Progetto M40 mod. 65 Review/Guide, Managing the Auto-Reloader

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Source: Taugrim

I the Progetto M40 mod. 65, a tier 10 Italian in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of and battles.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent gun depression (-9)
+ Excellent top speed (65)
+ Good camouflage (~31 with Camo + BIA)
+ Good shell velocity (1468)
+ Upper frontal hull autobounce against AP/APCR shells from guns up to 150mm in caliber
– Extremely long shell reload times, which punishes misuse of the clip
– Turret cheeks mostly under 190mm effective
– Weak lower frontal plate
– Below-average alpha (360)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. TBF, the entire line is pretty nice. To me the standard b is still the highlight as well.
    Great vid!

    • Totally agree! The Standard B is the gem of the line, but this is one of the rare lines where the tier 8-10 tanks are all very enjoyable to play.

    • that is because tier IX is the sweetspot and you can really do some damage against tier 7 with 1080 clip

    • I agree with you both guys, totally. It’s a fun line, simple to progress through, interesting to play, and if you really know what your are doing, they can be quite devastating.

    • I liked tier 7 as well. I can’t remember how good or bad t20 exactly is, but I remember it had downsides. P43 was comfortable to play and I had relatively high damage per game in it

    • Pavel Peřina same here, even though the tier 6 kinda has the better gun tier for tier out of the two.

  2. I Climb Everything

    IMO, best tank in the game. Most fun, very competitive, great gun handling. Punishing to dump all shells to you and the enemy. Skillcap: the tank.

  3. Thanks for uploading more often! Purchased the Pantera and will wait to dump the scavenger hunt XP in, will rewatch your video for assistance. Stay safe!

  4. Rumor of a heavy Italian auto-reloader line.

  5. i like your content a lot, i find it very usefull, i hope you keep uploading this kind of videos, and the guide for the free to play player is very apreciate

  6. its worth mentioning that the conquer gun mantlet is only about 250 thick which makes it a beatable hulldown tank.

  7. YEAH! That 121 flying in out of the abbey! Also those heavies to the rescue!

    • That 121 ramming the Leopard 1 was 🤣🤣🤣. I’m so thankful that 277 and 60TP came down the slope in Himmelsdorf. Otherwise I would have died and the two Skoda’s and Conqueror may have flanked our tanks on hill.

  8. I’m currently on the tier 7 which seems like a dud, I thought the 5-6 were decent, the 6 being a big improvement. I can’t wait for the Pantera, it seems like it’s fairly comparable to the progetto 46 which I love.

    • The tech tree tanks with auto-reloaders from tiers 8-10 are all good to great – I’ve reviewed the line from tiers 6-10.

    • @Taugrim I’ve watched your reviews of the line multiple times now in preparation. The tier 6 seems like a stat padders dream, I’ve got a 3400 wn8 in it after 60ish battles. That alpha and the trollish armor make up for the lack of speed imo.

  9. Thanks for the video man, your insight on gamesense is enlightening.

  10. I’ve noticed a lot of good players tend to treat the progetto as a autoloader with the opportunity to take earlier shots

  11. makes me laugh in how much WG nerfed the Germans engines and whatnot but came out with these and the 8/9/10 pretty much outclass their german counter parts (not the Progetto 65 but still) Console nerfed these a lot and the shitstorm because of it was entertaining Really think these things need a nerf and/or buff the german Mediums and Heavies like the King Tiger and Panther 2’s engine like console. having that 870 engine helps the King Tiger and Panther so much.

  12. Great Review! Thanks <3

  13. The POGetto 65 is definitely one of my favorite and fun tanks to play, liked it more than my Standard B because the hull armor could stop HE rounds and arty. I really like the 1 extra shot from the autoreloader, it means I could do 2-3/4 shots instead of doing 2/3 most of the time. The extra shot and the bit extra hull armor made it a lot more comfortable for me to use the POGetto 65, but it’s not to say the Standard B wasn’t bad, just that I enjoyed the 65 more. I wonder what do you think of the POGetto 65 when compared to the Standard B.

    • I think at-tier the Standard B is better, but the Prog 65 has some improvements to it as you noted: bouncy front hull and the 4th shell in the clip.

  14. this line made me buy the t8 premium

  15. Another great video. As with all of your videos, I hit like, then watch it. I know it will be good. And, I especially liked the fact it was on the Progetto 65. It’s a fun tank, but like many of your other viewers, I enjoy the Standard B much more. Your are far better than I am, but it’s good to see I do many of the same things you do in battles. I’ve definitely learned quite a bit from your videos!

  16. Any plans to revisit or revise some of your older tank guides?

    • I will be re-visiting the T-44, which I haven’t covered since Episodes 4 and 5. The meta has changed greatly, but I’ve also improved leaps and bounds compared to back then.

  17. Man, the chat in that first battle was so salty.

  18. A lovely guide on a new toy of mine. They are so much fun to play

  19. man I love the Progettos and Standard B. fun to play yet I do so badly in them compared to my UDES

  20. ty Taugrim 🙂 enjoy your teaching

  21. The Italian spaghetto. Oui. The 1st T10 tank that I grinded and researched after the Christmas event. Even without the meatballs its so good with just the Italian sauce 👌👌👌And I’ve been waiting for a unicum guide also for this tank. Nice work.

  22. ty so much i have it but only i play 1 battle xd

  23. The 5 dislikes are from those 2 skodas, SuperConq, Tortuis, and the Centurion.

  24. I just got the Standard B, so I was looking forward to this vid. Once I’ve got the Progetto, I’m gonna buy back the old T-44, and work up to the 430U, which wasn’t in the Tech Tree when I stopped playing years ago, so I’ll be looking forward to that vid. Thanks, Tau!

  25. I love how you say pro- jet-toe

  26. This tank is great, but it has the resistance to shells of a damp paper napkin.

  27. Alexander Litvinov

    Taugrim, can’t agree more, Standard B is indeed the best tier for tier. On another note, if you were to put purple (i.e. improved equipment) on Progetto 65, would you sacrifice Optics for Vents (all the other things being the same)? Thanks

  28. Can you do a video on the 430 u

  29. Would you make a video about Object 140?

  30. Eyyy waking up and seeing a new video🤩🥳

  31. I dont know why are ppl changing to external view a moment before firing ? whats up with that ? No wonder you dont know where did the shot went. 6:45

  32. I dont know if this is just me or if someone also spotted this in their game. I also do that when I fire I just press shift to get out from the sniper mode same second, well almost 90% of those shoots just disappear. it happens when I snipe someone in a TD from like 300m fully aim, fire, press shift and the shell is nowhere to be seen, also firing from like 10m, aim at the weak point fire and shift and nothing, not a bounce or crit, just disappears… And for like 3 months now almost all shoots are going below where you aim, played a frontlines mach with 2 friends and in total only 4 shots( between 3 of us) from the entire game went above the aiming point.

  33. the chat starting from ca. 7:10 became really toxic and it kinda took away my attention ._.

  34. Your teammates are especially helpful on these two fights, and your enemies also did things relatively properly. It’s great to see WoT matches where actual teamwork exists.

  35. Taugrim correct me if I am wrong but didn’t WG nerf those Italian auto reloaders a while back, but you’re saying you still recommend them?
    I do use my Progetto 46 in Frontline mode and love it there. Thanks in advance and for the upload. Keep up the good work for the WoT community.

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