don’t science and math this tank to hell. I take damage when I can, and I will hold my 2nd and 3rd shells if my target has no chance of getting into cover before I can reload and dump the rest of the clip into him.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I appreciate your videos- they’re really helping me learn the game.

    Also, I decided to run vents instead of optics on the progetto, and now I’m wondering if it would be better with optics.

  42. nice game report

  43. But what kind of money does it make? It doesn’t look like a very good credit earner from the 1 profit screen you showed.

  44. This tank is going to be the next op monster

    Gotta get one

  45. Well played and good video commentary

  46. R. Giada Melchiorre

    I agree with TK-421 regarding impulse buying when I first started out. I have since sold half of the premium crap and kept those I play, AMX 40t is one, which I have gone up against the Prog. 46. I certainly don’t need another autoloader, add the And 50/100 50/120 50b and now grinding to the Batchat. Lol.

    Besides being Italiana, I will not buy the 46. Thanks for your great videos!

  47. Fascinating to see someone who is actually skilled playing this tank. Quickybaby apparently still hasn’t mastered this tank yet – perhaps he should watch this video to get the low down on this tank like the rest of us noobs.
    Also: how freakin sexy is that Italian female commander? Hot damn.

  48. I love that you don’t just spam gold ammo.

  49. hey buddeh, another great vid. As someone mentioned in a comment I was also waiting for someone I trust to give this tank a review on whether to spend $52 cdn (-40%) on that bundle. My biggest gripe with wg’s bundles is that is always includes friggin credits! I don’t know about you guys but I sure don’t need to spend real money at an insanely inflated price on in-game credits when I can grind that 1.5mil in a couple hours.
    I haven’t paid over $45 cdn for a tier 8 premium in a couple years through xmas gambling events, trade in’s, credit card gold discounts and so on. The last tank I’ve paid for was the non skinned patriot when it came out (and within a week I won the skinned variant during the xmas box thing!).
    $52 cdn… Is this really worth 300km worth of gas money, or two weeks of my dogs’ food…? Not that I would be sacrificing either…
    I’ll give it another day and see if anyone can give me their opinion.
    Thanks again for the vid.

  50. very nice as alway ay good tank play help to and the way you explain why your what you are and how other tankers mess up and why it was wrong for them to do it thanks

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